How to Surprise Your Girlfriend?


Surprises can be small bundles of happiness to make your girlfriend feel special. If you want to keep your girlfriend happy then surprise her to see her shocking reaction. You do not need to gift her an expensive thing. A small token of love is also enough to surprise her. Giving surprises will maintain fun and love in your love life. When you are in love with a girl you want to keep her happy then surprising her will do that very efficiently. Your surprises will make her feel loved and she will love you more. Giving surprises is a key factor to have a sweet and adorable relationship. It is also one of the best ways to show her how much you love her. There are various ways by which you can surprise your girlfriend read out this article to find such ways.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

1.) Write a Note or a Letter to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Nothing can be better than this, like an old school way. When there were no phones and social networking sites messaging app. It is the perfect way to surprise her, make her happy and it can keep being preserved forever. Not like today’s screenshots lost on the phone which can get deleted anytime. Just expressing your feeling or even a “Hey! How are you?” written on a note is good enough as well. She will smile ears to ears when she will read this letter of yours.

Take your girlfriend to date some personal time together will make your bond stronger and happier and she will enjoy your attention and your time as well. Her favorite movie date, her favorite place to dine this all will make her happy and you a caring boyfriend. You can invite her for the date by giving her a written note as well.

2.) Cook Her Favorite to Surprise Your Girlfriend

It is said that kitchen is women’s place, cooking for her will make her surprisingly happy. The effort of you doing much for her will make your girlfriend happy. Cook her favorite everybody likes tasty food after all. You can cook in front of her or surprise her with food you already cooked. Both will make her happy equally. If you are not much good at cooking then learn to cook it first or ask help from your friends or family members who are good at it. Even food will not turn out well then too she will love it and love you more for such a sweet gesture of yours.

3.) Prepare Bed Breakfast to Make Her Love You

Everyone likes a good breakfast and especially if they get it on a bed. No one likes to leave bed early in the morning and when you bring breakfast on the bed for your girlfriend what can make her happier than that? Your girlfriend’s morning will start on such a good note. Your girlfriend will keep smiling whole day just thinking about it. And you will be the world’s best boyfriend. Try it make your girlfriend fall in love with you once again.

4.) Call Her Parents to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Call her parents to making an effort to know her more and getting more involve in her family. Trying to be involved in of her family, what can be better that for her. You calling her parents talking to them trying to be with them will make her surprised and happy. She will Love it when her parents will know you more. You can even ask her parents to visit you both. Do not tell her about it and surprise her with their surprise visit. She will definitely love you a lot for this.

5.) Gift Her what She Wanted

Gift her what she wanted or gifting her what she mentioned in a conversation or saw in a mall or any shop will make her surprise. Girlfriends do mention certain desire or things what they want to have.  You must have heard her complaining that she wants to buy this or saving for something you can bring that for her. For instance, she might want to buy things like a dress, a jewelry, bags, shoes etc. And if you bring that to her. She will be very happy and will love it.

6.) Go for a Ride to Surprise a Girlfriend

Take her on a ride early morning to watch a sunrise or at dawn for sunset or rainy ride or just a ride. Spending some quality time with your girlfriend will make her happy. Time is the most valuable gift which one can give to any other person.

Nothing is precious than time, if you are giving her your time then you are doing enough. Spending time with each other will help you to know her more and you both can give some time to your relationship and each other. And everyone enjoys a ride as well.

7.) Plan a Surprise Trip to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Plan a surprise trip with her to somewhere out-of-town. Somewhere to Beach to swim and surf or to a mountain for trekking or any place she wanted to visit. You can add quality memory to your relationship and as well as s spend some memorable time with her and enjoy sightseeing as well. Every couple has the desire to roam and travel together and explore lots of places. This is a perfect idea to do so. To spice up the surprise you do not tell her where you both are going until she finds it herself.

8.) Clean House to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Clean house to surprise your girlfriend, everyone’s house gets messed up frequently. Girls do like their home neat and clean things at their places and perfect ambiance of the house. And boys aren’t so good at keeping the house much neat and clean. By cleaning house before she comes back to home will maker happy. She Will love the tidy house will feel more relax than ever and you will cut her extra effort to clean house after coming home. It will also give you more time to spend with each other. The clean house even spreads the positive aura and helps to create the positive mood.

9.) Visit Surprise Her

A surprise visit her in her office to pick her up, sometimes doing this will make her happy. You can even visit her on lunch hours, visit her with lunch or take her out for a lunch. Visit her home at the time she isn’t expecting you, visit her when she is shopping she will love it you trying to spend some time with her. Bring chocolate and flowers along for finishing touch. Such small surprises matter a lot in the relationship. It keeps the love alive and sparks flowing between you both. You can even plan a surprise picnic with her, this might be an old idea but it is definitely worth it.

10.) Take Her to the First Place You Met

This would really be a great idea to surprise your girlfriend. First place never gets old in the memories. That is the place where you both first started to feel something for each other. That place means a lot for both of you guys and its importance would never get down. When you want to surprise your girlfriend then what could be a better plan than this? Tell her to get ready and you would be picking her up to go for a lunch or a dinner Blindfold her and take her to that place where cupid hit both of you and you both fell in love with each other. Rekindle your love and feel your love getting fresh again. She would definitely love this amazing idea of yours and will fall in love with you one more time.


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