How to Stop Teeth Grinding?


Have you ever heard the term teeth grinding or bruxism? You may not know the term but you must have gone through the problem that teeth grinding unfolds. Also, known as Bruxism, teeth grinding is regarded as clenching or gnashing your teeth that too deliberately. Most of the people do this while sleeping, which is also known sleep bruxism. The condition can get severe and thus you need to stop teeth grinding at its onset. Read more to know, remedies to stop teeth grinding.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding:

  • Pain in the face or jawline
  • Soreness around the ear
  • Jaw becomes tender
  • Can’t able to open or close the mouth
  • Pain while chewing
  • Clicking when mouth is open.

Causes of Teeth Grinding:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactive Personality

Teeth Grinding is also Known as:

  • Greeting of teeth
  • Bruxism
  • Gritting of teeth
  • Gnashing of teeth

Grinding of Teeth Leads to:

  • Gums of the teeth gets loose.
  • Teeth lose
  • Fracture in teeth
  • Receding the gums
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Continuous headache
  • Toothache
  • Jaw joint disorders

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

Remedies to Stop Teeth Grinding:

1.) Exercise to Stop Teeth Grinding

Exercise the the best solution for all health-related problems including teeth grinding. Exercising three times a week will keep your body fit and relaxed. It is one of the best remedy for weight loss as well. It also reduces the stress, improves the immune system and induce a sound sleep. In fact, a brisk walk will be also worth doing. You can also indulge in the meditation and yoga to stop teeth grinding.

You can also perform certain jaw exercises to stop grinding teeth.

  • Place your thumb beneath the chin. Open and close your mouth for few times and do not move the thumb from there.
  • Or place your forefinger or thumb on the front of the chin and gradually try to push your jaw out, moving your hands forward.
  • Touch your tongue on the roof of the mouth, open and close your mouth several times.
  • Put your finger in the mouth and leave your jaw relaxed.

2.) Hot Compress to Stop Teeth Grinding

Next in our list of remedies to stop teeth grinding is hot or warm compress. It is the best way to deal with bruxism ant the initial stage only. It helps to cure jaw clenching and provides soothing effects to the jaws and the muscle around.

  • In a bowl of warm water, soak a towel, squeeze it remove the extra water.
  • Dab this moist towel on the jaws. Hold it until the towel cools down.
  • Repeat this several times to stop teeth grinding.
  • Alternatively, you can have a hot shower before going to the bed

3.) Massage to Get Rid of Bruxism

A gentle massage on the muscles of the shoulder, neck and face will give you relief at great extant. Make sure you massage these areas in the circular motion. It will also cure head ache caused due to the stress or tension. It reduces the pain and clenching as well.

  • Massage your shoulder, face and neck in the circular motion before going to the bed.
  • You can also opt for full body massage, since it is the best way to release the stress that is the primary cause of bruxism.

4.) Turmeric Milk to Get Rid of Grinding Teeth

Turmeric along with warm milk is one of the ideal remedy for numerous health problems and grinding teeth as well. Milk contains tryptophan and amino acid that tend to relax your body and induce a sound sleep. Moreover, it is a great source of the calcium that strengthens or teeth and bones. A pinch of turmeric to milk will give an added benefit since turmeric has a medicinal and other essential properties.

  • Boil a glass of milk and add a pinch of turmeric to it.
  • Mix turmeric into it thoroughly until it gets a mustard colour.
  • You can also add a tablespoon of honey to it.
  • Drink this regularly before going to the bed.

5.) Calcium and Magnesium to Stop Teeth Grinding

The deficiency of calcium and magnesium also leads to grinding of teeth. Both the nutrients are essential for the functioning of the muscles and nervous system. Moreover, both the nutrients help in strengthening the teeth. In addition to this, it cures clenching of jaws, muscle cramp and tension as well.

  • Consume foods that are good sources of the magnesium and calcium. To know more about the food high in magnesium and calcium read foods rich in magnesium and foods high in calcium.
  • Alternatively, you can also have the supplements of the both the nutrients i.e. magnesium and calcium. For exact dosage consult your doctor.

6.) Lavender to Cure Grinding of Teeth

Next in our list of remedies to stop teeth grinding is lavender. It has soothing and calming properties that has bioactive constituents that has a good effect on the nervous system. Moreover, it relaxes the body and induces sleep. During sleep teeth, do not grind.

  • In a bowl mix, a few drops of the lavender oil a tablespoon of the olive oil or almond oil.
  • Massage the jaws along with the neck area with this oil
  • Do this 2 times a day, once in the morning and once before going to the bed.

7.) Treat Grinding of Teeth with Herbal Tea

The primary causes of teeth grinding are stress and undisturbed sleep. Herbal tea is a best cure to all these problems. It relaxes your body and relieves the tension and induces sound sleep. When your body will be relaxed and calm there will be less chances of grinding teeth.

  • For this purpose, green tea and chamomile tea are best solutions.
  • Prepare any of the tea. Steep it for a while.
  • Then strain it and a tablespoon of honey to it and sip it when it is still warm.
  • Drink this herbal tea once in a day and before going to the bed.

8.) Vitamin C for Bruxism Treatment

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients that is needed for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, it also important in the production of the neurotransmitter that regulates the mood.

  • Consume rich sources of vitamin C to treat the problem.
  • You can also have supplements of vitamin C.

9.) Valerian to Cure Teeth Grinding

Valerian is another remedy that will help you a lot to stop teeth grinding. It contains muscle relaxing properties that has soothing effects on the muscles

  • Mix a few drops of valerian essential oil into the the olive oil. Use this oil to massage your jaws and neck to treat grinding of teeth.
  • Alternatively, drink valerian tea daily to get rid of this problem.

10.) Breathing Deep to Stop Teeth Grinding

Deep inhaling is one of the best ways to stop teeth grinding. This relaxes your mind, unwinds the negative the negative thoughts. This will also help to relax your body. It will aid the tired muscles and give you a sound sleep that is probably one of the best solution to stop teeth grinding. So, practice deep breathing regularly for one hour before going to the bed.

Things to Do to Stop Teeth Grinding:

  • Stop drinking caffeinated drinks.
  • Avoid chewing a gum
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take an enough sleep
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Stop chewing on non-foods
  • Do not clench your jaws
  • Purchase a mouth guard to stop teeth grinding
  • If the problem is not cures consult your dentist
  • Brush your teeth regularly.

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