20 Black Kids Hairstyles


When you are searching hairstyles for your little girl on the internet, you get a variety of options. As mothers, you must have always wanted that your girl looks appropriate and carry a cute hairstyle every day. But as you know children can’t sit for long. They just want to run here and there or hit the playground. Chill! You can still try a cute hairstyle. Read our article and find out the list of 20 black kids hairstyles. All these hairstyles are easy to make and takes maximum 10 minutes. These hairstyles remain same all day and are perfect for an energetic girl.

List of 20 Black Kids Hairstyles:

1.) Black Chunky Twists Hairstyles:

black chunky twists black kids hairstyles

If you are unable to work on natural hairstyles, then visit and ethnic saloon with your little girl. Ask the hairstylist to create thick twists so that your daughter can become a trendsetter.

2.) Braided Ponytail Black Kids Hairstyles:

braided ponytail black kids hairstyles

If you are searching a hairstyle for your teen or preteen daughter, then have a look at this one. This braided pony is a perfect choice for a glamorous and cute look.

3.) Braided Pigtails for Kids:

braided pigtails black kids hairstyles

If your child doesn’t like twists and rope braids, then try something different. Make a center part and tie two pigtails on both sides. Weave them and secure with elastics.

4.) Fishbone Cornrows for Black Kids:

fishbone cornrows black kids hairstyles

In this hairstyle, the cornrows are braided in a fishtail style and this adds extra flair. Make a puff with the rest of the hair. You just need to style this part of the hairstyle every day.

5.) Mini Mouse Buns:

mini mouse buns black kids hairstyles

This is one of the super cute and super stylish hairstyles for your little doll. You just need to play with the natural texture of hair. Divide the hair from the middle. Gather all the hair on one side and tie them with elastic. Do the same thing on the other side.

6.) High Top Knot from Natural Hair:

high top knot from natural hair black kids hairstyles

For this hairstyle, you need to visit a salon once. The front locks are sleek and straight while the back has natural texture. Gather all her locks in an upward direction and put them together with a rubber band.

7.) Twists Braids Style:

twists braids style black kids hairstyles

This is one of the most adorable black kid’s hairstyles. You just need to set your girl’s hair in multiple twists and secure them with colorful bands. It is an ideal choice for kids that have dry hair and need nourishing.

8.) Loose Black Curls for Kids:

loose black curls black kids hairstyles

There are many kids who want to look like a diva at a very early age. Relax! This hairstyle is full of glamor and will make her feel like a queen. The natural texture of the hair will hold the curls perfectly. You just need a good hairspray.

9.) Mini Twists Black Kids Hairstyles:

mini twists black kids hairstyles

This hairstyle calls out for all the mothers who want to keep their daughter’s hair protected. It is a very versatile style and you can either wear it as a down do or tie it up into a bun.

10.) Jumbo Braided Hairstyle for Black Kids:

jumbo braided black kids hairstyles

This jumbo braided style is very much in trend and has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It is one of the quickest styles to make and you can use different accessories to upgrade it every time.

11.) Cornrows Braided into a Plaited Bun:

cornrow braided into a plaited bun black kids hairstyles

This is one of the prettiest and easiest looks to achieve. There are cornrows all over the head and a big plaited bun on the top of the head. To add some sass, tuck a bright colored bow behind your bun.

12.) Textured and Free Hairstyles:

textured and free hair black kids hairstyles

Natural hair looks more beautiful than any hairstyle. So just embrace the beauty of the wild and rebellious natural hair by allowing it to roam free. Use a big bow to make it attractive and unique.

13.) Half Bun Black Kids Hairstyles:

half bun black kids hairstyles

Buns have always been in the top ten whenever there is a discussion of cute hairstyles. This hairstyle gives a chance to embrace the natural texture of hair while enjoying the cuteness of a bun.

14.) Braided Long Hair:

braided long hair black kids hairstyles

This is one of the best hairstyles to keep your kid’s hair protected. Braiding hairstyles look classic and give an opportunity to flaunt the length of the hair.

15.) French Braid Black Kids Hairstyles:

french braid black kids hairstyles

If your daughter is blessed with long hair, then this hairstyle is perfect. It seems to be a little complicated but is really easy. Make two tight French braids and see how adorable your daughter looks.

16.) Double Half Buns:

double half buns black kids hairstyles

Your little princess will become the main attraction of the party or the crowd with this super cute hairstyle. It matches with every dress and you can always play with fun accessories.

17.) Wild Black Curls:

wild black curls black kids hairstyles

Children can’t stay in one place for a long time. So if your girl is naughty and can’t wait for the hairstyle to be done, then try this hairstyle. You just need a good hairspray and a headband to make your girl ready in 5 minutes.

18.) Straight Sleek Hair for Black Kids:

straight sleek hair black kids hairstyles

Straight hair looks beautiful and especially when the hair is long. This casual hairstyle is perfect for church, vacations, school and even for parties.

19.) Twisted Bangs with Puff:

twisted bangs with puff black kids hairstyles

This is one of the cutest hairstyles for black kids. It is a comfortable style and the bangs will give it an interesting look.  It is an excellent style for energetic girls as this style ensures that the hair stays in place all day.

20.) Simple Pony Puff:

simple pony puff black kids hairstyles

This is one of the best black kids hairstyles. If you have no time to try a braided or twisted style, then go for this simple pony puff. To make this hairstyle personalized use headbands or other hair accessories.


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