20 Mind Blowing Hairstyles for Short Hair


The love for pearl necklaces, long earrings and a variety of sunglasses just increases with short hair. Short replaces feminity with style. You know what is the best things for girls having short hair? It makes you free from styling efforts. No need of blow drying your hair every day, no need to waste hours in hair straightening, you can simply rush out of the house with your natural look. But sometimes, this daily routine can become boring. Relax! Read this article to find out the top 20 mind blowing hairstyles for short hair.

Top 20 Mind Blowing Hairstyles for Short Hair:

1.) Idyllic Updo for Bob Length:

idyllic Updo for bob length hairstyles for short hair

Girls with short and straight hair should definitely try this elegant and beautiful Updo. It is a perfect hairstyle for short and goes well with situations like a first date or cousin’s wedding. You have to create some springy curls and pin them randomly at the nape.

2.) Messy Swooped Back Hairstyles for Short Hair:

messy swooped back hairstyles for short hair

Short hair if styled properly can make a bold statement for your personality. This cropped hair is swept back in the most appropriate manner. This in a true sense is a red carpet style.

3.) Soft Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair:

soft curly hairstyles for short hair

If you are looking for a cute hairstyle for your chin length locks, then take some inspiration from the girl in the image. It will really make you look adorable. You just need a good curling iron to create some soft curls.

4.) Short Party Hairstyles for Short Hair:

short party hairstyles for short hair

This is one of the best hairstyles if you are going out for a party. It is fairly easy to create this hairstyle and you can weave two thin braids at the side and fix them underneath other hair.

5.) Side Braid for Short Hair:

side braid hairstyles for short hair

This is another amazing hairstyle for your short hair. Who said you cannot go for braids for short hair? The side braid looks great with short hair. Length doesn’t matter at all for braids. Weave your hair along the hairline and tuck it back behind the ear.

6.) French Braid for Super Short Hair:

french braid hairstyles for short hair

There is a wrong notion that braids are only meant for long hair. Braids are perfect to accent your bob length hair. Braids are great for creating a perfect frame for your face. Make your bob attractive by adding a side French braid.

7.) Straight and Sleek with Deep Side Bangs:

straight and sleek with deep side bangs hairstyles for short hair

Your rich colored hue will look perfect in this hairstyle. The straight and sleek hair with deep side bangs will give you a diva look. Whether you are going to receive the award of the best employee or going for a meeting, this hairstyle is a great choice.

8.) Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair:

prom hairstyles for short hair

If you are getting ready for the prom night, then have a look at this lovely hairstyle. Use a curling barrel and create some soft curls. Pin up those curls at the back. Try a shade of red for an extraordinary look.

9.) Top Knot Sock Bun for Short Hair:

top knot sock bun hairstyles for short hair

Sock buns have always stolen the hearts of the girls. Don’t worry, if you have short hair, you can still create this wonderful hairstyle. This hairstyle also adds a lot of volume to your short hair.

10.) Low Sleek Ponytail for Short Hair:

low sleek ponytail hairstyles for short hair

This is a wonderful hairstyle for your short hair. Create a side parting and make a low ponytail at the nape. It is a flattering hairstyle for college girls as well as office employees.

11.) Twisted Braid with Braided Wrap:

twisted braid with braided wrap hairstyles for short hair

Shoulder length hair can be styled in a variety of ways. Make a normal sized ponytail and wrap it with a braid. Braid your ponytail and give it a twisted form. You can even show off your beautiful earrings with this hairstyle.

12.) Messy Top Knot Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair:

messy top knot updo hairstyles for short hair

Summer is arriving accompanied with sweat and heat. This hairstyle will keep your hair away from the neck area and face. You just have to make a high ponytail and transform it into a messy Updo.

13.) Waves Hairstyles for Short Hair:

waves hairstyles for short hair

A good heat protection spray and a curling barrel is all you need to get this look. Apply a heat protection spray on your hair and then use a curling barrel to create loose messy waves.

14.) Half Up Do Short Hairstyles:

half updo hairstyles for short hair

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to create with your short hair. Separate the hair into two layers. Make a half ponytail or a half Updo using the upper layer of the hair. This is an optimal hairstyle for busy days.

15.) Ponytail Poof for Short Hair:

ponytail poof hairstyles for short hair

Short hair looks too flat sometimes. There is a great way to avoid short hair from looking too flat. Tease out the roots of your hair to add a lot of volume. This is a perfect example of a vintage look.

16.) High Top Bun for Short Hair:

high top bun hairstyles for short hair

A little hard work and patience and you are ready with this beautiful high top bun. This high top bun will create the illusion of long hair. Make a high and tight ponytail at the crown. Tease the hair and pin the hair to give the illusion of a high bun.

17.) French Twist Hairstyles for Short Hair:

french twist Updo hairstyles for short hair

This is a great hairstyle for grown up girls who are looking for something fancy. You know what’s the best part of this hairstyle. No one will be able to guess the actual length of your hair.

18.) Side Braid with Curly Bangs for Short Hair:

side braids with curly bangs hairstyles for short hair

This hairstyle gives you all the titles like a messy queen, relaxed girl, and elegant lady. The fanciness of this hairstyle makes it perfect for formal events and the cuteness makes it perfect for the casual purposes.

19.) Wavy Updo with Loose Curls:

wavy updo with lose curls hairstyles for short hair

Right tricks and techniques will give you an elegant beautiful Updo. It is a great hairstyle, especially for weddings. You just need to know the right skills to pin up the loose curls. Teasing and highlights will create amazing volume.

20.) Side Curly Bun with a Braid:

side curly bun with a side braid hairstyles for short hair

This is one of the fanciest and elegant hairstyles for short hair. A curly bun on the side with the blend of braid looks outstanding. It is an exemplary hairstyle for special occasions such as weddings and festivals.


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