Boric Acid Bait, Traps And Sprays To Kill Roaches Permanently

After writing how to get rid of ants?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, and how to get rid of cockroaches?, we are now writing boric acid bait, traps and sprays to kill roaches permanently. These ways to get rid of roaches are permanent and you can kill roaches in your home. Roaches are among the most harmful bugs and some times it’s really impossible to get rid of cockroaches. They are commonly found in homes, places where they can damage stuff and spread bacteria. However, the following simple steps will help you achieve your goal of living in a roach free house.

Boric Acid Bait Get Rid of Roaches Permanently From Your Home

1.) White Flour And Boric Acid Bait

To get rid of roaches, mix one part of powdered boric acid, which is sometimes regarded as a killing powder for roaches, put one part white flour and one part powdered white sugar. The sugar baits attracts the roaches while the flour makes them stick to bait. The boric acid functions to kill them. This an efficient way to get rid of roaches permanently. Place the “roach bait” under refrigerator, stove and in the back of drawers and cabinets, and any other areas, where the roaches might be visible. Have a continuous use of the boric acid until the roaches have disappeared.

2.) Use Cocoa, Flour And Boric Acid Powder

This consists of one part of the boric acid, two parts of the flour and one part of cocoa powder. However, this mixture is dangerous to kids and pets, but it is not as toxic as many insecticides sprays. Roaches are not repelled by it so they drag it with them and feed it to their hatching.

Dust a fine coat of it in cupboards areas under the sinks around toilets, in corners and in hollow spaces in the house to get rid of the roaches. Like any acid, boric acid can irritate lungs, hence caution should be maintained to avoid breathing the powder. Always use the gloves while using boric acid.

3.) Baking Soda or Corn Starch Bait

Cockroach bait helps to kill the roaches. Bait should also kept in an area, which is childproof or it is applied as a gel that contains a slow working poison that is well mixed with an attractive food to lure the cockroaches. The pests consume the poison and carry it with them to their nest, where it gets rid of the roaches. Strategically place the bait in a place where the roaches will have an immediate encounter with it such as in dark corners, in cupboards and areas under the sinks. Ensure that the bait is out of the reach of children and pets.

You can make a bait while mixing 2 parts of baking soda or corn starch with 1 part of sugar powder. This is non-toxic bait for humans, but baking soda and corn starch with destroy the roaches digestive system. This is slow method yet very powerful to kill roached in non-toxic way.

4.) Using an Insecticide Spray

Get an insecticide that is specialized to get rid of roaches permanently and spray it in places where cockroaches seem to be hiding or their passage into the house. These areas include, along walls, invents, and in corners. Ensure safety when spraying and keep pets and children away due to the toxic nature of insecticides. Do not spray against the direction of the wind as the insecticide may come into contact with the eyes and cause irritation. Ensure that you have read all the precautions and safety instructions on the label of the product.

5.) Use Water Jars to Traps

Another effective and very simple way to get rid of roaches is by simply placing a jar next to a wall, hence allowing the roaches to get in but not escape. Bait can also be placed in the water jar, although not necessary. The baits which could be used may include water or coffee grounds. In drier climates, this remedy helps to get rid of roaches without having to use water.

Soda bottles could also be used to eliminate roaches. This can be done by cutting off the curved part off, inverting it so that it acts as a funnel. Fill a liquid in the bottle to attract roaches, the roaches enter and are drowned.

Soda Water Bottle Trap to Get Rid of Cockroaches


6.) Spraying An Liquid Concentrate

A liquid concentrate is a poisonous chemical, which is diluted with water. It is then mopped, sprayed or wiped onto any surface in order to get rid of roaches on the floor. Liquid concentrates were once the exclusive domain of professionals, but are also now being used by the public. Liquid concentrates help to get rid of roaches since they provide maximum protection against any re-infestation. If you wanna go for less toxic things then you can spray the glass cleaner of roaches.

7.) Soap and Water Solution

Make a light solution of bath soap and water, then splash or spray the mixture on the roaches. Ensure that this solution comes into contact with the head and lower abdomen of the roaches. The roaches will try to run, but will eventually stop and die. This is rather a very simple and easy way to get rid of roaches but it is also best to throw it out immediately because it might revive. This is because, the roaches breathe through their skin. The soapy water, forms a layer on the breathing pores hence blocking them, causing the death of the roaches by suffocation.

8.) Exterior Bug Spray In The Interior

If you get an exterior bug spray, it will work very well on the inside and get rid of roaches. To use it, put it in a pump-up pressure bottle or a spray bottle, then it in the kitchen cabinets in a clockwise manner but make sure you hold your breath. Quickly spray, then run out and be sure to leave all windows locked for at least a day. This will surely help to get rid of roaches in every corner.

9.) Use Other Animals

Other animals such as ants and lizards could be used to get rid of roaches. This is because ants and lizards are very good bug eaters and will help you to get rid of roaches without any sort of pollution. However, these animals will only help you to get rid of roaches if you have not been using pesticides since they are greatly affected and killed by pesticides.

10.) Use Professional Pesticides

Go for a professional grade pesticide and avoid the local home improvement store since all the commodities made there are so weak and are not efficient to get rid of roaches permanently and fast. Go for a pesticide that contains Cypermethrin or Demon WP. With these you are assured to get rid of roaches fast. They kill live roaches and also provide a three-month residual effect. However, with the aim to get rid of roaches using a pesticide, you will end up eradicating all bugs, including those that eat the roaches for example spiders and millipedes. Using a pesticide to get rid of roaches is more effective when you have too many roaches and you need to eradicate them, hence you will not mind if other bugs die in the process.

These steps, if followed to the letter, will help reduce and also eradicate roaches in your home, hence giving you a chance to live a stress-free life without having to worry about the condition of what you have stored in your cabinets.

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