How to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend?


Getting a crush on your best friend is common as you already are so close and you like him/her too. Many time it also happens that you misunderstand your feelings for friendship as a crush. First, be sure whether you really have started liking someone or not? If you are sure about your feelings then many things can be done to get over a crush on your best friend which will also help you to save your friendship. Follow the given below tips to get over a crush on your best friend.

How to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Tips to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

1. Spend Time with Other Friends to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

It can be the case that you have been spending time with him or her most of the time. And you started to feel that he or she is the one whom you want in your life. It is very obvious to think of a person all the time if you will talk to them or stay with them most of the time. To stop thinking about your best friend that way limit your time spending with him or her. Start spending time with other friends too to get this feeling away. You can even try to go on blind dates or start dating someone to get rid of feelings for your best friend.

2. Accept that You are Friends to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Accepting the reality might help you a lot to accept what is happening and what never can happen. When you want to get rid of the feeling that you have a crush on your boyfriend then you should try your best to accept this fact that he or she is just your friend and there is nothing else than that which can happen between you two. This might help you to overcome the feeling of a crush on your best friend. When you will know that such thing cannot happen and can even destroy your present relationship then you can easily choose a better option.

3. Choose Friendship Over Love to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

If he or she is your best friend and you value your friendship a lot then it would be hard to live without him or her. Try to think about how it would be when you both will not be able to love even as friends. Or even if you start dating him or her and due to some fights break up then you will lose your best friend and relationship both which will be a lot to handle. These thoughts will help you know what you actually desire. Never forget how much important his or her friendship is to you.

4. Spend Few Alone Time to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Spending few alone time will clear out your mind and you will get to know about your true feelings. When you want to get over a crush on your best friend then try to stay away from him or her for a while. Try to limit the contact too to get over your feelings totally. It is better to curb your feelings before ruining everything.

You will soon get rid of your feelings if they are not genuine or if your friendship matters more to you. You do not need to avoid your friend for this you can tell them that you have something to take care of this will not have him doubt you.

5. Limit Spending Time with Your Best Friend

The more you will spend time with him/her the more you will end up thinking about him. When you want to get over your crush feelings for your best friend then it would be wise to not hang out with him or her as you used to do. Start slowly to inhibit yourself spending time with your best friend. If you used to make plans to hang out together then stop doing it. Avoid going to places together and deny him/her when they ask you to go out with them. When you will stop seeing them and stop spending time with them on a regular basis then it will be easy for you to overcome your feelings to get over your crush.

6. Start Seeing Someone Else

Get a crush on somebody else. You have to know that crushes are nothing but passing moments of crazy infatuation. Just start seeing someone else charming and alluring and you’ll totally overcome your initial crush. Anyone with a bit of practice with getting over crushes will assure you that the simplest way to move on from a crush is to start seeing someone else or to a new crush. Very soon, you’ll just move on from any crush you have if you want to. Try to find someone else worth dating or ask help from your friends to set you up with someone to get over a crush on your best friend.

7. Tell Your Friends About It to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Sometimes, an obsession can be defeated when you load yourself up to the edge and feel ill about it. It’s like getting high and experiencing a hangover the very next morning. Don’t hold your feelings up and hope they’ll go away. Seldom, they will just quietly develop inside of you. Rather, speak about it like it is a humorous and little affair so you too would start to review it like it is nothing further than a slight crush. This is a helpful trick when it comes to get over a crush on your best friend.

8. Talk to Your Best Friend About it to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Talking may sort out the things easily. It will give you better solutions. If you tried all the things then trying this would be the best option to get over the feeling of your best friend. Ask him/her out, tell them not to judge you and if that person is a true friend they will never judge you no matter what. Tell him or her about your feelings and see how they react to it. You can offer them that you do not want anything from them you are just venting out your feelings. If he or she has any feeling for you then they will also tell you about it otherwise, ask them to help you get over your feelings.

9. Have Your Own Life to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Do not let your world revolve around him or her if you want to get over a crush on your best friend. For instance, if you want to go for shopping go there with some other friend, not with your best friend whom you have a crush on. Do not do everything with him/her like you used to do. Do not relate everything in your life with your crush. Have your own life and start enjoying it without that special friend. Start having your own time without that friend to get over him or her. This would help you to get over a crush on your best friend easily.

10. Think About Flaws to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Thinking about his or her flaws will help you to get over them easily. Well, he or she is your best friend but they must not be a good partner. Being a partner and a friend is different. When it comes to dating he/she might be a bad choice. Think of things which will make them appear a bad partner in your eyes. He/she is a good friend and it would be better if you would let is be just like that, trying to change relation can be a bad choice.

Think about all these aspects to get over a crush on your best friend. Try to think about your own soul mate coming someday this will help you to stop thinking about your current crush. Believe in the fact that one day you are going to meet who is just meant for you and will love you the way you deserve it.


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