Home Remedies for Edema Treatment Naturally


How to use home remedies for edema treatment naturally? Swollen ankles and feet, puffy eyes and a general feeling of weight, yes, you may have edema. What’s more no, you don’t have to be pregnant to get it!

Edema, in less complex terms, is water retention. Water has a tendency to aggregate between cells in your delicate tissue and can happen due to numerous conditions. Edema all alone is not a disease however is an indication of an underlying issue that ought to be checked and treated. Edema can happen due to kidney disease, pregnancy, hypersensitive response, lymph hub tumor, liver disease and certain types of solutions, for example, Nsaids and corticosteroids.


Types of Edema:

There are diverse types of edema influencing distinctive parts of the body. They are arranged as:

  • Pitting: When you apply pressure on the skin and a spacious structure, it is known as pitting edema.
  • Non-pitting: When you apply pressure and no space happens, it is alluded to as non-pitting edema.

While there are home remedies for edema, you ought to never disregard it. Actually, while you are utilizing edema home remedies, make it a point to counsel a specialist, with the goal that you know the underlying reason. Home remedies can provide for you alleviation from edema, yet can’t cure the disease that causes it.

Home Remedies for Edema Treatment Naturally

There are a few home remedies for edema and for the greater part of these, you oblige straightforward fixings that are found in practically all homes. So you ought not have an issue after these edema remedies.

1.) Flax Seeds for Edema Treatment

Grind flaxseeds and sprinkle it on your nourishment. Not just will this ease the edema, it will likewise furnish your body with numerous gainful supplements. On the off chance that you discover the taste of flax seeds not up to yours enjoying, you can without much of a stretch get flax-seed oil and apply it on the affected part.

2.) Mustard Oil for Edema Treatment

There is nothing more soothing than a pleasant massage with some warm oil. In this way, get makes and warm laughing almost too hard, some mustard oil and use delicate circular motions to apply it on the affected part of your body. This will stimulate blood and lymph stream, bailing excess water to empty out of the delicate tissue. You can likewise add two teaspoons of the oil in a glass of warm water and apply the water on your body.

3.) Fennel Seeds for Edema Treatment

Take half a litre of water and let it come to a boil. Once it reaches a boiling point, add a handful of fennel seeds to it and let it steep for 15-20 minutes approximately. Strain the water and consume it consistently to alleviate the swelling of your feet and ankles.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Edema Treatment

Numerous people consume apple cider vinegar as an everyday tonic. It can likewise help with edema. You can also incorporate apple cider vinegar in your daily diet or apply it to the affected part of your body. On the off chance that you are applying it, verify you massage it for 5 minutes, so it enters your skin. It won’t just ease the swelling, additionally alleviate the going hand in hand with pain.

5.) Coriander Seeds for Edema Treatment

Add 2 tsp coriander seeds in some water and boil. Once the water is reduced to half, strain the solution and  consume the whole liquid in one go. On the other hand, you can boil 100 gm of the seeds in 2 liters of water for around 10 minutes. Strain and utilize the liquid to soak your legs and ankles.

6.) Cucumber for Edema Treatment

Separate one glass cucumber squeeze and consume it consistently. Not just will it ease the edema, it will also help to flush out the unwanted toxins built up from your body.

7.) Dandelion Tea for Edema Treatment

Dandellion is endowed with the rare capacity of expelling unwanted water from your body. Make some dandelion tea by boiling some fresh dandelion in a glass of water for 10-15 minutes, and then straining the liquid, once it has cooled down. Drink the tea. You ought to be looking to consume around two to three cups of the tea consistently to get viable results.

8.) Comfrey and Coltsfoot for Edema Treatment

Both these herbs are known to have mitigating properties and can help with water retention. Boil around four cups of water and add two teaspoons of every herb. Boil the water further for around 5 minutes and strain. Plunge a washcloth into the warm liquid, crush out excess liquid from it and place it on the swollen part of your body. Keep doing this until the liquid gets cold. You ought to be looking to utilize this edema remedy three times a day for best results.

9.) Tonic Water for Edema Treatment

It may sound abnormal, yet this home remedy for edema can help if your feet are swollen due to water retention. Soaking your feet in tonic water, will give you the much needed relief from edema.

10.) Grapefruit Essential Oil for Edema Treatment

There is nothing more soothing than an at home, warm bath. Soaking can ease the swelling, however, when you add a couple of drops of grapefruit fundamental oil, you will be in paradise. Then again, you can mix the oil with a smidgen of olive oil and massage the affected zone. Verify you utilize circular motions while rubbing.

11.) Epsom Salt for Edema Treatment

Run a bath and add Epsom salt to it. It won’t hurt you in anyway. It will ease the swelling furthermore help alleviate the soreness and pain. You will discover the bath soothing and unwinding.

12.) Ginkgo Biloba for Edema Treatment

This herb helps to support blood flow by unwinding tightened blood vessels. Dip some ginko biloba leaves in a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat and let it seep for a couple of minutes. Once it has cooled down strain and drink the solution.

13.) Horse Chestnut for Edema Treatment

This plant enhances blood flow, as well as helps to reduce swelling, because of its calming properties. It helps to increase porousness of vessels, so that excess fluid is reabsorbed by the body. You can without much of a stretch get horse chestnut oil from a wellbeing sustenance store and apply it onto the affected parts of your body. Use circular motions amid application.

14.) Tea Tree Oil for Edema Treatment

This intense oil can help reduce restricted edema. Mix the oil with some margosa leaves or margosa (neem) oil and apply it on the affected part of your body. It will ease the edema furthermore help reduce any type of pain.

