How to Stop Sneezing Attack or Fits?


A sneeze can be due to some allergy, infection or a common cold. It is a natural phenomenon to sneeze. Many people are irritated with sneezing and want to stop sneezing fast and quickly. There is a world record holder, who kept sneezing for about 977 days. He sneezed for about million sneezes. If you don’t have a tissue handy, then it may create an awkward and embarrassing moment for you. This article will give you the best ways, which can be tried to stop sneezing attack or fits.

Different Ways to Stop Sneezing Attack or Fits:

1.) Best and Quick Tricks to Stop Sneezing

  • Blow Your Nose: When you feel a sneeze is about to come, take a tissue or handkerchief and blow your nose. This will help you to flush out the mucus, bacteria and irritants which are causing sneezing. Blowing out your nose will help you to stop a sneeze attack.
  • Squeeze Your Nose: Stretch a part of your nose by with your fingers. Stretching your nose can stop the sneeze since you are stretching the cartilage of your nose by stretching your nose tip.
  • Tickle The Roof of Your Mouth: Flex the tip of your tongue and try to touch the roof of your mouth whenever you feel the sneeze is coming. It will take few seconds may be 5 to 10 seconds and your sneeze will disappear.
  • A Little Pinch Can Help: Try to pinch the cartilage of your nose with your forefinger to stop a sneeze. The nerve which is triggering the sneeze will be pinched and will help in stopping a sneeze.

2.) Apply Pressure to Stop Sneezing

Apply pressure on the upper lip with your finger and thumb. Press your upper lip with pressure and bend it towards your nose. This will help to stop the sensation or the urge to sneeze. You can try applying pressure on your ear lobe to stop a sneeze. This may sound funny if you are sitting in a group at some public place, but applying pressure may create some simulation and help. You can try applying pressure on your eyebrows. Pinch between your eyebrows to stop sneezing attack. You can try pinching your upper lip and press towards nose with your fingers. This may trigger some sensation and help to stop a sneeze.

3.) Know the Reason Behind Your Sneeze

Some people sneeze when they are exposed to sun or brightness. This is known as photic sneeze reflex. It is observed in 18% to 35% of people. It may be transmitted hereditarily. Whenever you go out in the sun or bright light wear some scarf or sunglasses. Keep your focus away from the bright lights. It is also referred to as ACHOO i.e. Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio Ophthalmic Outburst syndrome. You have to take the necessary precautions to save yourself from “sun sneezing” which will help in turn to stop sneezing attack.

4.) Know Your Allergies Better

A sneeze may be due to foreign substances present in your environment. Try to know what you are allergic to in addition to getting in touch with a doctor.

  • Keep your allergies at bay by keeping your doors and windows closed. Allergens can get around you from getting into your home or car through doors and windows.
  • Change your clothes when you come home after a long day. A shower can also help if you are out for so long to get rid of all the allergens and bacteria causing sneezing.
  • Try antihistamines to stop sneezing attack. Antihistamines will help to keep coughing, runny nose and itchy eyes away in addition to stopping your sneeze.

how to stop sneezing - stop sneezing fits or attack

5.) Use The Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is high in iron, manganese,  potassium, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and D. Separated from being so nutritive, it has tonic, diuretic, astringent, and antihistamine properties as well. This makes nettle a successful remedy for allergic rhinitis and relieves you of sneezing, as well as of all the related symptoms, including irritated, watery eyes, and additionally runny nose. Nettle will likewise help you relieve nasal congestion and irritation in your nose that for the most part goes before sneezing.

  • You can have it in any structure tincture, capsule or tea for 2-3 times a day, especially amid the roughage fever season.
  • Make nettle tea by soaking the herb in hot water and adding honey, the local honey, if conceivable. Have 2-3 measures a day.
  • Take 1-2 capsules, ideally of stop dried nettle extricate. Repeat this after every 2-4 hours relying on the seriousness of sneezing. Kids lesser than 12 years old ought not to be given more than one capsule in a day.

6.) Drink Some Chamomile Tea

This yet an alternate herb, chamomile is a natural antihistamine and a gentle narcotic. Along these lines, if you have been sneezing all the day long, making a cup of chamomile tea for yourself before bedtime and you would get you freed of sneezing as well as bring about a noticeable improvement as the night progressed. You may additionally have it amid daytime.

  • Add 1tsp of chamomile herb in a pan. Spill the hot water over it and heat this to the point of boiling.
  • Give it a chance to boil for a few minutes. Strain and add honey for taste. Have this tea twice a day.

7.) Vitamin C Will Help

Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and along these lines helps bring down the creation of histamine in your body. The allergens urge your body to deliver histamines that prompt sneezing and different symptoms of allergy. Along these lines, having a glass of lemon juice blended water or squeezed orange may help you prevent sneezing. Here are a few nourishments and beverages that you can take to get the daily measurement of vitamin C. Read foods high in vitamin C.

