How to Get Rid of Gophers?


It is disheartening to see these varmints destroying the garden, yard and vegetation. These nasty creatures, gophers are mostly found around the plants since that is the only food they love to have. If you too are suffering from the same problem, then you are at correct page here we will discuss various remedies to get rid of gophers. Continue reading to know about remedies to prevent and kill gophers.

Remedies to Get Rid of Gophers

Remedies to Get Rid of Gophers:

1.) Poisons to Get Rid of Gophers

Nothing could be as effective as poison. This will definitely help you to control these varmints. You will easily find poison for gophers in the market. Strychnine and zinc phosphide are two ingredients that are majorly used as a poison for gophers. You can mix this poison with the grains and put it in the wholes where gophers reside. You can simply open the gopher’s hole using a broomstick and then spread the strychnine there with your hands. Make sure you do this after wearing the hand gloves.

You can place the poison in the gopher’s burrow mechanically as well, if you do not want to use your hands. For this mechanical bar applicator is available. What it does is, it makes fake burrows and place the poison in it. When the gophers will end in the whole they will die because of the poison present in the burrow. This is a nice remedy for big yards where gopher’s infestation is a quite common problem.

Apart from this, you can also use anticoagulant bait. solid block of wax, grain or dopaquinone is made and spreader in the wholes where gophers live. This also works as poison and the gophers will soon die after consuming this. However, these poisons are equally harmful for human beings and pets so make take the needed precautions while using these poisons and keep it away from your pets and kinds.

2.) Castor Oil to Get Rid of Gophers Naturally

Castor oil not only helps in hair growth and treatment of many health conditions. In fact, it helps to get rid go gophers as well. It works as a natural repellent for gophers. According to various research it is found that castor oil tends to upset the gophers stomach and they may have diarrhea when they eat it. Obviously, no one likes to get sick, thus they will leave the place and hunt for a new shelter.

All you have to do is prepare a mixture of the castor oil and dishwashing liquid. Add some water to it to make a nice solution. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray it in the gopher’s tunnel. You can also plant the castor oil in your garden or yard to get rid of the gophers.

3.) Burrows Blasters or Detonators to Treat Gophers

Burrows blasters or detonators and gas explosive can also be used to get rid of the gophers. These blasters are prepared with propane and oxygen. This mixture helps to eliminate the pests that leaves in the tunnels and wholes. You can also try this to get rid of bats as well. This remedy leads to pulmonary hemorrhage and gophers tend to die because of it. Propane gas is used in many remedies to get rid of the animal pest. Some of them act as a poison and some of them are just used as a noise to shoo away the gophers.

4.) Chewing Gum or Soft Candy to Get Rid of Gophers

Next in our list of remedies to get rid of gophers is chewing gum. Yes, you heard that right. Soft candy or chewing gum will help you at great extant to evacuate the gophers. All you have to do is, first look for the key wholes where gophers have found the shelter in your home. Once you find the wholes simply put the chewing gum or candies into it. Gophers do not like chewing. It can also work as a poison for the. So, you can give this remedy a shot to treat gophers. If it works good for you and if not try another remedy listed in this articles.

5.) Plants to Treat Gophers Infestation

Many plants are known to be helpful remedy to get rid of gophers. Also, known as gopher’s spurge, these plant will soon evacuate the gophers from your premises and will make sure that they do not enter again. They have strong smell that gophers cannot adhere thus these plants come handy to treat gophers. You can find this plant at the plant nursery. You can grow them into your yard or garden or where gophers exist. If you do not find this plant then you can grow castor beans, daffodil or marigold, since gophers cannot resist the smell of these plants as well. So, this remedy will definitely.

6.) Coffee Grounds to Treat Gophers Infestation

Apart from castor oil you can use coffee grounds as remedy to get rid of gophers. It is found that coffee grounds work as a gopher repellent thus it could be used to get rid of gophers without giving a second thought. All you have to do is. Sprinkle the used coffee grounds in the tunnels and cover the tunnel with the soil so that they aren’t able to breathe. Moreover, you can spread some coffee grounds in your garden and yard as well to prevent the gopher’s intrusion.

7.) Gophers Basket to Get Rid of Gophers

Another remedy that will definitely help you to get rid of gophers is gophers basket. As the name suggest it is a type of basket, in which you can plant the vegetables and other plants. The basket is made up of chicken wire that protects the young roots. You will easily get such baskets from nurseries, since these are mainly used to grow shrubs and other plants that needs protection in their early stage. Three baskets will keep the plants away from the gophers and thus they won’t be able to infest the plants. Moreover, when they will not get the food, they will leave the area.

