How to Get Smooth Legs?


When you buy a perfect new mini skirt or little black dress, the whole outfit can be ruined by hair legs. Flaunting smooth skin on legs adds points to your sex appeal. Every lady wants to possess clean and smooth skin on their legs. Getting smooth legs is easy, no matter what you preferred method and fortunately keeping them smooth is easy too. In this article, you will go through some easy methods which would help you to maintain smooth skin on legs. Here you will know to get smooth legs.

get smooth legs

Ways to Get Smooth Legs

1.) Get the Water Going

Make sure to take shower with warm water to open your pores, which will give you a close shave. Don’t use hot water because it can dry out your skin and can increase the risk of razor burn. Take your usual shower or bath and allow the leg hair to soften.

  • You need to give your legs a solid 5 minutes or so taking in the hydration. So go about your routine, conditioning, shampooing and hit your legs last. If your shower doesn’t have a nice ledge to prop your foot on, come out of the shower and start shaving while your legs are still wet.

2.) Exfoliate your Legs

Use a loofah and an exfoliating cream to remove your dead skin cells and align your hairs. This is very important because exfoliating reduces the likelihood of getting ingrown hairs. It will help your skin to be clear so your leg hairs will be as exposed as possible for a close shave.

  • You can also use an exfoliating body wash or you can make your own sugar scrub. Just scrub it and take your time, wherever you want to shave and rinse it off.

3.) Apply Shaving Cream and Razor your Leg to Get Smooth legs

Squirt a nice, cream into your hand and lather up on your legs as like it is a shampoo. Make sure to cover every spot, including down to the ankle. Create a light layer of cream over your legs, too thick layer of cream can clog your razor.

  • If you don’t have shaving cream so you can also use soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shower gel into your legs. However keep in mind that shaving cream is best, especially the moisturizing kind with jojoba or aloe vera. Gels are great for reducing cuts and nick, but lotions are best option when it comes to hydrate.
  • The only times you should not use shaving cream is if it comes built in on your razor. Other should use some type of protection for your skin against the blade.
  • Always use a fresh razor to shave your legs. Most of the mill razors are good for about 5 minutes and it also depends on how well you take care of them. But you will get best after using a brand new razor.
  • Shave up your legs against the grains for a close shave. This shave has a minimal risk of bumps and burn, you should shave with the grain. It is best to take short strokes, the razor becomes more ineffective as the strokes get longer.
  • Rinse the razor under the stream of water after an each stroke. Make sure to tackle around the ankles and knees, add extra shaving cream If you find it necessary on these tricky spots.

4.)  Rinse your Legs with Cool Water

Cool water will close the pores. Pat dry your legs, take care not to rub them vigorously.

  • Take the time to inspect your legs. If there is any place you missed, you can go back and do it now. The part of this is finding a patch when you are already out.
  • They apply a thick layer to lotion. You need to use a thick moisturizer like body butter, you have particularly have dry skin. Rub it in a generous amount and concentrate on the ankles and knees once again to keep them supple. You should not skip this stage, you just took a blade to your legs. Give them back some amount of moisture by rubbing some lotion.

5.) Try Getting a Wax to Get Smooth legs

While it hurts a lot more than shaving, but the result last much longer. You will have smooth legs for weeks. None of this one or two day crap you get with shaving. If you find shaving to be a drag, waxing is the best option and the good thing about many women say it gets less and less painful each time you do it. so do it now, it will pay you later. You can make your own sugar wax at home.

6.) Experiment with Depilatory Creams

Technology is getting better day by day and thankfully creams are too. It is used to be like roadkill in a broken refrigerator and didn’t really work. But now there are creams that smell like a field of daisies and can get your legs hairless down to the root. The the best thing is it is much cheaper getting a wax at a salon.

  • But if you have sensitive skin this might not be a good way. There is harsh chemical that eats away your hairs, that means it not be the best option for the delicate skin.

7.) Electric Epilator to Get Smooth Legs

They are little bit expensive and also little painful but they are good and effective. Electric epilators are the devices that remove out the hair from the root in a group, like a large super effective pair of tweezers. As the hair will be taken out of the root, so you will get smooth legs for a lot longer than they would be if you just shaved.

8.) Laser Hair Removal

If none of this option fulfil your requirement. Sometimes it is painful and usually, more than one round under the beam is necessary, but you after that you will never worry about shaving again.

  • Sometimes it is not always permanent, you have to go back for fix ups. While this method sounds like magical but it also has a drawback that needs to know before taking it to action. Talk to your dermatologist before doing this.

9.) Olive oil to Get Smooth Legs

It has many benefits when it comes to skin and beauty. Applying olive oil after hair removal process is one the best way to get smooth legs. Oil make your skin breathe and help to the maintian healthier skin. Apply olive oil for about 15 to 20 minutes before taking bath, let it absorb into your skin. While cleansing your skin use your regular scrub and shampoo, you will the feel the difference as compared to cleansing oil free skin. It becomes moisturized that too without the moisturizer. You can also apply olive before going to bed for a sleep so that your skin can absorb it to the fullest. Cleanse your skin the next morning and get improved result.

10.) Soaking to Get Smooth Legs

soaking this is very easy to get smooth legs and you can follow it regularly. Soaking your skin in the tub will help to maintain smooth legs. However it is time-consuming, but this method doesn’t need an external product or harmful remedies. You just only need to soak your skin for about 20 minutes every day and use your regular body soap. you will surely get smoother skin over a period of 3 weeks.

You will have smooth skin all through the year, even without using razors. But for this method, you don’t need to worry about if it is summer or spring. Choose any of the preferred methods to get your desired smoothness. Keep your skin healthy and moist, to flaunt your gifted beauty.


  • Use baby oil to get smooth legs and shiny look.
  • Take your time and don’t rush because you will end up making a very bad job of it.
  • Don’t shave with a dull razor because it causes friction and will cause shaving bumps.
  • The baby lotion also helps after you shave. It makes your legs smooth and softens your hair when it grows back.
  • If you have dry legs so you need to moisturize it first otherwise the hair will start to grow back, it will feel rough and unpleasant.
  • Be careful about knees and ankles. As these areas are uneven and difficult to shave. You will need to use cream of these areas.
  • Shave with conditioner, it makes your legs smoother.
  • When you shave upwards to cut the hair. Then shave downwards to get the hair to grow back in a nice way.
  • Use cocoa butter cream because it smells good and works as a great moisturizer for your skin


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