How to Whiten Your Teeth?


In this article, we are discussing several ways to whiten your teeth. White teeth are the prettiest thing that somebody wants to wear over any other fancy looks. In today cosmetically driven world, just like, shiny, thick hair is something that many people desires. Teeth may slowly become yellow due to different factors like aging, poor dental hygiene, hereditary factors or extreme consumption of tea or  coffee, cigarettes and tobacco. Moreover, high doses of antibiotics, infection, climatic conditions and improper metabolism can add to the discoloring of teeth. Most of the time people seek out professional treatment to get rid of yellow teeth, but such treatments can be expensive and take time. If you wish to treat yellow teeth, you can try some home remedies. There are several kitchen ingredients that you can use to repair your pearly white smile.

Study says, in America people spend over $1.4 billion dollars to get the teeth whitening process done through cosmetic surgery. But the after effects of teeth whiten are worse as your teeth become sensitive, painful, and fragile.  To maintain that white pearl people again go through some other treatments which are not only expensive but are risky too. So its better to take care today through best possible and natural ways rather than just bleaching them like crazy.

Why Do Teeth Get Yellow?

To know how to whiten our teeth, one should know the reason why they get yellow in the first place. There are numerous factors that play a part, including inheritance, the kind of food and drink you eat, and how well you perform oral hygiene. A tooth is made up of several tissues-enamel, which is the strong white top layer that protects the tooth. Another one is, Dentin, which help support the enamel. The hard yellow material that takes nerves is known as Pulp, which is in the middle of the tooth and contains lymph and blood vessels, and the last Cementum, which wraps the root of the tooth.

The enamel and dentin are in the main role. Some foods and drinks will directly discolor the enamel, but over time the two biggest causes are the food and drink that crack down the enamel, and declining enamel as we age. As the enamel breaks, it exposes the yellow dentin under the upper layer enamel. So this is how we get yellow teeth. Try some home remedies in focusing on the whitening of teeth. Read this article more to know the best treatments to get white teeth at home fast and naturally.

Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

1.) Baking Soda to Whiten Your Teeth

This is one of the easiest home remedy to treat yellow teeth. Use simple and quick remedies as baking soda to get rid of yellow teeth. It will eliminate plaque and provides you with white glow and shiny look to your pretty teeth. All you have to do is take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with toothpaste. Mix them together well and brush your teeth gently and slowly. Wash your teeth with warm water. Do this process twice a week for better results.

How to Whiten Your Teeth

2.) Orange Peel to Whiten Your Teeth

You could clean and scrub your teeth with some wonderful orange peel and to remove that filthy yellow shade for the rest of your life. Take some orange peel and rub it gently all over your teeth. Do this process every night before going to sleep. Orange consists of Vitamin C that helps fight the germs that hit your teeth. Repeat this process for a week or so and you will slowly see the visible changes. This is one of the successful remedies to get rid of yellow teeth overnight.

3.) Strawberries to Whiten Your Teeth

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C that makes your teeth brighter, whiter and beautiful within a week or so.  To try this method, take some strawberries and grind them in a grinder to make a paste. Now, rub this paste over your teeth gently using your fingertips. You can also drink strawberry juice in order to get white teeth at home easily and quickly. Try this for 10-15 days and you will see the yellow shade vanishing from your teeth naturally.

4.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten Your Teeth

This is another helpful home remedy for whitening teeth. It helps get rid of yellow teeth quicker than you can dream. For this, you will have to rinse your mouth using a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Try not to ingest it. If it does not work for you, do not worry. Try preparing a paste using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Now,  brush your teeth well with this mixture. This is one of the amazing remedy to whiten your teeth naturally at home.

5.) Lemon to Whiten Your Teeth

Lemon holds bleaching properties that can assist you get rid of yellow teeth. It helps prevent breakage of enamel and prevents denting. To use this treatment, take some amount of salt and lemon juice and mix them well together. Now,. Massage it over your teeth for 5 mins. Scrub your teeth with your fingers and make sure do not hurt your gums. Leave it for another 5 minutes. Use lukewarm water to clean your mouth. Use this process twice a week for better results.

6.) Salt to Whiten Your Teeth

This is one of the best items mentioned in the list. Salt is good for your teeth. Not only does it cleans your teeth, but also keep it bright and sparkling. It will help you refill the mineral content that is vanished and get that gorgeous white set of teeth you have always wished for. For this, you need to add some amount of salt while brushing your teeth. You can also add a spoon of baking soda. Rub it over your teeth to get whiter teeth at home fast.

7.) Holy Basil to Whiten Your Teeth

You can also use holy basil to prevent yellow teeth. Basil is so effective that it can provide you shiny and glittering teeth in a week. To try this remedy, take some leaves of holy basil and dry it under the sun for few hours. Make a paste out of those dry leaves by mixing your favorite toothpaste. Brush it gently with this paste and keep it for 5 mins and then rinse it off with normal water. Do this process for about 10 days to see positive results. This is one of the wonderful home remedies to treat yellow teeth fast and naturally.

8.) Apples to Whiten Your Teeth

Apple is one of the effective fruits that helps get whiter teeth. As it says “ An Apple a day, keeps the Doctor away”. Similarly an apple a day could also keep away the yellow filthy teeth. To try this method, regularly eat one or two crunchy apples to make your teeth white and shine. It also helps kill the germs build up on your teeth. The acidic nature of apples helps you keep the teeth fit and strong. This is one of the amazing remedies to whiten your teeth.

9.) Charcoal to Whiten Your Teeth

Charcoal is another great way to whiten your teeth and make them white and gleaming. All you need to do is take some charcoal powder and mix it with your regular toothpaste. Alternatively, You could also take some burnt wood ashes as it contains potassium, mix it with basil and rub it gently on your teeth to make it white. Then rinse it with normal water. Do this process 2 times in a day to get rid of yellow teeth fast  and naturally.

10.) Margosa to Whiten Your Teeth

Margosa not only gives you whiter teeth, but also helps treat bad breath. It is one of the great remedies to whiten your teeth. To try this remedy, take some margosa oil and combine it with your regular toothpaste. Now, brush as usual, but gently about twice a day. That should be enough. If you would like to chew up margosa branches, go ahead and do that. This is also helpful in making your teeth white and sparkling at home.

11.) Banana Peel to Whiten Your Teeth

This is one of the great home remedy for whiten your teeth. Take out the banana peel and rub it over your teeth for 2-3 mins. Scrub and massage well using that peel. Do this method twice a day. After that, you can brush your teeth using normal toothpaste.

12.) Dark Chocolate to Whiten Your Teeth

Yes, You are reading it right. Dark chocolate is actually a wonderful home remedy to treat yellow teeth. It contains elements that solidify the surface of your teeth and makes it visibly fairer and whiter. In fact, you can stop your teeth discoloration by eating chocolate. Always remember to limit your eating. Too much chocolate is also not good for the skin. This is also one of the best remedies to get white teeth faster and easier.


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