How to Trap Fruit Flies?


You may want to get rid of fruit flies bugging in your kitchen. In this article, we are going to tell you how to trap fruit flies. These small nasty flies are found sitting on fruits and vegetables, especially which are rotting and fermenting. Fruit flies are found in damp and moist areas of the kitchen like garbage bins, sinks, disposal drains, etc. These small flies have a very short lifespan of around 8-10 days and hence they reproduce at a very high rate. It feels annoying to take them for long. They keep on flying here and there in the kitchen. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you some remedies to trap fruit flies and clear out your home.

How to Trap Fruit flies

Ways to Trap Fruit Flies:

1) Apple Cider Vinegar Fruit Fly Trap

Don’t get panic over that fruit flies invasion in your home. Make a simple trap using apple cider vinegar. Given the fact that fruit flies cannot resist the smell of fermenting fruits we can make use of this to trap them. Apple cider vinegar is made of fermented apples and hence fruit flies will definitely get attracted towards its smell. You can heat the apple cider vinegar so that it releases more fragrance.

To make a trap you require a mason jar, apple cider vinegar about a half cup, a funnel, a drop of dish soap and a piece of ripe or overripe fruit. Heat the apple cider vinegar and fill into the jar. Add a few drops of dish soap so that it breaks down the surface tension of the liquid and flies may drown in the solution. Put a ripe fruit into that jar. Place a funnel on the top of the jar so that it becomes difficult for fruit flies to figure out the way outside the jar. You can use it, again and again, to clear out all the fruit flies from your home.

2) Milk, Sugar and Pepper Fruit Fly Trap

This trap can also help you get rid of fruit flies from your kitchen. You just require a pint of milk, 4 Oz of sugar, and 2 Oz of ground pepper. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer it for 10 minutes. Take a shallow dish and pour the milk mixture into that dish. Fruit flies will get attracted towards the smell of this solution and as soon as they sit on it, they will drown to death.

3) Red Wine Fruit Fly Trap

Similar to apple cider vinegar and other fruit juices you can make use of red wine to trap fruit flies. Fruit flies love the smell of red wine as well. For making a trap just leave a little wine in a sleek bottle. The fruit flies may get inside the bottle, but may get trapped in that sleek neck of the bottle and drown to death.

4) Fruit and a Paper Cone Trap

This a simple fruit fly trap. You just need an overripe fruit. The sweet smell of this fruit will definitely attract the fruit flies. Take a mason jar and put this fruit into it. Fold a paper to make a paper cone and place it in this jar. You can add vinegar to it. When fruit flies get inside the jar they will get trapped inside it and due to that paper cone will not find the way out of it. Indeed, it is one of the simplest traps to make.

5) Inverted Cone Type Trap

For making this trap you just require a small bowl, some ripened fruits and a paper cone. Place those ripe fruits into the bowl and cover it with a paper cone. Paper cone should be placed in an inverted way onto the bowl so that it reaches to the rim of the bowl. Once the fruit flies get trapped inside the bowl, it cannot find out the way to go outside.

6) Plastic Wrap Type Trap

This is another very simple trap for fruit flies. You just need leftover fruits and other food items to attract fruit flies along with a bowl and a plastic wrap. Place the fruits and food items into the bowl. Take a plastic sheet and cover the bowl with it using a rubber band. Now, make small holes in the plastic sheet, approximately of the size of fruit flies, using a toothpick or knife. Your fruit fly trap is ready. The fruit flies will get attracted towards the fermenting fruit. They will get through the holes, but cannot get out. As the bowl gets filled with flies, take it outside and uncover the plastic wrap. Flies will fly away and your home will be clear of them.

7) A Beer Trap

Fruit flies not only love wine, but they love beer too. For making a simple fruit fly trap you can make use of a small amount of beer. Take a mason jar and fill it up with some beer. Make some holes in the cover of mason jar using a nail and hammer. Tighten the lid on the jar. Now, place the jar where these fruit flies are congregating. You can dump the beer every few days and can replace it with a new supply.

8) Soda Bottle Fruit Fly Trap

Similar to beer trap, you can make a fruit fly trap using a soda bottle. They love the smell of soda too. Leave some soda in the soda bottle and make some holes in the cap of this bottle using a nail and hammer. Through that small hole, fruit flies will get inside and could not get out. They will drown to death.

9) Use Yeast to Make a Trap

A concoction of yeast can be used to trap fruit flies and kill them. For this, you need a glass of warm water, one teaspoon of sugar and some yeast. Mix the ingredients to make a frothy solution. Place it in a bowl and use a plastic wrap to cover it. Poke some holes in the wrap small enough to capture the flies.

10) Hang Fly Strips to Trap Fruit Flies

You can make use of those fly strips which are super sticky to capture these fruit flies. As soon as they sit on these fly strips, they get stuck to it. You can place these strips in the less obtrusive area of the kitchen where fruit flies can reach to it easily. Place it over your sink area.


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