How to Make a Girl Happy?


There are many speculations on the field of what a woman wants and yet no one knows what is the correct answer. Whatever is on the to-do list of how to make a girl happy probably everything is true. You just need to know what could make which girl happy. Well, there are also few filtered and common things which you can use on any girl to get the success. You can make a girl happy by using following tips given in this article.

How to Make a Girl Happy

Steps to make a girl happy

1.) Give Attention to Make a Girl Happy

Girls go crazy to get attention. Who doesn’t likes to be the center of attention? Very rare people who are introvert may deny this fact otherwise, everyone like it when someone gives them proper attention they deserve. To make a girl happy give her your full attention and she will stay happy in your company. Whenever you are with her do not use the phone if it is not necessary. Make her feel that you are fully attentive towards her. Getting attention would really make her feel good.

2.) Listen to them to Make a Girl Happy

Girls like to share how they feel with someone close to them. When you want to make a girl happy being a good listener is very much important. She might share her problem with you but do not start giving her solutions as soon as she finishes talking. Sympathise with her to make her feel better. Many time girls share just to let their feelings flow out they may not even need your advice. If you think it would be better to advise she then ask politely if she wants you would like to suggest something.

3.) Surprise Her to Make a Girl Happy

Do not wait for any particular occasion to surprise her. You can surprise her anytime and she will love it. Small surprises are also a great source of happiness. Tell her that you cannot come to help her because you are stuck up with something and then show up it will make her happy.

Surprises need not be great to make a girl feel happy. A small bundle of joys is also a great way to keep a smile on her beautiful face. Leave sweet notes for her and sometimes out of the blues send her flowers or any small gift to make her feel good.

4.) Gift Her to Make a Girl Happy

Gift are meant to bring happiness and smile to the receiver. When you want to make a girl happy start giving her small gifts. There are many things which girls likes to collect, it is not as tough as gifting a guy. When it comes to gifting a girl then there are a lot of options which can be gifted to her. Your gift also need not be expensive or extraordinary. Sweet ordinary things are more special, you can even gift her a framed photograph of you with her or her alone.

5.) Make Her Feel Important to Make Her Happy

When you make a girl feel important then you can provide her happiness. Try to make her feel special by your efforts to make a girl feel special. Do things which would make her feel that she is important to you. You do not need to pamper her all day long but start considering her in your few decision-making matters to make her feel special. Take her out occasionally and tell her that you like to spend time with her because of her great personality. This would really make her feel happy to be in your life.

6.) Never Compare to Make a Girl Happy

Comparing can make things worst. When you want to make a girl happy then never think of comparing her ever. Girls hate to be compared and it gets them paranoid when they are being compared to someone else. Even while praising her it would be better if you do not refer anyone else among your friend circle. It would be not wise to compare anyone ever as everyone has unique characteristics and it is stupidity to compare anyone.

7.) Share Things to Make a Girl Happy

When you will share things with her she will get happy thinking that she is an important part of your life. When you will let her know what is happening in your life then you can expect her to tell you too what is happening with her. To make a girl feel happy you need to make her feel special by sharing things. It would really make her feel that she is connected to you somehow by knowing what is going on your mind.

8.) Compliment to Make a Girl Happy

Complimenting someone can always put a smile on their face. When you get a girl who is very special to you and you want to keep her happy then do not forget to shower her with your compliments. Complimenting is great and you can compliment any person about anything.

There must be many qualities in her which make her special and differentiates her from everyone else. Tell her about those qualities and she will definitely get happy to know it.

9.) Help Her to Make Her Happy

You can help a girl to make her happy. When you are around her any case might arise in which she would need someone to help her. When you feel like she is in trouble or she needs your help then you can easily make her like you more. Offer her your help and if she denies then wait for the right time when she would actually be needing help. Getting help from someone would definitely make a girl happy.

10.) Make Her Laugh

A good humor pays every time. To make a girl happy you can make her laugh with a good sense of humor. A good sense of humor is a bliss you can use to make anyone like your company. Everyone wants to be with around a person who can make them laugh. Try to make a girl laugh by cracking crazy jokes and look how she responds. You can crack a joke about anything but do not make it offensive. Respect her and other people around while making a joke.

11.) Be Playful to Make a Girl Happy

Be bit playful and tease her around to make her happy. Try to look humorous and find a funny angle in every situation it would not only help you to make her laugh but also it will help you to stay positive. Do not think about serious stuff much and try to think positive as much as possible. Tease her small things to create a fun and lighter situation.

12.) Show Her Affection

Tell a girl how important she is to you or encourage her because of her good works to make her feel happy. Everyone likes to get encouraged and appreciated. She will like it that you are encouraging her and supporting her with her work. To make a girl happy say something which will make her feel how much she means to you and she may get overjoyed with this. Make her feel that you are with her always as it will give her encouragement and she will stay happy to have someone as a good friend.

13.) Be a Gentleman to Make a Girl Happy

The way a gentleman treats a woman, it can make any woman go crazy with happiness. If you want to make a girl happy then being a gentleman is a good idea which you should consider. Take care of her and hold her hand while crossing roads. Give her your arm to hold on when she is wearing heels. Open and hold doors for her to make her feel good and happy. Show her protective actions do not act anything do it genuinely if you want to make her happy in real.


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