How to Get Rid of Bruises on Legs, Arms and Face?


After writing how to give a hickey?, how to get rid of hickeys?, home remedies to heal bruised ribs, and how to give a hickey?, we are now writing, how to get rid of bruises on legs, arms and face? Bruises is the skin infections, which caused by some injury or burn on the skin. If these bruises did not get cured on time they can turn into a lifetime scar. There are so many home remedies to get rid of bruises fast and naturally. The scars of the bruises should be cured at an early stage. Otherwise, they can lead to non-removable scars. They can affect the beauty of the person. The following is given best home remedies to get rid of bruises on legs, on arms and on face fast and naturally.

Ways to Get Rid of Bruises on Legs, Arms and Face

1.) Use The Ice For Bruises on Legs 

The first and the most immediate action to the bruises should be the applying of the ice. The ice helps in the reduction of the blood flow from the skin. The method of the applying of the ice on the skin should be very effective, i.e. The ice should be applied to the bruise and the pain of the coldness of the ice should bear in order to get effective results. Take some ice cubes in a wash cloth or towel and apply to the bruises area. Try not to apply the ice directly to the area.

2.) Reduce The Blood Flow by Gravity


The gravity method is in which we can stop the blood flow from the skin by lifting the area. In this method we have to elevate our body part in the air or you can have some cushion or pillow to elevate the area. The body part should be elevated in such a way that the blood should be forced to move back into the skin with the help of the gravitational force. The people can use this method easily. This helps to reduce the pain as well. If the blood flow will be less, then the pain will be less. This is best while sleeping overnight.

3.) Apply The Heat On Bruises

Heat gives the tissue of the body to get relax and to produce new tissues, which can cover the damaged tissues of the bruise. The exposure to the heat is the remedy to get quick healing of the bruise. Anyhow, You should apply the heat with in 24-72 hours to get bruises a chance to heal faster. This will, unexpectedly, help pool the blood into the area.

You may apply a warm compress over your bruised area. For this, utilize a hot-water container or make a compress by heating a cloth. Take a soft, clean cotton cloth and wash it in warm water. Apply to the bruised area a few times a day for faster healing. You may also utilize an electric heating pad to apply heat to your bruised area. Use the pad for 10-20 minutes everyday to get faster relief.

4.) Gently Massage The Area


It gives the relaxation to the body. To cure anything, the relaxation is must. The massage with some kind of oils of vegetables or flowers gives you the relief from the pain. As well as it reduce the chances of spots and scare of the bruise. The massage machine are also available in the market. These massage machines can also give you the relaxation without the usage of any kind of the medicine.

5.) Expose in The Sun

The exposure to the sun is the best and the most suitable way to cure the bruise. The people avoid the sun as according to them the rays of the sun damages the skin. To some extent it is true. But by using the sun screen creams and lotions, we can easily expose our body to the sun. The sun rays have the capacity to cure the burns and the bruises easily and effectively. The sun is the natural treatment given by nature. Its kind of natural warm compress. If you are using warm compress then we believe you can skip to next remedy.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bruises on Legs

6.) Vinegar And Warm Water Compress

The vinegar is the most effective homemade remedy for bruises on legs and arms. It is available in every kitchen in every home. The vinegar should be applied to the bruise. This vinegar will kill the germs, which can affect the bruise. The vinegar also gives the relief to the pain of the bruise. It should be mixed with the warm water and then applied to the affected area. This increases the flow of the blood in the affected area of the skin. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

7.) Make The Comfrey Compress

Making hot compress considerably the more valuable and it is needed for fast healing of bruise on legs and arms. You may utilize the herb comfrey for this reason, which is additionally help to as “sew bone” as it is accepted to be good at advancing healing from inside, when you apply it to your skin. Comfrey has a ingredient known as allantoin, which is a good anti-inflammatory specialists. It helps heal wounds as well as promotes development of new cells. Comfrey ought not be taken inside, also you cant apply it to cuts or broken skin tissues. If you have a bruise without a broken skin, make a compress of comfrey leaves to reduce swelling and advance healing.

How to Make Comfrey Compress For Bruises on Legs & Arms?

  • Take 4 tbsp of fresh or dried comfrey leaves in a bowl. If you can access leaves so you can buy comfrey extract or oil from near by store.
  • Pour 2 cups of hot water over it and mix it well. Given leaves a chance to soak for 10 minutes. And, if you using extract so you can use it directly.
  • Soak a gauze pad or a washcloth in this herbal solution. Apply this to our bruised area. Leave it there for 40-50 minutes.

Precaution: If you have a broken skin or cut, then please do not use this remedy and comfery can’t be used internally.

8.) Use The Witch Hazel

Witch hazel stayed a standout among the most helpful herbs for years. It is a good remedy for bruises as well as for sprains and blazes and in addition varicose veins. The brilliant astringent properties of witch hazel stop the gradually releasing blood in the blood vessels. It likewise animates seepage of lymphatic fluid from the bruised area, hence helping in faster healing. Utilizing witch hazel will help to reduce he swelling in no time.

