How to Catch Fruit Flies?


In this article, we are discussing several ways to catch fruit flies. It is extremely hard to get rid a fruit fly. Fruit flies are fascinated with organic and sugary materials. As per their name, they are commonly found infesting over fruits. However, fruit flies are also able to breed in decaying trash bins, meat and large spills of alcohol or soda. Any fruit brought home should be stored in the refrigerator to protect them from fruit flies. Regularly wipe kitchen counters, clean spills and empty your dustbins to help prevent fruit fly infestation.

That only thing trouble you is the need to get rid of these fruit flies. They multiply in moist and damp places such as sink / garbage disposal drains. These pests are more attracted towards fruits and fermented or rotting foods. To get rid of these pesky insects, try this homemade fruit fly trap & methods given in this article.

Home Remedies to Catch Fruit Flies:

1.) Use Rotten Fruit to Catch Fruit Flies

This is one of the successful methods to catch fruit flies. Your fruit fly problem starts when you are out of the house without realizing that you have left fruits that also rotten one. Use this method to catch the flies, but this time, to find them and to kill them completely. Put a piece of rotting fruit in a bowl, and cover with clear plastic over the top. Make several small holes in the plastic with the help of a toothpick. Place it where you see most of the fleas. Once they get attracted to the smell of rotten fruit and enter the bowl, but will not be able to get out.

2.) Wine to Catch Fruit Flies

Humans are not the only being attracted to wine. Fruit flies also gather to this alcohol as well. Luckily the perfect fly catcher is already made, you just need to crack open a bottle. Empty the bottle so that there is some space in wine at the bottom. Keep this bottle near the infesting area of the fruit flies. Once they fly in, but the cone of the bottleneck will keep them trapped.

how to catch fruit flies

3.) Try Apple Cider Vinegar to Catch Fruit Flies

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent household product for various solutions. Apple cider vinegar works in several ways around your home. It has the ability to catch and kill fruit flies easily. To try this method, you need to pour some amount of vinegar into a cup and place a plastic or paper funnel by placing the wide area upwards and cone side down. The funnel will help block the exit of these flies once gets trapped in the solution. The flies are smart enough to enter in the large space but do not able to fly back. You can also try adding a bit of dish soap to the vinegar to prepare a fly poison. Try this method to catch fruit flies fast.

4.) Make a Dish Soap Trap to Catch Fruit Flies

This is one of the best methods to catch fruit flies. It combined best with a sweet solution. So here we will add a sweet solution and dish soap that cannot be detected by fruit flies. The chemicals in the soap act as a poison and kill the ugly flies. To try this method, fill a jar with vinegar and sugar, you can take it in equal proportions. The flies will get attracted to the sweet and sour smell, but will eventually die when they consume the soapy poison. Try this method until you catch fruit flies fast.

5.) Make a Beer Trap to Catch Fruit Flies

Not just wine, fruit flies also gets attracted to beer also. Take a jar with metal cap and fill it half with any kind of beer. Using a hammer and nail to make small holes in the metal lid several times, making 3-5 holes. Put the cap back on and keep the trap where the flies gather together. The beer can be changed after a few days and replaced to catch more flies fast.

6.) Use a Bottle of Soda to Catch Fruit Flies

If you already have a soda bottle handy at your place it is well and good. But if not, get a soda bottle. Make a hole in the plastic lid. Empty the bottle of soda so that there should be only an inch or less soda remaining at the bottom of the bottle. This will help them catch flies easily and won’t let them fly back. Keep this bottle where you find most of the flies in your house. After a few days, replace the lid, and repeat this process until you see some improvements.

7.) Try Using Yeast to Catch Fruit Flies

This one may sound weird, but a mixture of yeast may do the job of capturing and killing fruit flies. To try this method, fill a half glass with warm water and 1 tsp of sugar, and mix some active dry yeast. Mix the solution well and then cover the bowl with plastic cover. Make small holes in this cover to let the flies in, keep in mind that you really small holes, so that the flies won’t be able to fly back.

8.) Hang Up Some Fly Strips to Catch Fruit Flies

This is one of the attractive methods to catch fruit flies around your house. Fly strips work amazingly while capturing fruit flies. Especially the sticky strips help will attract flies and trap them instantly once they set their foot on the tape. Try hanging these strips in a less flashy setting than possibly directly over your kitchen sink for the most appealing setup.


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