  • Oranges, lemon, grapefruit or their juices. Vegetable having vitamin C. Add a few drops of lemon juice in your natural teas.
  • On the other hand, have Vitamin C in the type of capsules or tablets. Counsel your specialist for the right measurement.

8.) Inhale Some Steam

Pollen, dust and so on, whatever goes into your nose and disturbs it, is recognized as a remote trespasser by your immune framework. It then begins creating antibodies to battle it. These antibodies lead the immune cells to discharge provocative mixes like histamine that cause allergic symptoms like sneezing, stuffy or a runny nose. Inflammation of the mucous film of the nose can be effectively countered with steam inward breath. This will lessen inflammation and relieve stuffiness alongside halting sneezes.

  • Take the bowl of hot water and place it on some even surface like a table. Sit on a seat and spread your head with the towel.
  • Tilt towards the bowl keeping your towel in such position as will cover the bowl too alongside your head so the steam doesn’t escape.
  • Don’t take your face excessively near the bowl as it may smolder your face. Inhale the steam from a safe separation for few minutes.
  • This will lessen inflammation and will likewise clear off your nasal entry of any particles therein, providing for you help from sneezing.
  • You may likewise add a couple of drops of any essential oil to this hot water for speedier help. Our next remedies talk about such oils for sneezing and allergies.

9.) Use The Peppermint Oil

There are numerous essential oils that have just the right mixture of properties to quit sneezing furthermore to cure allergies that cause sneezing. One of such oil is peppermint oil, that has phenomenal antibacterial properties. It additionally naturally decongests and helps open aviation routes so you can inhale effortlessly. Facilitating congestion likewise stops sneezing.

  • Add the 5-6 drops of peppermint oil to the bowl of hot water.
  • Inhale steam leaving it by covering your head with a towel.
  • It will clear your nasal sections and quit sneezing.

10.) Uee The Lavender Oil

Yet an alternate decongestant oil having immune boosting properties, lavender oil is just ideal for sneezing remedy. It helps clear congestion as well as help support your immune framework to keep off allergies. It can likewise debilitate the histamine reaction that causes sneezing.

  • Add 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil in both of your nostrils. This may relieve sneezing in a split second.
  • On the other hand, take one drop of lavender essential oil on your finger and swipe it on the inside of your cheek. This helps quit sneezing furthermore relieves a runny nose in just a couple of minutes.
  • You may likewise smell the oil’s fragrance in the wake of spilling its drops on a cotton ball in the event that you are uncomfortable with placing oil into your nostrils or inside your cheek.

11.) Lemon Essential Oil

Just like the citrus, apples and oranges, the citrus oils also can help you relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies including sneezing. Stacked with minerals and vitamins, the lemon oil contains strong antioxidant properties and it can clean all poisons from your body, including mucous that may be the purpose for your sneezing issue. What’s more, lemon oil likewise helps manufacture your unsusceptibility.

  • Inhale the 1-2 drops of oil specifically or by adding it to hot water and breathing in the steam. Diffuse the oil by putting it in a diffuser.
  • You may additionally utilize it as a dietary supplement by adding the drops to some water and drinking it daily.
  • Alternatively, just apply the oil specifically to your nostrils undiluted or in the wake of weakening with some other oil like olive oil.

12.) Essential Oils Blend

In the event that you are a chronic sneeze sufferer or frequently gotten via seasonal allergies, you must try a strong remedy by mixing all the three essential oils that were just talking about independently. You have perceived how they help you relieve sneezing and other allergy symptoms and also manufacture your unsusceptibility so why not utilize them together! For this, you need, Lavender essential oil- 3 drops, Peppermint essential oil- 3 drops, Lemon essential oil- 3 drops, Vegetable capsule (optional) – 1 tsp, and Local crude honey (optional) – 1 tsp.

  • Place all the oils in the diffuser and diffuse them.
  • Add every one of them to the veg capsule and swallow with some water.
  • Blend them with crude local honey and have it.

13.) Take The Help From Ginger

Ginger with its anti-incendiary, pain relieving, antioxidant, and anti-emetic properties have been a most loved remedy since aged times for different conditions including allergies. It is one of the most established remedies for viral maladies and nasal issues including sneezing. Ginger has antihistamine properties which help treating allergies that restrain aviation route constriction. This prompts clearing of bodily fluid and stops sneezing attack.

  • Wash, peel and pulverize the 1-2 inch of ginger root. Take the pulverized ginger and press it onto a sifter to concentrate its juice.
  • You may likewise utilize a material for the reason. Extract 1-2 tsp of ginger juice and have it twice a day.

How to Stop Sneezing Naturally

14.) Use The Garlic

Garlic, the super food of our times, has incredible anti-viral, anti-bactericidal and anti-allergic properties. On the off chance that your sneezing is due to normal chilly, this can be one of the snappy home remedies for your sneezing issue as well.

