How to Prevent Split Ends?


How to prevent split ends naturally at home? Well we all know what they are. We all know we hate them. Why not tackle them and emerge victorious.

Split ends occur when the hair fiber splits. Split ends happen just one time at the end of the hair fiber. Or there can be a hair fiber that splits all the way up, multiple times. Its not always at the end that the split ends happen. It can happen in the middle, making your hair look more thin or stringy. We people commit to many things which causes split ends or can damage our hair. Lets try doing some things right and reverse this bad habit.

First things first that you cannot reverse split ends. They can be treated or even prevented but certainly there is no curing them or finding some wonder glue that will put it back together. So lets talk about prevention.

1.) Aggressive Styling to Prevent Split Ends:

Never tease your hair. If you are back combing your hair, then you are causing breakage. Try combing your hair gently. Never get over aggressive. Remember your hair hair is your friend. Say this when you are  combing your hair next time if you have to.

2.) Treatment Products to Prevent Split Ends

No way in this world you can repair a split end. Use a product maybe to seal it together which may make it look healthier but you cant reverse split ends. Don’t ever let a product marketing campaign say this otherwise. Use a hair mask to aid seal the ends or make it look smoother or healthier. Use olive oil, avocado mask etc.

How to Prevent Split Ends

3.) Cold Rinse to Prevent Split Ends

I have read it many times even though there is no scientific proof but washing your hair with cold water seals the fibers and helps to keep it stronger as you want it. Which in turn causes less split ends. I wish someone weighed in for me on this one.

4.) No More Towels to Prevent Split Ends

Its all after a shower that we get a nice cotton towel and rough up our hair to dry it. Well thats what i call a healthy hair fail. The cotton just roughs up the hair fibers and causes it to break and even uproot which you wont notice. Use your hands instead to gently squeeze out the water and let the air dry it all up for at least 10 minutes after getting out of the shower.

5.) Trim and Trim to Prevent Split Ends

Prefer using hair shears if you are cutting your hair. Other scissors may damage the ends of your hair fibers which in turn can cause them to split. Keep cutting your hair regularly and keep the split ends at bay. The hair usually gets damaged in 6-8 weeks so its really very important to keep up those hair appointments on your calendar.


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