How to Clear Stuffy Nose (Home Remedies)


Clear stuffy nose with the help of home remedies. A stuffy nose or congestion is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the membranes lining.  Blood vessels usually infected due to the cold, flu or some kind of allergy. It can be difficult to breathe with excess mucus in your nose. This can also be a life-threatening for the newborns. A stuffy nose is also uncomfortable and annoying for adults and kids. You can easily clear stuffy noses at home with minimal or no cost.

You can clear the stuffy nose, but it will not permanently go away until the infection is fully treated. You will get the mucus from your immune system to trap and kill infectious pathogens. Below are the some ways to clear stuffy nose to help reducing infection.

Clear Stuffy Nose Home Remedies

1.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Steam

A quick and easy remedy to clear a stuffy nose is a steaming hot shower. You can also put hot water in a sink and breathe in the steam if you prefer. Be sure to take in long, deep breaths. The steam helps to thin out the mucus and reduces inflammation in the nasal passages. This will offer some relief but only for a short period of time to clear the stuffy nose. You can also add some oils to the water, such as peppermint or eucalyptus to help loosen the mucus.

2.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Humidifier

A humidifier is good for creating moisture in a room. It converts water to moisture and slowly fills the air. It should be noted to not overuse the humidifier as this can create respiratory problems later. It has the same effect as the steam in that it clears your stuffy nose by thinning the mucus. Breathing in humid air relieves inflammation causing the congestion. It clears the stuffy nose by soothing the irritated tissues and swollen blood vessels.

3.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Hydration

Drinking liquids, can help clear a stuffy nose. It is believed that hot beverages help even more, but based on research this is just a placebo effect. Keeping hydrated helps thin the mucus in the nasal passages. This in turn decreases pressure and forces the fluids out. Having an extra moisture in your body will soothe nasal passages.  It will clear a stuffy nose and prevent sinus blockage.

4.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Nasal Sprays

Saline sprays are there to increase the moisture in your nasal passages. It helps to use them effectively. Lean over a sink and insert into one nostril whilst blocking the other. Spray into each nostril and then blow your nose. The saline spray will clear your stuffy nose by thinning the mucus and relieving the inflammation. The sprays are available at your local pharmacy. Try not to use for more than three days as it may dry out your nasal passages too much. It is still one of the most efficient ways to clear a stuffy nose.

5.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Allergy Medication

Medication can be taken to reduce the swelling and inflammation in your nasal passages. To clear a stuffy nose it is best to take a combination of an antihistamine and a decongestant. The two together will help relieve sinus pressure and swelling. Make sure to take the right medications for your symptoms. When using a decongestant nasal spray, it can only be used for 3 consecutive days. Antihistamines are taken for hay fever type symptoms and make you very drowsy. The combination of the two will help clear a stuffy nose.

6.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods can help instantly to clear a stuffy nose. Foods such as spicy peppers contain a chemical called Capsaicin,  which helps your nose run. It causes inflammation in the nerves forcing the mucus to run. Good old fashioned chili will do the trick as well as give you a good sweat. The heat from the spices of a good curry act as a natural decongestant. A fast and effective trick to clear a stuffy nose it to simply cut an onion and give it a sniff, you will be breathing clear in no time.

7.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Massage

Massaging your sinuses can clear a stuffy nose of congestion as well as be relaxing. Place pressure on the center of the cheekbone, doing one side at a time. If you are struggling to sleep at night, lay on your stomach with head slightly turned and press on your cheekbone with the back of your hand alternating sides. You can also try sleeping slightly upright to assist with breathing if you struggle to sleep lying down. Massaging your temples, cheekbones and forehead can help clear a stuffy nose. You can also try lying on the side that is less clogged.

8.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Warm Compress

Soak a towel in warm water, squeeze it out and place it over your face, especially the nose and forehead. This process will help clear a stuffy nose from the outside. The warmth will relieve the inflammation of the nasal passages which can cause pain. Repeat when you are experiencing a lot of congestion. This process will help to clear your stuffy nose by offering relief to the blocked areas. It may take a few times before you feel any relief from stuffy nose. It is better you do some activity to relax, like listening to music.

9.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Drain Sinuses

The most common way to drain your sinuses is by using salt water. It can be done with either a neti pot or any bottle with a spout. Insert the spout into one nostril while you tilt your head to the opposite side. Allow the solution to flow up the nasal passage and out the other nasal passage. Blow your nose to remove any more mucus. This method is one of the oldest on how to clear a stuffy nose, but has stood the test of time. It is so safe it can be done on a daily basis. That way you will never have to clear a bad case of the stuffy nose again.

10.) Clear Stuffy Nose with Nasal Adhesive Strips

Normally these strips are marketed as anti-snoring strips, but they work to clear a stuffy nose too. They are thin strips which go over the bridge of your nose. On the underside is a special adhesive that stretches. The strips stretch back into place, thus opening the nasal passage. It manually widens the nostrils allowing for easier breathing. This is a drug-free effective way to help clear the stuffy nose.


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