Repair Damaged Hair: Treatment for Fixing Damaged Hair


You want to repair damaged hair or want to know the treatment to fixing damaged hair for someone. Everyone wants a fresh looking, silky and bouncy hairs like the ones in the hair product advertisements. But, at the end of a long, busy and eventful working day, we end up having dull, dry and frizz hairs. Even though we feel extremely tired the whole day’s exhaustive schedule and want to take a rest, the questions start coming at the back of the mind ‘why and how this has happened?’ or ‘how can I get the original lustrous or shiny hairs back again?

Don’t worry. It’s a very common problem and you are not alone to face with this situation. Almost all of us are struggling with it and choose the remedy which suits us best among lots of solutions available to take care of your damaged hair. To mention a few, I am writing this article for you all. Hope it will help you cope up with the problem.

10 Ways to Repair Damaged  Hair 

Repair Damaged Hair Treatment for Fixing Damaged Hair

1.) Dying or Coloring Your Hair Comes at a Price

The lustrous and colored hair may match your dresses and give attractive look for the party. But remember, your hair may start looking dull and brittle during the day ahead and you may feel helpless. This is because of the harsh chemicals used in the dyes or colors which causes immense damage to your hair follicles. So, it is always better to avoid using these attractive and classy colors and try with natural colors. At least your hair quality will not be compromised.

2.) Protein Treatment for Repair Damaged Hair

The main constituent of nice curly or plain hair is protein, named keratin and these proteins are part of long chain amino acids which forms the hair strands. These keratins provide strength to every strand which otherwise gets broken down and damaged easily. Therefore, protein treatment, protein conditioner or protein packs help harden the cuticle layer and strengthen hair follicles. It forms a layer around the hair follicle and prevents it from further damage acting as an inert barrier. Different types of protein treatments are available in the market like protein packs, light protein treatment, deep penetrating treatment and reconstructive etc. Type of treatment depends on the condition of the damaged hair.

3.) Avoid Over-washing the Hair

Washing your hair every day, means exposing the hair to the chemicals in your shampoos and conditioners every 24 hours. Obviously, chances of enhancing damage to your otherwise silky hairs increases. So, you may opt for washing the hair every alternate day and reduce the effect of these chemicals.

Apart from the reaction with the chemicals, you can also help save the essential oil in your hair getting stripped off.  The essential oils help imparting flexibility to the hair strands and if removed, makes the strands stiff and brittle. Therefore, it is always recommended to get the hair wash on every alternate day.

4.) Avoid Using Hair Dryers to Repair Damaged Hair

Hair dryers may also cause damage to your shiny hair due to the uncontrolled heat applied. Heat makes the hair dry and dry hair always causes splitting, roughness and harshness in the hair. Natural drying is always preferred after washing. Therefore, dangling your hair upside down and drying with towels is good enough to keep the normal shiny look of your hair.

5.) Moisten the Hair to Repair Damaged Hair

Dryness in hair may lead to easy damage of the hair follicles. In case you feel the dryness in your hair and want to get rid of it, a home-made remedy may help you tackle the problem without any complications. A mixture of aloe vera, egg, honey, banana and mayonnaise acts as a beautiful and effective hair pack for your dry hair. Just apply it on wet hair and wash off after one hour. It helps retain moisture in the hair.

6.) Avoid Straightening Hair Using Irons

Water in the hair impairs flexibility in the glossy hair and if it gets heated up abruptly, steam is generated and evaporates easily out from the hair. It causes loss of hair cuticles and damage the hair instantly. So, never ever try to straighten your silky hair using irons.

7.) Use Brushes with Gentle or Soft Bristles or Comb

In case you have curly or wavy hairs, you may use the styling gels only while it is wet. You are also advised to handle the tangles gently otherwise, hair may get broken down unnecessarily. While going to bed, take care of your movement and prevent hair damage by properly arranging those using braids, sleep caps or high ponytails.

8.) Detangling Knots in Hurry

Sometimes the hair gets too much tangled up that it takes time to eliminate or remove the knots and kinks from the strands. People get frustrated to manage such hair in case they are busy or not in a good mood. Most of the time, they want to get rid of the situation at no time and starts combing hair carelessly. This leads to the creation of an uncontrollable number of knots and tearing of hair unnecessarily. In the worst case, one may need to go for trimming also. Therefore, it is better not to subject your own hair to unwanted damages just to save a few precious minutes. You may smooth on a little hair conditioner to loosen up the tangled strands by finger combing. Once you are through, may use wide or medium tooth to comb for final straightening.

9.) Your Hair Needs Protection from Sunlight

In case you need to face the sunlight for a longer period of time, it is better to take protection from direct contact of sunlight. You may use a bandanna or a hat to cover your hair. A sunscreen care lotion may also help you keep your hair fresh and shiny.

10.) Avoid Using Chemicals to Repair Damaged Hair

Use of chemicals in the form of relaxers, straighteners or hair dyes are always detrimental as they are extremely damaging to the hair. Your hair loses its natural softness and gloss on prolonged use of these chemicals. Therefore, use of natural products, as much possible, is always better for keeping your hair healthy.

These are a few of the many hair repair solutions widely advised by our seniors and followed meticulously by thousands of youngsters to whom original look of the hair matters a lot. I bet you will be able to maintain the original gloss, color and look of your hair with these few handy tips.

Additional Tips to Repair Damaged Hair:

  • Moisturize hair more by adding honey to the conditioner.
  • Get your hair trimmed frequently to avoid split ends.
  • Use eggs and vinegar to provide shine to your hair
  • Stay away from swimming pools and sun to Repair Damaged Hair.
  • Don’t take the stress or cry.
  • Don’t comb your hair frequently.



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