  • Pound the 4-5 garlic cloves. Take the ensuing glue onto a spoon or in a little bowl. Inhale the strong odor, leaving this garlic paste.
  • This will clear of the nasal section of any mucous or other poison and you will have the capacity to quit sneezing.

15.) Fenugreek Seeds Will Help

Fenugreek give mitigating impact on the mucous layers of your disturbed nose. It relieves its disturbance and in the process, separates the mucous congestion. This stops sneezing as well as provided for you alleviation from different symptoms like a runny and stuffy nose. Truth be told, the anti-viral properties of fenugreek seeds can cure chilly as well.

  • Add 2-3 tsp of fenugreek seeds to 1 glass of water and heat it to the point of boiling.
  • Give it a chance to boil on medium fire till the water stays 50% of its unique quantity.
  • Strain and beverage this water in tastes. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

16.) Quercetin Based Foods

Quercetin, a flavonoid is one of the best anti-histamines gave by nature. It stops your body from delivering histamines. No histamine implies no sneezing. While you can simply get quercetin supplements in one or the other wellbeing stores, when discussing natural remedies, why not add certain sustenances in your daily eating regimen that contain natural quercetin. Here’s the rundown:

  • Pieces of fruit
  • Dark tea
  • Red onions
  • Tomatoes

17.) Wash Nose with Saline Solution

When you realize that all that soil, dust, pollens and so forth. Held up in your nasal depressions cause sneezing, why, given them a chance to stay there? Why not flush them off with the saline arrangement and inhale openly without sneezing. The warm water, which  is used to make such saline arrangement will likewise calm your aggravated bodily fluid layers of the nose along these lines curing inflammation. You will hence spare yourself from sneezing as well as from the various symptoms of seasonal allergy.

  • Add 1 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of baking soda to 1-2 mug of warm water. Presently fill this warm saline water into the gadget that you have chosen to douche your nose.
  • In the event that utilizing a dropper, take in a couple of drops in it and place it into one of your nostrils and channel it off after several seconds. Repeat with the other nostril. Keep on accomplishing for truly a couple of rounds till you feel relieved.
  • On the off chance that utilizing a press flask, the process stays pretty much comparable. At the point when utilizing neti pot, hang over a bowl or a sink and tilt your head towards one side (right or left).
  • Embed the neti pot spout into the nostril that is on the upper side towards the roof. Keep your mouth open for breathing while you let the water put into your nostril.
  • Adjust your head and tilt it in a manner that the water begins emptying of out of the other nostril into the sink.
  • Presently repeat with the other nostril, pouring the saline water and after that emptying it out of the second nostril that lies drawback towards the floor.
  • It’s better to learn neti pot utilization structure some yoga master. This saline flush will keep your nostrils free of any remote items and accordingly quit sneezing from happening in any case.

18.) Use Oil of Oregano

Due to its strong antiviral, antibacterial, anti-contagious and anti-incendiary properties, oil of oregano can relieve ache and inflammation to cure sneezing as well as the grave state of sinusitis. Carvacrol and thymol parts of oregano oil are additionally immune boosting add-ins and accordingly can keep you sheltered against allergic responses that cause sneezing.

  • Add 2-3 drops of oil of oregano to 1 glass of apple or orange juice.
  • Have a glass of such juice daily to relieve sneezing, particularly the one caused by sinus disease.

19.) Sneeze Healthily

When you sneeze doesn’t spread bacteria around you. Keep a handkerchief handy as the bacteria emitted out by you can affect many people around you. The best way is to keep a tissue box along with you. Whenever you sneeze, use a tissue and dispose of that tissue. If you don’t have a handkerchief or tissue handy then sneeze in your hands and wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of all the bacteria.

Try to use hand sanitizer after you sneeze as your hands touch many areas which can spread bacteria among others being it a communicable disease. Say “Sorry” or “Excuse Me” if you are sneezing in a larger group. Try to sneeze as quiet as possible so that you don’t disturb anyone around you at your workplace or in a group. It is always good and appreciated if you sneeze politely without spreading germs around.

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Other Tips to Stop Sneezing:

  • Try saline water drops in your nose to stop a sneeze attack.
  • Carry a tissue or handkerchief always.
  • Try not to spread germs when you sneeze.
  • Don’t hold your sneeze forcefully it may harm your lungs or may cause some injury.
  • Have tea with honey and lemon to stop a sneeze attack and to feel warm.


  1. I sneeze a lot. This is my technique for stopping the sneezing immediately. Take a mouthful of very cold water and push it under your upper lip. Hold until it becomes warmer. Repeat procedure until you stop sneezing. It will surprise you how a simple solution this is. Worked for my mother and for me. David D.


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