How to Let Someone Go?


You meet someone, fall for them and build a relationship over a period of time. But you never thought that you will have to get away from that person and it can be very stressful and haunting for you. When one forms a strong bond with someone else then it is quite obvious to get a lot hurt when they get apart. It cannot be easy to resist taking that decision to let someone go from your life whom you loved so dearly all those times. Still, you have to do it as this relationship is not working any longer. And it is better to end the relationship than to suffer staying in it. We have arranged few steps which will help you to let someone go from your life read further to know more.

How to let someone go

Steps to Let Someone Go

1. Take Time You Need to Let Someone Go from Your Life

Do not make any decision in a rush. It is your life and you need to take all time to you need to let someone you. You may have loved that person a lot and it indeed would be hard for you. It may even tear you apart to get away for that person. Try to find out ways which will hurt you both less. When you have to let go a person then it would be better to think all about it and choose a way which will hurt both of you less. You may take wrong decision in a rush therefore sit with a calm mind and analyze every aspect of your relationship with that person to decide what is better for both of you.

2. Start Going Out to Let Someone Go

You need to start living life on your own ways to let someone go from your life. It is not easy to let someone go and therefore, people tend to stop going out and confides themselves in a room. You should not do that otherwise, you may fall into depression. Go out meet your friends, have a fun time with them.

It will help you to stay positive and will also get you support of your friends and family. You will stay stronger this way and also will look out to the world more positively. Plan a long trip with your friends or family.

3. Try to Find Your Soul Mate to Let Someone Go

You may have given up on the word love. It happens with most of the people they tend to fall in love with a wrong person and think of it as a true love. True love is always great and it does not give you anything else happiness. Maybe what you felt was not love but just a strong likeness. Stay positive that you will get your love and will find your true love one day. Do not lose hope on finding a true love someday. You should know a thing that true love has no expiry date and if it expired then it never was a true love. Therefore, you do not need to cry over things which were not meant to stay always.

4. Make Your Thoughts Clear

Relationships can be maintained and love rekindled. And many times we know that even when you both have said that everything is over, it is not over. You need to have a clear mind to reach to any decision clearly. If you are breaking up then do not keep on coming back to each other. Do not let your emotions flow just like that. Be certain about your feelings to let someone go. If you do not want to regret for rest of your life then be certain about a choice. Take decision with a clear mind to take the best decision.

5. Find Healthy Balance in Your Life

To live a life great way you should try to find the balance of positive and negative energy. This will keep you running and living your life positively. When you feel sad think about things which make you happy. When you do not feel like moving on think about the things which are more important to do. This will help you to keep motivated. It is not bad to cry as only then you will understand the value of laugh and smiles. You can start doing yoga or meditation to get peace in your mind. Doing meditation will help you to relax and with relaxed mind you will be able to take better decisions.

6. Focus on Yourself to Let Someone Go

You always wanted to get a toned body or a wanted to learn aerobics but never got a chance you can start doing it now. When you will focus on yourself then it will help you to forget about the person as you will keep yourself busy in getting a better person.

Take time to figure out who you are and what you want to be never is too late to work to fulfill your passion. Think of things which you enjoy doing most of which you which you want to achieve in your life to let someone go. When you will be busy focusing on how to be better then you will easily let someone go. Set a goal in your life and try to achieve it. This will divert your mind towards positive things. It will also help you to grow into a better person.

7. Distance Yourself from Your Bad Past to Let Someone Go

Take this time to get rid of every bad memory from your past. Everyone has a hard time to let things go and when it comes to letting people go then they just cannot do it. If you too find it hard for you to cut the connection all of a sudden very tough then you do start with a small step. Try to keep the things which will remind you of that person out of your reach. Get rid of things which are of no use like photographs his clothes or something. Avoid texting or messaging that person on a frequent basis.

8. Stay Positive to Let Someone Go

“The way you look at things you will start feeling about them the same way. “This relation that you’re about to fail can even be a good thing in your life. When you close one door lot of other door opens for you. You cannot grow without knowing things and to know things may get you to fall many times. Have positive thoughts when you lose someone as you might get a better person who would understand you and appreciate you for who you are. Every experience teaches you something and every one of it has a different value in your life. Not everyone who comes in your life has got to stay forever with you. Be thankful to them too as they gave you experience which will help you to grow.

Tips to Follow to Let Someone Go

  • You should accept and love yourself no matter what happens. Know that everything happens for a reason, and people keep coming and going in everyone’s lives all the time, therefore, you do not keep grieving for all of your life. You should always have faith in positive things that something better is going to come along your way.
  • Letting go does not mean to distant them from yourself it also means that you can stay with them but do not give them the authority to hurt you or disturb you at an emotional level.
  • Do not keep thinking about the past it will make you feel bad and you might break down. Think about good things and dream of a great future.
  • Start a positive and happy life own your and do not depends anyone for your happiness. You are the one who is responsible for your happiness keep that in mind.


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