How to Air Kiss?


Air kiss is a way to greet others, many situations arise when you have to choose an option to greet which is not too formal or too intimate. Many people find this air kissing confusing as they do not know the key points or say the basic steps to air kiss someone without making it awkward. Do not worry we have arranged steps in a proper way to air kiss someone in the public follow-up this article to know more.

How to Air Kiss

Steps to Air Kiss

1. When to Do Air Kiss

Air kiss a way to show affection without getting intimate. Air Kiss is just a formal way of welcoming a person. It varies from ethnicity or origin and also from place to place. It is important to know when doing air kiss is appropriate and when you should avoid it. You should choose a greeting option by considering how much closer you are to that person. Different meeting occasions need a different way to greet people. Few of the occasions where you can initiate air kissing are as follows:

  • Formal Events; Air kissing is mostly seen in business meetings and formal meetings. Any formal gatherings, official ceremonies or formal party would require you to show your skill of air kissing. When you meet someone you are in good terms with but you do not meet on a regular basis then you can air kiss them. In less, formal parties instead of air kissing you should go with a hug or a cheek or lip kissing.
  • Air kisses are not supposed to give to strangers. When you meet a person who is a distant relative any mutual friend then air kissing would be appropriate.

2. React to Other’s Body Language When it Comes to Air Kiss

Observing the body language of the person you meet would help you to know what be the best option to greet them. Let the person initiate first if they do not show any sign then you can do as seems appropriate. When the person takes out their hands to greet you then shaking hands would be a better option.

If they feel relaxed then you can go for an air kiss. If they seem nervous then respond as they do. Observing things or environment can give a lot of answers without asking for someone else. If you will observe carefully you actually would not need to ask anyone what to do and how to do it.

3. Air Kiss Techniques

There are many places all over the world where greeting each other with an air kiss is very common and a good way to greet each other. Especially after the first meeting people expect to air kiss in parts of Europe it is the most common way to greet each other. When you are going to air kiss do not touch cheeks with lips. Touching lips should be avoided. In many European countries, it is done by touching cheek with cheeks and making a kiss sound. It also may vary from country to country therefore, you need to be sure about it before you actually go for it. Trying to read all about it on the internet will help you a lot and can even save you from getting embarrassed. But usually, while air kissing the given below method is followed:

  • Go left on your side and touch the cheeks of the person you are going to air kiss.
  • Making a kissing sound while doing so is also very common.

4. Know the Culture About the Place to Air Kiss

Knowing about the culture which helps you a lot to know what would be the best way to greet the person you are meeting with. For instance, in most of the Asian countries, people never greet each other with the air kiss and they consider it rude.

In countries like France, Italy air kissing is very conventional and a good way to greet people and there is nothing wrong in it. In countries like India, Korea people are shy and they would not accept getting closer with a stranger or anyone they just met.

5. Observe Others to Air Kiss

Observing other people would give you an idea about how people greet over that place. Follow what people are doing to greet each other. This will give you a good idea if you need to do air kiss for greeting or not.

  • For instance, if you’re reaching an entrance and the hostess is at the opening receiving people, look how he or she is greeting them.
  • When you go to any restaurant or any public place watch people greeting each other. It will help you to know better about the culture. All you need to do it just to observe people, which can even be done on streets while doing nothing.

6. When Confused between Handshake or Air Kiss

You must know when to do the shake hands with your colleague or professional partner and when you should go for an air kiss. If you have done the air kiss gesture then you need to do any further handshake. Air kiss is good to greet if you have done it before to greet the other person. Well, if you do not feel uncomfortable enough then you can go for a handshake. Nevertheless, if one is proposing to air kiss you and you are drawing out your hand for handshake then it may be considered as a rude gesture by that person.

7. Ask the Resident to Air Kiss or Not

If you are visiting a new country or a place which you have no idea about the getting information about that place would be a better option. You can search the internet for the place and how people prefer to greet over there. But it would always be better to ask one of the native of that place as they can explain well. Ask the native about how people usually greet over there and what would the appropriate gesture for you to do. People will help you to know about their culture happily. Be polite while asking and listen to them patiently.

Rule to Follow While Air Kissing According to Country

  • The French like to greet with a kiss on cheeks on a usual basis while greeting. One kiss on each cheek is given starting with the left cheek.
  • Italians enjoy kissing to close friends and family and it is not considered bad to kiss. Therefore, watch for the signs before proposing an air kiss.
  • Germans do not like the air kiss as Italians as they are much reserved. But they do not object to kissing their family and close friends. Well if you do not what to do a handshake is the best option to choose.
  • Spanish people while air kissing start with the right side and move to the left one.
  • In United Kingdom handshake or a nod would be the safest option to proceed your greetings with.
  • Americans find it comfortable to kiss their friends on cheeks. When it comes to the formal meeting then offer a handshake first if other tries to air kiss then go with it.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Whenever you are in doubt offer to shake hands.
  • Follow others to watch the correct procedure and what you really should do.
  • Follow the person you meet to be certain about what exactly to do.
  • If you mess up apologize people will understand that you are not familiar with the norm.


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