20 Bobs for Round Faces


Women with round face shape always prefer long hair or add the extension to draw the attention away from the round face shape. But if you have short hair and wish to make your face slimmer then go for bob haircut. Go no shorter than the chin length haircut from the front. We have shared plenty style in bob haircut that makes you head turner. Here are 20 Bobs for Round Faces that you must try.

20 Bobs for Round Faces

1.) Short Bob with Heavy Side Bangs

If you have an intense craving for the bob but afraid about it result in unflattering shape for your face, then this hairstyle is for you. The hairstyle gives you the effect of the pixie cut by giving a beautiful face frame. It draws the attention away from your chubby cheeks and makes you look so charming. Paired the look with sassy eye makeup and lighter ends. The short bob with heavy side bangs is one of the trendy bobs for round faces.

short bob with heavy side bangs bobs for round faces

2.) Asymmetrical Bob for Round Face

Women you live beautifully and want to look beautiful are the best. You can opt for chic length asymmetrical blonde bob that looks absolutely fantastic and stylish. The hairstyle is ideal for the women who have a bubbly personality.Go for the side part that helps you to disguise your face. Pull off the look with a nose piercing that looks absolutely mind blowing.

Asymmetrical bobs for round faces

3.) Wavy Mid Length Shag

The wavy mid length shag is one of the top bobs for round face. Lobs are the ideal option for slimming haircut. In this hairstyle, the front side gets elongated and the waves get styled in amazing ways. The wavy mid length shag is one of the sassy bobs for round faces. Wavy mid length shag is voluminous hairstyle that surely helps you to slim down your facial feature.

wavy mid length wavy shag bobs for round faces

4.) Curly Brown Bob for Thick Hair

When you are born with naturally coarse hair then you must try curly brown bob for thick hair. Sometime curly hair often feels blessing or curse. When you have naturally voluminous locks, then you are subjected to unruly frizz. You can add big curls to your hairstyle with the help of a curling iron. For the perfect look, apply smoothing pomade and serum to take the style to the next level.

curly brown bob with thick hair bobs for round faces

5.) Bleached Bob with Red Roots Shadow

If you have never ever tried the root shadow, then you should definitely try. But it is mostly found with brunette to blonde hue. Opt for a textured long bob that deepens your look and disguise face shape. Go for red to the silvery blonde that surely goes well with your textured bob. Paired the look with smoky eyes and dark lipstick that look mind boggling. The bleached bob with red root shadow is one of the sassy bobs for round face.

bleached bob with red root shadow bobs for round faces

6.) Side Sweep For Round Face

Other technique to take the attention away from the round face,  Add layers to your look. Opt for the waves that give you effect like a waterfall and pull the eyes downward. Go for side sweep that adds heights to your face shape and fun asymmetrical that look perfectly fine. Go for dark eyebrows and maroon lipstick to take the style to the next level.

side sweep for round face bobs for round faces

7.) Short Side Parted

 You can see in the picture, cut proves that the hairstyle is best for the round face. The feminine and sweet look are edgy and fashion forward. Add a touch of purple to spice your look. Add a wow factor to your look by adding razored ends in your blunt bob.

short side part bobs for round faces

8.) Undone Wavy Bob for Round Face

Going for black to blonde, especially the platinum or silver hue. The look is daunting, but not entirely impossible. Go to the hair stylist and ask for the best route for a gradual buildup of platinum. The Shaggy and messy look gives you a slimmer appearance. The undone wavy bob for round face is one of the best bobs for round face.

undone wavy bob for round faces bobs for round faces

9.) Sleek A Line Bob

Asymmetrical and gradual bob is perfect for those women who have wider face shape. It is best for the round face not because they increased volume and height in the back, but add longer face-framing layers to give your feature’s a slimmer appearance. You can add soft brown base color and subtle highlights to take make the style alluring.

Sleek A line bob bobs for round faces

10.) Dramatic Side Swept face

The most flattering thing of the asymmetrical bob is the side part with a mind blowing sweep that makes the hairstyle sensational. The hairstyle is best for the formal and casual occasion.

dramatic side sweep bobs for round faces

11.) Sleek Midnight Black Bob

The Incredible flattering look surely takes the attention away from your round face shape. Leaving the front longer and back shorter adds volume and height to your look.

sleek midnight for black hair bobs for round faces

12.) Asymmetrical Brunette Bob with Waves

Asymmetrical brunette bob with waves is a great option for your full face. in this hairstyle, the volume of the hair shifted to the one side, say to thanks to deep side part and eye covering bang.

asymmetrical bruntte bobs for round faces

13.) Bob with Bleachy Waves for Round Face Shape

If you really want to pump the volume and texture in the thin hair, try this style. You can create marvelous volume by opting for the inverted bob cut and creating beachy waves with the help of iron. For better volume, you can give a massage to your hair by adding a light Volumizing powder in your roots.

bob with bleach waves bobs for round faces

14.) Dusty Rosy Bob with Razor Cut

The dusty rosy bob with razor cut is one of the best bobs for round face. You can add ash blonde and dusty rose color to add interest in your hairstyle.

dusty rose robe with razor bobs for round faces

15.) Silver Blonde Lob with Waves

The silver blonde lob with waves is one of the stunning bobs for round faces. You can go for the trendy gray that looks absolutely cute. Pull off the look with ash blonde and platinum mixes.

silver blonde lob bobs for round faces

16.) Balayage Lob with Gentle Curls

Go for medium length bob that adds movement and life in your hairstyle. go for mid shaft waves which are the best solution to make your features slimmer.

balayage lob with curls bobs for round faces

17.) African American Side Swept Lob

The African American side swept lob is truly flattering. You can go for asymmetrical or diagonally lines in your hairstyle.

African American side swept bobs for round faces

18.) Technicolored Bob with Bangs

Go for choppy chin-length cut that makes the hairstyle sensational. Add a wow factor to your look with a pop pink bob that looks absolutely stunning.

technicolored bobs for round faces

19.) Reddish Gold Waves

The strawberry blonde hue is mind blowing. And head turning color is a mixture of bold red and shimmering golden. The reddish gold waves are one of the gorgeous bobs for round face.

reddish gold waves bobs for round faces

20.) Angled Styled in Two Version

Curls are not allowed for the chubby face. If you want a simple and stylish look, then go for the angled styles in two version. Opt for the sleek side part to add beautiful face frame to your look.

Angled styles in two version bobs for round faces


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