How to Elegant Updo for Short Fine Hair?


Girls with short fine hair always have to face styling issues because their hair looks flat and limp. They think that those beautiful and elegant Updos are just not made for them because their hair doesn’t have volume and thickness. But what if you come to know that you can wear an Updo and look ravishing. Yes, this is true. Read this article and learn the easy steps to elegant Updo for short fine hair. Updos are a big hit and are perfect for the hot summer. So try these steps and rock this stunning Updo.

how to elegant updo for short fine hair

Easy Steps to Elegant Updo for Short Fine Hair:

1.) Preparing the Base to Create Elegant Updo for Short Fine Hair:

This is the first and most important step to create elegant Updo for short fine hair. The final look of your Updo depends on this step. Fine hair looks dull and flat. So the Updo will also look dull. Relax! You can just make it look stunning and voluminous. Curls add a lot of volume and movement to the hair. It will make your fine hair look voluminous. Follow the steps given below to add volume to your tresses by curling them.

  • Separate your hair into different sections. Since we are making an Updo for short and fine hair two or three sections are enough.
  • You will work one by one with each of the sections.
  • Leave the section of hair free on which you are working and secure the rest of the sections with a hair clip.
  • Start working with the locks at the nape.
  • Comb the locks at the nape and use a curling tool to create loose curls.
  • Proceed your work towards the crown.
  • Hold a section of locks on the crown and rotate the curling iron so that the locks passes between its plates.
  • Create curls near the temples. Make sure that you maintain the distance between the face and the curling iron.
  • Once you have finished with all the sections of hair, tousle up the curls to create a shattered texture.
  • By now, your fine hair will acquire enough volume.

2.) Backcomb the Crown Section to Create Elegant Updo for Short Fine Hair:

You can always add a twist to a hairstyle to make it look unique and your signature style. There are a variety of options to make this elegant Updo your personalized style. For example, you can add braids or twists to make this Updo look different. Here we are adding a light bouffant. Bouffant is an amazing style for fine hair as it will make fine hair look voluminous. Chill! It is very easy to create this light bouffant. You just need to backcomb the hair on the crown section. Gather some thin strands and use a flat comb to backcomb them. Use a good volumizing spray to hold the volume which you have created.

3.) Making a Knot at the Nape:

You have already come half way and now all the easy work is left. Now it is time to create elegant Updo for short fine hair. Make a small loose pony and secure it with a rubber band. It is recommended to use a black rubber band as it looks decent and is not going to look different in the Updo. Remember, you need a lot of Bobby pins to fix this Updo in place. Twist your ponytail and fix the ends with Bobby pins. When you will twist the hair a tiny knot will be created. Secure this tiny knot with pins. Use a good quality hair spray to hold the knot at the nape. Put the pins in such a manner that it does not look untidy.

4.) Arranging the Curls to Get a Stunning Look:

Your elegant Updo for short fine hair is almost ready. You have worked with the Updo at the nape section. Now it is time to take care of the rest of the strands. You have to work with the loose hair near the temples. You had already curled and tousled your strands so now you just have to fix them at the right place. Take each layer of curls at the back and fix it with the bouffant. If you do not want to use more pins, then use a hair spray to hold those side layers. Do the same thing with the rest of the layers and enjoy the messy and curly touch.

5.) Final Look of Elegant Updo for Short Fine Hair:

Once your elegant Updo for short fine hair is ready you can just sit back and enjoy all the compliments and appreciation. People will be impressed with the delicacy of your look. It is versatile and goes well with a casual summer dress. You can even use a headband to make this Updo your personalized style. This hairstyle is going to make your fine hair look thick and you can wear this at special occasions like weddings and prom night.


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