How to Get Rid of Gnats?


In this article, we are discussing several ways to get rid of gnats. We hardly ever pay attention to the unfriendly guests hiding in several corners and crevices of our home. But to such trouble, we seek professional help by calling over the pest control professionals to help you get rid of these pesky, havoc-wreaking insects. They often found some way to enter our homes, but we fail to find out the solutions. Fortunately, we have some effective home remedies to get rid of gnats naturally.

Gnats are one of those species that can make living in your house forever. There are several conditions that lead to breeding grounds for several types of insects.  Gnats are likely to fly around the entire area of your house than any specific areas. Also, it becomes a difficult task to eliminate gnats from the house. Here, in this article, we have listed some best and simple home remedies to get rid of gnats naturally.

Causes of Gnats:

  • Moisture and humidity attract gnats. They are mostly found in summer or winter seasons.
  • The Fungus is the most favorable diet for gnats and thus, they can be found floating on the scrape food, vegetables, meals or fruits left unnoticed or unattended.
  • Damp places also welcome gnats and becomes the harbor of gnats and their eggs.
  • Gnats commonly are found close to waste disposable and trash cans that are left out in the open.
  • Kitchens are the major hot spots for gnats. Logging of water around drains and pipes are the best place of gnats to breed.
  • Untidiness, improper disposal of garbage and poor sanitation. Places that are not maintained carefully tend to be infested badly.

Top Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gnats:

1.) Apple Vinegar to Get Rid of Gnats Naturally

This is one of the best home remedies to get rid gnats fast. This is the simplest and the easiest one is to kill gnats by making a trap. You just need a jar half filled with apple cider vinegar, and you are ready. A jar of apple vinegar can help attracts gnats. Keep this jar where you see most of the gnats. Once the gnats enter into the jar they will not be able to fly back. After the jar is full you can throw it and use it again as per your requirements.

2.) Lavender Oil to Get Rid of Gnats

This is another beneficial home remedy to get rid of gnats naturally. You just need to soak a sponge in lavender oil and rub the areas including furniture and walls with lavender oil will protect your house from the gnats. Also, keep this sponge near the manifestation area of gnats. It will attract gnats and will help you get rid of them fast. You can also plant a lavender tree to prevent manifestation.

how to get rid of gnats

3.) Banana Peel to Get Rid of Gnats Fast

Another best remedy to treat gnat infestation in your home is using banana peels or banana slices. The method is simple and doesn’t require any professional help. You need a jar. Now, put this banana slice or peel in the jar and cover it a plastic wrap and make several small holes in this plastic wrap to let gnats enter. Once the jar is full of gnats, you can dispose off the jar. Repeat this method, if needed again.

4.) Red Wine to Get Rid of Gnats

Red wine is not just our favorite, but gnats also like it. It’s good to trap them using their favorite thing.  You just need to mix some dish soap and red wine. Place this bowl in open, this will help you catch the gnats easily. The wine will attract them and soap solution will help to kill them once they set on the surface of this mixture. Once the bowl if full, repeat this method after a week for the complete removal of gnats from your house.

5.) Soda Bottle to Get Rid of Gnats Fast

Generally, you can use soda bottles as an alternative to the jars. You can use a soda bottle making small hole sin the metal cap using hammer and nails. Leave a half-inch of soda in the bottom of the bottle. This will help gnats enter in the bottle, but they will not be able to fly back. This is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of gnats naturally.

6.) Rotten Fruits to Get Rid of Gnats

This is also a great remedy to catch gnats easily. This is tried and tested method to kill gnats at home. Keep any rotten fruit in a bowl and make a cone using a paper. Place this cone upside down on the bowl. This will help enter the gnats towards rotten fruit. But they are not smart enough to move back from the paper funnel or cone. So try this effective method, to treat gnats.

7.) Olive Oil to Get Rid of Gnats Naturally

Normally gnats like to stay in your kitchen sink or drainage for hideouts or for the breeding process. Pouring olive oil in your kitchen sink and drainage is the best homemade method to deal with gnats in the kitchen, drains and other isolated places prone to gnats.

8.) Egg Bait to Get Rid of Gnats

This trap is particularly efficient against eye gnats. You can also use this trap outside. It is suggested to use it outside as it smells very bad and strong. To use this method,  crack 2-3 eggs in 2 liters of water. Fill half of this mixture in a bottle of plastic and fill it half. Make some small holes in the bottle above the solution. Hang this bottle in your garden and let it hang for a week. Check it after a week and if you see this bottle full. Again change the solution and repeat the whole process again for a few weeks to get rid of gnats easily.

9.) Rubbing Alcohol to Get Rid of Gnats Fast

This is another great remedy to prevent gnats. Gnats cannot stand the smell of gnats. So rub alcohol around kitchen counters, windows, in the sink. This will help keep gnats away from your house. Try this effective home remedy to get rid of gnats naturally. Or you can also put alcohol in a spray bottle and spray all around your garden and where you see gnats infestation.

10.) Citronella Oil to Get Rid of Gnats

A solution of Citronella oil, water, and liquid dish wash acts as a natural repellent for killing gnats. Spray this solution in your garden, near trash cans or sink. It is not harmful to either plants or pets and hence, are preferred by several people.


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