How to Relieve Sinus Pressure?


Most of the people experience sinus pain and pressure at some point. Clogged sinuses can give you pressure and pain above your nose and in between your eyes. There are many sinus pressure points on your face such as in between your eyes, bridge of the nose, either side of the nostrils, under the cheeks, eyebrows and the Philtrum. There are many causes of sinus pressure and pain such as allergies, cold, and flu. Sinus pressure should be treated on time. There are many remedies or treatments that will help you to get rid of sinus pressure or sinus infection. Read this article thoroughly to know about how to relieve sinus pressure.

Sinus pressure occurs when the membranes lining your nasal passages become irritated and inflamed. If your nose is swollen due to inflammation then it can block the sinuses and cause congestion, pain, a cough, and post nasal drip. Sinusitis can be acute and may last up to 4 weeks. It can be chronic which can last for months or even years. They started producing excess mucus, which helps to flush out allergen that causing the irritation. The sinuses are hollow pockets that produce mucus, which drains into the nose. Use some remedies to relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection.

how to relieve sinus pressure

Symptoms of Sinus Pressure:

Causes of Sinus Pressure:

  • Allergies
  • A deviated septum
  • Exposure to pollutants
  • Smoking
  • Over the counter nasal sprays
  • Nasal polyps

How Long Does Sinus Pressure Last?

If sinusitis is acute then it may last for a short period of time. The acute infection is usually a part of allergies or cold. If you have a chronic infection, then the sinus infection may last for more than 8 weeks.

Best Remedies to Relieve Sinus Pressure:

1.) Saline Nasal Spray to Relieve Sinus Pressure

A saline nasal spray is the best method to get rid of sinus pressure. A saline nasal spray helps to clear nasal passages of mucus and also helps to moisturize the nasal passages. The first use of nasal spray may be helpful, but repeated use of this saline spray may get the full benefit.

2.) Warm Compress to Get Rid of Sinus Pressure Fast

Warm compress is one of the most effective methods to treat a sinus pressure. Using warm, moist towel against your face helps to relieve the sinus pressure.

Steps to Use Warm Compress to Treat Sinus Pressure:

  • You can use either a hot and cold compress.
  • Place a hot towel over the sinus areas on your face for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Now use cold damp cloth or towel and place it over the sinus areas for 30 minutes. Then, switch to the hot towel.
  • Repeat this method, alternatively between cold and hot for 3 cycles.
  • Repeat this method at least 4 times a day.

3.) Garlic to Treat Sinus Pressure Naturally and Fast

Garlic is one of the best and effective natural remedies for sinus pressure treatment. It acts as a natural antibiotic to fight against sinus infections, which is caused by bacteria and viruses. Garlic has antifungal properties due to which it is effective when the sinus infection is caused by bacteria.

Steps to Use Garlic to Cure Sinus Pressure Fast:

  • Take 2 or 3 garlic cloves and chop them.
  • Now boil a pot of boiling water and add them to this boiling water.
  • Inhale the steam from this garlic solution for a few minutes.
  • Repeat this method few times a day until you get relief from sinus pressure.
  • An alternate method is you can eat 2 to 3 fresh garlic cloves daily. You can also consume garlic, onion, horseradish and cayenne pepper soups and it will help to move out the excess mucus.

4.) Onion to Get Rid of Sinus Pressure Fast

Onion is very effective and works as an excellent decongestant which helps to open up your sinuses. It also contains sulfur compounds that fight against fungi and bacteria.

Steps to Use Onion to Prevent Sinus Pressure:

  • Take an onion and cut it into small pieces. Then put these pieces in a pot of water.
  • Now boil this solution for 5 minutes and then inhale the vapors for sometime.
  • Strain the solution and then drink it.
  • Repeat this method few times a day for a week.

5.) Ginger to Relieve Sinus Pressure Fast and Naturally

Ginger is known for its medicinal properties which help to treat sinus pressure. Ginger contains polyphenols which help to control the secretion of mucus.

Steps to Use Ginger to Treat Sinus Pressure Naturally:

  • Chop ginger root into 2-inch slices.
  • Now boil the ginger slices in 1 cup of water for ten minutes.
  • Strain this ginger solution and mix some honey and lemon juice in this solution.
  • Drink this ginger tea a few times a day until you get relief from sinus pressure.

6.) Turmeric to Prevent Sinus Pressure

Turmeric contains antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat sinus pressure and infections. There is an active compound in turmeric that helps to heal the swelling in the sinus cavity.

Steps to Use Turmeric to Cure Sinus Pressure Naturally:

  • Take a glass of warm water and a pinch of turmeric powder to it.
  • Gargle with this solution few times a day.
  • You can also drink a glass of hot milk, which is mixed with 1 tsp of turmeric powder and a little honey.
  • Drink this hot milk daily for a week.

7.) Oil of Oregano to Relieve Sinus Pressure

Oil of oregano contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. The essential oil helps to reduce inflammation and it also works great as an immune booster and antioxidant.

Steps to Use Oil of Oregano for Sinus Pressure Treatment:

  • Boil a one-half cup of water and add some drops of oil of oregano to it.
  • Now inhale the steam to open up the sinuses.
  • Repeat this method until the sinus infection is gone.

8.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Sinus Pressure Fast

Apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat sinus pressure.

Steps to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Cure Sinus Pressure:

  • Mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water.
  • Now add 1 tsp of honey to it.
  • Drink this ACV solution 3 times a day for 5 days.

9.) Cayenne Pepper to Treat Sinus Pressure Fast

Cayenne pepper is the most effective home remedy to open up and drain the sinuses. It also helps to boost immunity, which reduces inflammation and swelling and improves circulation.

Steps to Use Cayenne Pepper to Relieve Sinus Pressure:

  • Take a cup of warm water and add 1 tsp of cayenne pepper to it.
  • Drink this cayenne pepper solution 2 to 3 times a day.
  • You can also eat a mixture of honey and cayenne pepper few times a day.

10.) Horseradish to Get Rid of Sinus Pressure Fast

Horseradish is one of the most effective home remedies for treating sinus infections as it will remove the mucus from the nasal passages.

Steps to Use Horseradish to Relieve Sinus Pressure Overnight:

  • Grate horseradish and then put a pinch of horseradish in your mouth.
  • Keep it in your mouth until its flavor dissolve and then swallow it.
  • Follow this remedy many times a day until the infection clears.


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