20 Stunning Mohawk Hairstyles

short low mohawk mohawk hairstyles

Are you looking for a drop dead gorgeous Mohawk hairstyle? If yes, this article is for you. We have some rebellious and outlandish Mohawk hairstyle that force that persuades you for these look. These hairstyles go with your formal and …

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20 Pixie Cut for Round Face

mahogany pixie cut for round face

The pixie cut is one of the popular short haircuts for the women. The pixie cuts involve special technique which means shorter temples and nape and leaving the long hair at the crown area. Pixie is easy to maintain and …

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20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

princess like long curly bridesmaid hairstyles

These bridesmaid hairstyles, make a plain woman gorgeous and unforgettable on a big day. At that special moment, which going to remember throughout the life doesn’t ruin it with the boring look. We have picked the unique and best hairstyle …

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How to Remove Permanent Marker?

Remove permanent marker

You never know when your child gets a little over zealous and accidently scribble on the table with the permanent marker. But thankfully permanent marker is not always permanent. Permanent marker nature is a really tough stain to treat because …

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20 Haircuts for Black Men

Wavy high fade haircuts for black men

Black men love to flaunt their hair texture with fantastic fresh and clean haircuts. If you want a gradual reduction of hair length can be achieved with an edgy outline at the temple, pattern sides or shaped sides. You can …

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