How to Cut Side Bangs?


Are you tired of your dull and drab hair? If yes, then you will just love to read this article. Here is a way to transform your look and add life to your hair. You can easily do this by adding some sassy and flirty side bangs. Side bangs look flattering on most of the face shapes and fall at a diagonal to one side. If it’s your first time sure you can get it done from a professional salon. Side bangs need maintenance and you need to trim it every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain the style. Every time it’s just impossible to run to a salon. Relax! This tutorial is going to teach you the simple steps to cut side bangs. So, if there is no booking in the salon or you have a packed schedule, then you can do it all by yourself.

Materials Required to Cut Side Bangs:

  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Clips
  • Mirror
  • Straight iron
  • Water bottle

how to cut side bangs

Simple Steps to Cut Side Bangs:

1.) Comb Out Your Bangs:

Use a comb to remove hair from the face. It is also necessary to comb out your bangs so that you can be sure about the length of the bangs and how short you want to cut them. Make sure that you do not spray water on hair. When the hair is wet it seems to look long. So keep the hair dry. It is suggested that you blow dry your hair.

2.) Measurement of Bangs:

This is another important step to cut side bangs. Leave your hair open. This way you will get the accurate measurement of bangs. You need to hold the section of hair, which matches the point where your eyebrows start to curve. Keep your finger on the eyebrow curve and drag it to the section of hair. Hold that particular section of hair and push the rest of the hair in a backward direction. Do this from both the eyebrows to grab the accurate section of hair.

3.) Pull Back the Rest of the Hair to Cut Side Bangs:

This is an important step when you cut side bangs. A small mistake and you will ruin everything. Once you have separated the section of hair which you have to cut, pull back the rest of the hair. You can either tie a ponytail or use clips to fix the rest of the hair at the back.

4.) Choose the Right Scissors and Hold the Bangs Correctly:

To cut side bangs it is very necessary that your scissors should be sharp. Buy a packet of scissors that is specially designed for cutting hair. A wrong scissor will give jagged ends. Do a strand test first to make sure that the scissor is sharp and adequate. It is very necessary to hold the bangs correctly. If you want that your bangs should fall to the left, then hold them in the right direction and vice versa. It is suggested that you hold your bangs in front of the face.

5.) Cuts Your Bangs in Sections:

Separate a one-inch wide section of hair that is close to the nose. Hold the section of hair flat. You need to create a diagonal line. So for that hold the edge of your hair between your two fingers. Hold the hair flat and tight. Hold the scissor in the diagonal direction and cut them straight. The hair is shorter near the forehead and it increases gradually towards the ears. Work with small segments of hair to produce desirable results.

6.) Re-comb Your Hair to Evaluate Your Bangs:

Bring back the bangs to the position where you want them to fall. Comb the bangs and check whether you got the desirable result or not. Make sure that the angle and length are perfect. Look for uneven sections and if you find any just correct it.

7.) Final Touch Up:

When you cut side bangs, it is very necessary to check the error. Since you have already cut your bangs, push them onto one side with the use of a comb or your fingers. Either your bangs should be above the forehead or one to two centimeters below the forehead. If you have missed any particular section, then trim it by matching it with the neighboring section. Make sure that a neat diagonal line is created. If there is any error, then hold the section of hair vertically for better accuracy.

8.) Style Your Side Bangs:

When you will cut your side bangs, your look will transform completely. You are a social media lover then for sure, you will receive a lot of compliments on Instagram and Facebook. There are a variety of styles that you can create using your side bangs. Here is a list of styles that you can create with your side bangs.

  • Half Up style with side bangs
  • Braided side bangs
  • Simple twist back
  • Braided crown
  • Side French braid
  • Rope braid
  • Deep side swept bangs
  • Side part with bangs


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