  • Soak the cotton pad in witch hazel moisturizer or tincture.
  • Apply this to the bruised area and hold it there for a couple of minutes.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a day to get rid of bruises of legs and arms.

Get Rid of Bruises On Legs Arms

9.) Parsley to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

Parsley is accepted to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and hence can help to reduce swelling of bruises. It additionally helps the bruise fade away rapidly. Take handful for fresh parsley leaves and make its paste by grinding. Now, apply this paste everywhere on your bruise. You can use a bandage to wrap your bruised area covered with parsley paste.

10.) Use The St. John’s Wort Oil

St. John’s wort oil has been customarily used to heal wounds. It has high measures of tannins. These are astringents, which helps the tissue recoil, so that the narrow draining may be controlled. What’s vital is that this oil can be connected to broken skin as well. This herbal oil has anti-inflammatory properties likewise that may reduce swelling as well.

  • You need St. John’s wort oil from some near by store. You can also make the oil at home but it will take 2-6 weeks.
  • Take 12-20 Oz of jar and fill the jar with fresh flowers of St. John’s wort. Slash them a little before putting them in the jar, but leave approx. 1/2 inch free space on top.
  • Pour couple of olive oil over these flowers. Cover the jar firmly with the cover.
  • Shake it well and place it in a cool, dull spot (like a kitchen cupboard)
  • Shake the jar a few times every day. Let the flowers soak for around 2-6 weeks.
  • Presently strain this mixed oil with the assistance of cheesecloth placed over a strainer.
  • Store in your choice of holder. Apply this 2-3 times day by day to your bruise.
  • This oil can in fact be utilized for some different conditions like sunburn, nerve pain, toothache, tendonitis, painful jaw, and so forth.

11.) Eat Bromelain Rich Pineapple

Bromelain is an extremely valuable protein found in pineapples. It can be said that this chemical really “processes” proteins that cause aggravation and pain. It breaks down these proteins that trap fluids in the tissues after you endure a harm. Bromelain is currently a well known anti-inflammatory operators and is broadly utilized for tendinitis, joint pain and also for swelling and pain identified with muscle wounds. Some exploration additionally discovered that utilizing bromelain reduces the healing time of bruise.

Eat pineapples or beverage pineapple juice to heal your bruise faster. In any case, sometimes it is said that this doesn’t give sufficient measures of bromelain to bruise healing, especially if your bruise is excessively huge. Therefore, you can likewise consider taking 250 to 500 milligrams of bromelain between dinners day by day till your bruise fades away.

12.) Food Nutrients to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

Some people bruise easily and too regularly. You need to take preventive measures. In case, if you are among those people, certain foods have the nutrients like vitamins and flavonoids that prevent bruising. Our body needs these nutrients to prevent bruising and the food sources from where you can get them.

Vitamin C to get rid of bruises fast on legs and arms. It fortifies slender dividers. This makes them less inclined to break blood, when your body gets bruised. Eat more peppers and citrus, apples and oranges to get more vitamin C to avoid bruising. Read food high in vitamin C.

Flavonoids to get rid of bruises fast on legs and arms. Vitamin C works better when you supply your body with enough flavonoids. Along these lines, eat more carrots, apricots, and citrus soil grown foods. They all are rich in flavonoids. Grape-seed concentrate is likewise a good wellspring of flavonoids.

Vitamin K to get rid of bruises fast on legs and arms. This vitamin helps your blood coagulation successfully and faster. Insufficiency in vitamin K makes people defenseless to bruising. Eat more broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and verdant green vegetables to get more Vitamin K. In fact, there are vitamin K creams additionally accessible in medication stores. These creams, when rubbed into the bruises, prevent further drying. Read foods high in vitamin K.

13.) Take The Ibuprofen For Pain

If the pain of the bruise is unbearable, then it is advised to take some medicine. The medicine should be taken with the prescription from the doctor. If in case the availability of the doctor is not there, then the label of the dose should be read carefully. The opportunities of the scar to get dark will be minimized. The bruises should be handled carefully. The precautions and the measures should be done accordingly in order to avoid any kind of bad reaction to the drug.

How to Get RidHow to Get Rid of Bruises on arms of Bruises Fast

14.) Take More Rest

The most important thing is to take the rest. The rest should be taken in order to avoid the stress. When the stress is more on the body than the people get more secretions of the chemicals from the body. These chemicals help in the darkness of the scar and the more pain in the breeze. On the other hand, if the rest is taken the people feel easier to handle with the bruises.

15.) Go Visit a Doctor

The ever best remedy and the solution is to go to a doctor. Doctor is the person who is expertise in this field. He will give you the best possible treatment of the bruise. His treatment will remove any chances of the scar left behind or the pain. The advice of the doctors the best golden piece at that time. So never avoid going to doctors, even if the scar is smaller.


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