8.) Noise to Treat Gophers Infestation

Another way to get rid of gophers. These nasty creatures do not like noise, so it will definitely work in your favor. Simply look for the wholes where gophers exist and play loud music around. The noise will definitely scare them and they will move from your premises. Make sure you do this regularly until all gophers have left your place. Moreover, it is a nice solution to prevent the gopher’s infestation in future also.

9.) Pet Waste to Remove Gophers

If you have pet at home, then this is probably one of the best and easy remedy for you. The poops of cat or dog will work as repellent for gophers. These nasty creatures cannot adhere the smell pf the pet wastes and thus they tend to leave the area or avoid coming to the place where there is animal waste. All you have to do is throw you pets poop in the shelter where gophers reside. It is the best way to use the pet waste also.

10.) Dry Sheets to Prevent Gophers

As we all know that gophers cannot stand the strong smell thus the dry sheets come handy. Dry sheets have a very strong scent that gophers cannot adhere and so they will leave the place as soon as possible. All you have to do is place the dry sheets in the tunnels where gophers reside and cover the whole with the soil.

11.) Gas or Exhaust Vehicles to Get Rid of Gophers

The exhaust of the vehicle has carbon monoxide that works as poison for gophers and mole. Therefore, you can use the exhaust of your vehicle to kill the gophers. Simply connect the pipe to your engine’s exhaust and place it the whole. Cover the whole with the soil. And, also hide the pipe with soil. By doing this the gophers will die in the few minutes.

You can also use burrow fumigants such as aluminium phosphide and ignitable gas cartridges for controlling the pocket gophers. However, do not use it on the land. This remedy should be used in tunnel only.

12.) Vibrating Strakes to Get Rid of Gophers

You can also use vibrating strakes to treat gopher’s infestation. These strakes are driven into the ground and is not visible. Such strakes work with the batteries. Dig a whole and put this vibrating strake into it. Then cover the burrow with the soil. Make sure you do not use hammer to push the strake into the wholes, otherwise it will breakdown and won’t work.

13.) Mothballs to Shoo the Gophers

You can also use mothballs to get rid of gophers. These balls have a very strong and pungent smell that gophers cannot adhere thus this remedy will definitely be helpful to you. Simply put number of mothballs in the openings of the tunnels and cover the tunnel with the soil to make the smell intact in the tunnel. As soon as gophers will smell these naphthalene balls, they will immediately leave the place. This will also helps to eradicate roaches as well.

14.) Traps to Get Rid of Gophers

You can also get the gophers traps from the market. These traps are easy to use. All you have to do is place these traps into the whole and cover the above area with the plastic sheet and cover it with soil in such a way that there is no light in whole. Once they are trapped you can release them at distant. Like gopher traps you will easily get rat traps to get rid of rats.

15.) Scents to Get Rid of Gophers

If you do not want to use the poison, use scents instead. There are some scenes that work as repellents for gophers. One of the such scent is fish smell. These creatures do not like the smell of fish. So, whenever you get a fish for yourself get one of gophers as well. Through the fish into the gopher’s tunnel and see the magic. They will definitely leave the place.

16.) Tobacco Sauce to Get Rid of Gophers

As we already told you that gophers cannot adhere strong smell thus, tobacco Sauce is a wonderful remedy to get rid of gophers. Prepare a solution of castor oil, peppermint oil and tobacco Sauce. Spread this mixture into the burrows or tunnel. This a good remedy to prevent the gophers from entering in.

17.) Garlic and Red Chili Powder to Treat Gopher Infestation

Both garlic and red chilli powder are strong smelling powder thus a combination of both the ingredients will work best in order to get rid of gophers. Simply prepare a solution of vegetable oil, crushes garlic, liquid detergent and chilli powder. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and add some water for a nice consistency. As soon as you prepare this solution put it in the tunnel to repel the gophers. This is nice remedy for ants infestation as well.

18.) Wormwood Tea to get Rid of Gophers

Wormwood helps to get rid of gophers because it also has a strong smell that gophers cannot stand. All you have to do is boil some water and add Artemisia leaves into the boiling water. Once the solution is reduced to half remove it from the gas and strain it. After straining it, directly put it in the tunnel.

19.) Increase the Water Supply to Get Rid of Gophers

This is one of the convenient and easy way out of oil. Increase the the water supply in to the gopher’s tunnel, this will lead to flood in their burrows and thus they will tend to evacuate the place. This is probably a decent way to get rid of gophers without killing them.

20.) Reduce Food Supply to Treat Gophers Infestation

Gophers suck on the green vegetation thus reducing the food supply will force them to leave the area as they will not get the food to eat. If your yard or garden does not have shrubs or plants, then these gophers will move to another place. They do not like to leave in the areas where they do not get enough food therefore it is one of the best way to get rid of gophers.


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