15.) Exercise for Edema Treatment

Feet and ankles can get swollen due to delayed sitting. The best way to get excess fluid out is by being physically dynamic. It will stimulate the fluid to work its way back towards your heart and will ease the swelling.

16.) Height for Edema Treatment

One of the best home remedies for edema without a doubt is height. Hoist the affected part for around 30 minutes. This helps to empty the excess fluid. Look to do it around three times a day. Typically, regarding your feet, you can place a pad under them.

17.) Water for Edema Treatment

The best drink to consume when experiencing water retention is water! Numerous people expect that in the event that they drink water, the edema will compound. Actually, if your body gets dried out, the edema will get to be more terrible. Thus, consume a considerable measure of water to get your kidneys dynamic. This won’t just decrease edema, yet will likewise help anticipate it.

18.) Parsley Tea for Edema Treatment

Steep two teaspoons of dried parsley in a cup of boiling water for around 10 minutes. Strain and consume. You ought to be looking to drink around three cups of parsley tea consistently. Parsley is a natural diuretic and helps in expelling excess fluid from the body. In any case, on the off chance that you are pregnant, refrain from consuming this drink.

19.) Juniper Berries for Edema Treatment

Juniper berries enhance the working of your kidneys furthermore have a diuretic impact on your body. You can get these berries as a tincture. Add 15 drops of the tincture in a glass of water and consume three times a day for best results.

20.) Corn Silk for Edema Treatment

Corn silk is a strong diuretic and you ought to utilize it with forethought don’t try too hard. Dry the corn silk and steep a tablespoon in a cup of boiling water for around 5 minutes. You need to take precautions to not drink this tea more than 3 times a day. Additionally, abstain from drinking before you resign to bunk or you will keep getting up in the night.

21.) Dandelion Root, Oat Straw, Corn Silk, Nettle Leaf, and Fennel Seeds for Edema Treatment

Mix two teaspoons of dandelion root along with half teaspoon each of oat straw, nettle leaf, fennel seeds, and dried corn silk in a cup of boiling water. Turn off the heat and allow it to steep for 15 minutes.  Drink this solution twice every day. It will help reduce the swelling in your body. . One of the powerful natural remedies for edema.

22.) Molasses and Aniseed for Edema Treatment

In 250 ml of boiling water, add a half tablespoon of molasses and one tablespoon of aniseed. Keep boiling until the mixture reduces by half. Partition the liquid into four parts and drink for the duration of the day. It will ease the edema, the length of it is not created due to an underlying wellbeing issue.

23.) Barley Water for Edema Treatment

In the event that you are pregnant and have edema, this is the home remedy to attempt. Take some barley in a dish, add cut pieces of fresh lemon and spill boiling water over it. Let the solution cool down. Strain and consume the same number of times as you feel. Barley water tastes insipid, so add some honey and a squeeze of salt to enhance the flavor.

24.) Garlic for Edema Treatment

Stacked with cancer prevention agents, garlic can likewise ease the delicacy and pain that accompany edema. Crunch on two cloves of garlic to reduce the distress. Keep in mind, garlic additionally helps the body in resorbing excess fluid. So it can ease the swelling also.

25.) Pineapple for Edema Treatment

Pineapple contains elevated amounts of chlorine that stimulate the kidneys to flush out excess fluid and poisons from the body. Along these lines, one of the best and tastiest ways to ease your edema is to consume fresh pineapple.

26.) Cabbage for Edema Treatment

As interesting as it may sound, cabbage leaves can help the body ingest excess fluid. So place several cabbage leaves on the affected part of your body and secure them with a gauze. The leaves will help reduce the swelling in a jiffy.

27.) Cucumber and Potato for Edema Treatment

Much the same as cabbage leaves, cucumber and potato also can help the body ingest excess fluid. Place some cucumber slices  over the affected territory. At that point place peeled, cuts of potatoes over it and secure the two vegetables with a swathe. Give them a chance to stay overnight and do show their effect.

28.) Stinging Nettle for Edema Treatment

Stinging nettle is a natural diuretic and has been utilized to treat water retention from medieval times. Drinking tea, made from stinging nettle will help to alleviate edema viably.

29.) Bitter Gourd for Edema Treatment

As unappetizing it may sound, this edema home remedy amazingly helpful in treating edema. Utilize a paring blade to remove the skin of the bitter gourd and remove the seeds in the inside. Cut into little pieces and soak for 30 minutes in salt water. Additionally, you can add further salt to remove the bitterness. Blende the pieces in a blender and strain the juice. Add some honey as a sweetner and drink the liquid.

30.) Margosa Leaves for Edema Treatment

Margosa, otherwise called neem or Indian lilac, has numerous restorative properties and one of them is facilitating edema. Throw a scoop of the leaves into boiling water. Turn off the heat and let the leaves steep for around 20 minutes. Strain and consume. The tea will be bitter, so add a tiny bit of honey.

Few Words of Caution:

When you have edema, reduce your salt admission quickly. You ought to be looking to consume short of what 2100 mg of salt regularly. Evade sustenances with high salt substance and this incorporates prepared nourishments also. A portion of the natural diuretics can toss your natural salt parity into confusion. So be amazingly watchful when utilizing these herbs.

Your edema can deteriorate in the event that it is excessively cold or hot. So abstain from scrubbing down. Some people like to utilize the sauna as a way to detoxify their bodies. On the off chance that you have edema, saunas won’t provide you any benefit. Amid a cold climate, verify you wear warm apparel. Couple these measures with home remedies and you ought to perceive your edema showing signs of improvement.


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