How to Kiss Your Girlfriend Romantically For The First Time?


After writing how to get a girlfriend?, how to know if a girl likes you?how to give a hickey?, and how to ask a girl out?, we are now writing the ways to kiss your girlfriend romantically for the first time. Kissing is an incredible passionate act and one can always remember the amazing minute if the kissing goes right. Everybody desires to have a kiss which they can remember for always. By knowing kissing tactics, you can satisfy any lady. With regards to kissing your better half it turns out to be more essential to be incredible at it, well it is great to be excellent at kissing. You know if you are a good kisser then you can have your girl with you forever. A wrong kiss may frighten off the girls and a good kiss unquestionably keeps going your relationship forever. When it comes to kissing your partner try not to be terrified however simply remember a couple of things. You will need to take after few of strategies and keep in mind few things and you will give her a kiss that she can always remember about. To know how to kiss your girlfriend try to do the steps given below.

Steps to Kiss Your Girlfriend

1.) Take Care of Few Basic Things

Try to take proper care of your lips before you go kissing. Have the puffy soft lips, it makes kiss more brilliant. Drinking around 8 glasses of water each day will help you to remain hydrated. Apply petroleum jelly n your lips. Balms can be utilized to make your lips feel delicate and soft. Nobody can oppose a soft fuller lip to kiss. If you need your girlfriend to kiss each time better concentrate on enhancing the condition of your lips.

Breath is additionally an essential part when you are going to kiss somebody. No one needs to kiss a man with an awful breath. Concentrate on your breath and mouth cleanliness. Utilize any mint seasoned biting gum to get the fresh mouth. Brush your teeth before going to kiss your partner. Additionally, use mouth freshener to freshen up your breath. You can keep mint gums with you as it may come convenient as you don’t know when you may get an opportunity to kiss her.

2.) Make Sure For Few Things

Pick Right Place: Right place is important, when you kiss your girlfriend romantically. Kissing gets sweeter, when the place around you is better. Go near to your girlfriend you need to kiss. Incline towards her and sit near her at a pleasant or romantic place, she will get swayed by the romantic environment herself and may start yearning to kiss you.

Look Great: When you go near her to kiss your girlfriend, keep in mind to look great. Noticing great dependably will go to support you. Utilize any great fragrance or cologne and notice ideal for the event. When you will notice great she will feel pulled in to you and may get nearer to you without anyone else’s input. Notice great and take the occasion.

Be Careful: Safety is important when it comes to kissing your girlfriend, when you are going to kiss your sweetheart and you are not certain about your kissing tactics so it would be better if you be careful. A safe place will help her to open up as well and she won’t bother much. Go to place where she will feel comfortable to kiss your girlfriend.

Ask Her Permission: In the event that she is agree, she will appreciate it increasingly and along these lines you will appreciate it as well. Look on if she is agreeable or not inquire as to whether she is alright with you at that place or not. On the other hand on the off chance that you feel like she is not happy then go to some other place or sit tight for whenever. A wrong place will ruin the kiss.

How to Kiss Your Girlfriend

3.) Steps to Kiss Your Girlfriend

Flirt Around: Being a flirt is great when you do it in a right way. Play a bit with her, it will help up the state of mind and will improve her mood. Be a playful person and make her laugh to get her relaxed. If she will be relaxed then you both can have a better experience of kissing session. You can likewise compliment her and bother her and go nearer to her that way.

Get Close to Her: Get nearer to her and look how she reacts to it. How she responds when you attempt to get nearer. Is her actions positive for you? In the answer is yes then go on. Try not to surge this progression do everything gradually and watch out for her responses. Check whether she disliking it then stop it at ones. You will become more acquainted with what is in her thoughts by her activities.

Watch for Signs: Look what signs she is giving when you get nearer to her, is it a yes? Is it true that she is grinning and becoming flushed when you getting nearer? On the other hand would she say she is maintaining a strategic distance from you and getting back? On the off-chance that you feel she is not intrigued or she disliking you getting nearer than stop it right now and sit tight for the time she will be prepared to get nearer to you.

Lean Towards Her: Incline in when you are going to kiss her. Incline towards her and have a look in her eye give a slight smile. Try not to give your look a chance to be occupied watch her eyes and after that for some time at her lips. It will give her signs that you are thinking about kissing her.

Hold Her Face: Just before kissing hold her face tenderly. do this when you are nearer to her and inclining towards her. You can likewise brush your fingers against her cheeks and a move a touch of thumb on her side of the lip. In the event that she is reddening and investigating your eyes with a warm or underhanded grin then she is certainly sitting tight for you to kiss.

Now Kiss: Now after these means minute has come to plant a kiss on her lips. You can likewise start by giving a little peck on her cheeks. Draw near to her and tenderly kiss her lips. Begin with a little kiss before long you can dive for deep one.

Take a Short Break: Once you have kissed get separated and take a gander at her face with a tender and comforting grin. Take a gander at her reddening and embrace her. at that point before long again kiss her. Try not to stress on the off-chance that you think this is not your best in light of the fact that with time it will continue moving forward.

Other Useful Tips to Kiss Your Girlfriend:

  • Keep your lips hydrated to kiss your girlfriend. As chapped and dry lips can hinder your experience.
  • Look good and wear decent close it helps to attract the person more. Wear a subtle nice smell it will enhance the chance to enchant your girlfriend and eventually will help you to get a kiss.
  • Do not do anything if your girl is not liking it. Keep on reading her body language to know what is going on in her mind. Set a limit and do not cross it, when it comes to kiss your girlfriend. Do not do anything to offend your girlfriend.
  • Choose a place according to her consent. Keep the environment romantic to make the kissing session memorable.
  • Take care of your oral health. Brush twice a day and use floss and mouth freshener. Do not eat anything with strong smell on a date or before kissing your girlfriend.


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