Essential Oils for Allergies


Allergies are one of the common problems that are not restricted to skin. It can take place in the internal organ as well. The prime cause of these allergies is believed to be an allergen that is common during the pollen season or carried by a pet in your house. However, both are not an actual cause of allergies. Actually, you get allergy when your immunity system attacks these allergens. However, it is not a harmful problem. All you have to do is follow certain tips and what better can be essential oils. These oils are loaded with numerous properties that help your body to treat the allergies. Read more, to know essential oils for allergies.

Common Symptoms of Allergies:

  • Sneezingrunny, itchy or blocked nose.
  • Red, itchy or watery eyes. Rashes and itching on the body.
  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, cough and shortness of breath.
  • Swollen eyes, tongues and lips.
  • Hey fever
  •  Stomach ache, diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Chapped and dry skin.
  •  Asthma attack and congestion.

essential oils for allergies

Best essential Oils for Allergy Relief:

1.) Lavender Essential Oil for Allergies

Lavender is one of the common essential oil found in households. It is one of the ideal essential oils for allergies whether it is a skin or respiratory allergies. It has natural antihistamines that treat the allergies. When you experience the symptoms of hay fever immediately take a few drops of lavender oil in your palm, rub it and hold your palm around your nostrils and smell it. Or you can soak a few cotton balls into the lavender oil, keep it into the small airtight container that you can carry with you. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your hanky as well.

Whenever you experience an allergy just smell it. Lavender oil also helps to provide relief from chest congestion and sinus as well. For this apply a few drops of lavender essential oil on your chest forehead and cheeks. However, if you have sensitive skin then do a patch test before applying it. Or, add some coconut oil in to dilute it. Moreover, it is a useful aid for rashes, blisters, itching and dermatitis. To treat these allergic reactions add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water or cold compress. Besides all these advantages you can induce it in your diffuser. Since it has a calming effect, therefore, it soothe your body and promote better sleep.

2.) Lemon Essential Oil for Allergies

Lemon oil is also one of the best essential oils for allergies. It has cleansing and refreshing properties. However, it is mostly used for its disinfectant properties. Nevertheless, it helps to treat all sorts of allergies right from the asthma attack, sinus, congestion and other leading problems as well. It promotes the blood circulation level and cleans the respiratory tract like peppermint and lavender oil. For effective results mix peppermint and lavender oil in it. You can induce it in your diffuser to prevent the allergy. Or can apply the mixture of these three essential oils on your feet, forehead, behind the ears and chest to cure the allergy. Since lemon oil is edible therefore it can be used in tea’s or cold drink for any internal problem treatment. Be sure that you use organic lemon oil.

3.) Peppermint Essential Oil for Allergies

Another essential that you can blindly use for treating any type of allergies. It is among the best essential oils for allergy. It has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cooling effect that prevents the allergy and it treats the symptoms of other body problem as well. If your respiratory problems have into severe problems like bronchitis and sinusitis then you use peppermint oil to get the relief. The main ingredient of peppermint i.e menthol is volatile in nature.

It helps to loosen the thick mucus accumulated in the sinus and airway. This helps you to cough up phlegm. It cleans the respiratory tract and prevents any further infection. You can also to cure a headache, which is a symptom of allergy only. Just smell a few drops of peppermint essential oil and consume peppermint tea. Your all allergy will be cured in the small course of time. If you find peppermint oil too strong then you can dilute it by adding any of the carrier oil or gel to it. Like lavender oil, peppermint oil can also be used to cure rashes and itching.

4.) Roman Chamomile Essential Oil for Allergies

Apart from the above essential oils, you can also use roman chamomile essential oil to get rid of allergies. It is a potent and mild as well, so you can use it on infants as well. Chamomile tea has been used since ages to distress the body. However, it is a wonderful remedy for allergies as well. Roman chamomile essential oil has a sweet fragrance that soothes the body and relaxes the mind. To treat the itchy, red and infected areas of the skin use a mixture of chamomile and coconut oil. Since it is safe for infants as well, therefore, you can use it to treat your baby’s diaper rashes and other skin allergies. In addition, this essential oil comes handy for treating the allergic reactions to mosquito bites and insect stings also. Just apply a few drop of chamomile oil on the affected skin. Moreover, it also helps to treat the irritation, sleep disturbances in children that are common due to itching. For spare benefits, you can drink chamomile tea also.

5.) Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Allergies

Eucalyptus oil is packed with essential properties that make it one of the best remedies for allergies. The first advantage of this essential oil is that it helps to make the respiratory secretions flow freely. Therefore, you can use it to treat the severe headaches and sinus congestion. Since this oil is very strong so make sure that you do not use it directly internally or topically. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your room diffuser. For steam use single or two drops of this essential oil will be more than enough. While taking a steam close your eyes or cover them with the tower to avoid the irritation of the eyes. Moreover, make sure that you dilute eucalyptus oil with coconut oil or any other carrier oil before using it. Also, do a small patch test before using it. In addition, to using this essential oil drink, lots of luke warm water as eucalyptus oil can dry the airways.

Additional Tips to Treat Allergies:

  • Keep your doors and windows close to prevent the allergy.
  • As soon as you experience the symptoms of the allergy wash off the affected skin area.
  • Cover your face and other body parts while moving outdoors.
  • Always carry a hanger chief that you can use while sneezing and calling. Wash your hands thoroughly. Use hand sanitizers to keep your hands clean.
  • Make sure that you clean the things around your properly before using them.
  •  If you are allergic then wear a mask.
  •  Eat healthily and nutritious diet.
  • Use a nasal rinse to treat the nasal allergy symptoms.
  • Drinks plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid smoking and other fumes.
  • To treat the allergy you consider acupuncture as well.


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