How to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss?


Women are into the slow romance type. They love cuddling, kissing and making love slowly more than guys do. Men like to kiss too maybe even more than you do but they need to get some signs from you to get encouragement to kiss you. If a man respects you he will give your choice first priority and maybe he is confused about your feelings. You can’t force on such things you have to give him hints or show him that you want to be kissed. By setting the right atmosphere and giving exact gestures you can easily make your boyfriend love to kiss follow this topic to know more.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Tips to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

1. Touch Him to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

You need to break the touch barrier to make your boyfriend love to kiss you. When you want to get intimate first you need to break the touch barrier. Nothing can happen without a sensual touch. Touch your boyfriend to tempt him and make him want to get closer to you. You can do it by sitting close to him and touching him gently. Try to do things which will tempt him and will make him desire more of you.

2. Lean on Him to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

You need to get yourself closer to him as much as possible. It is one of the great ways to give him a hint that you want him to initiate getting closer to him. You leaning on him might even tempt him to get closer to you. Pass on a smile to him your smile will help him to get the clue too. Slightly pursue your lips to one side to get his attention on your lips which might make him tempt to kiss you. Every guy loves to kiss they just wait for the hint to take the action.

3. Compliment His Kiss to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Maybe he does not kiss you because he will fear that you do not like it or he does it the wrong way. When you will get to know that you like his kiss then he will get encouraged to kiss you. You should compliment your boyfriend even if he is not a great kisser to make him feel good. This will fill him with confidence and he will not hesitate to you he might even love to kiss you all the time. Soon with practice, he will become a good kisser and you and him both will love it.

4. Signal Him to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Many guys may feel nervous in making the first move wondering how would you react. You making the first move will tell him about your desire that you wants to be got kissed. He will not be nervous after the first kiss and he might initiate every other time after your initiation.

Make him feel that you are comfortable in kissing him and get ready for him to shower you with kisses. You never know what is going in his mind and maybe he was waiting just for your signal.

5. Improve the Way You Kiss to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

It can be the case that you are not a good kisser and that is why he does not make any approach to kiss you. Well, it happens when you are a newbie and do not know much about kissing. Do not need to worry about it as it gets better with practice. You need to try hard and get better to make your boyfriend love to kiss you.

If you feel like there are chances of you being not a good kisser than you can ask him directly that how good or bad you are at kissing. Accept the fact and try to get better. Ask him to help you to get better in kissing. Ask him which way he would like to be kissed. He would like the fact that you are taking interest to make him happy.

6. Create Right Environment to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss you

A romantic or intimate place can get your boyfriend into the mood. Maybe he is shy to kiss to in public or place with lots of people. A right and romantic environment might make him want to kiss you. Call him to your place and have a candle light dinner to set up the mood. This might make his feelings triggered and he might want to kiss you. If he does not then give him hints that you want to get kissed.

If he is still not making the move then take the lead and kiss the boy to charge him up. He would definitely kiss you now. A place where there will be only both of you there both will be able to concentrate on kiss easily.

7. Follow His Style to Make Him Kiss you

Observe his style while kissing it will give you an idea what kind of style he likes when it comes to kissing. Look if he likes the slow way or if he likes it rough. Note down the amount of pressure he applies when it comes to kissing. Observe it is in a detailed way the way he kisses you to give him best kissing pleasure.

He does is mouth open or the close one? You may not like the way he kissed but do not criticize him for it. Make him follow your lead if you want to teach him how to kiss in a proper way.

8. Tell Him to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Few men are very bad at taking hints. If your guy is one of them, then you will need to do something even more apparent. When you want to get a guy to kiss you then give him more clear hints about how much you want to be kissed. You can tell him that you like his lips as those are very soft. It will give him hint that you wants to be kissed. This is a straight hint which is very simple to understand if he still does not get it then you can tell him directly that you would want those lips over yours.

9. Get Your Lips Soft to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Take care of your lips and keep it hydrated. Nobody wants to kiss a chapped or dry lip. Drink lots of water on a regular basis to keep your lips hydrated naturally. Eat fruits with rich water content to give your lips a good look. Use lip balm to make your lips look appealing. If you like to apply lipstick then put it on but be careful with lipstick as it might get sticky and sloppy. Exfoliate your lips on a regular interval to keep your lips soft. When your lips will look appealing he will not be able to resist kissing you.

10. Make Him Notice Your Lips to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Make efforts to set his eyes upon your lips. If you want to make your boyfriend love to kiss you then attracting him towards your lips is must. This will make him interested in your lips and he will definitely take initiative to kiss you. Put an attractive lips to grab his attention towards your lips. You can play with straw or an ice cube to draw his attention towards your lips. Pucker your lips and make pout these will surely make him want to kiss you.

11. Kiss Him to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Well, if nothing works then you can take the initiate and kiss him. Men like woman taking lead it will make you appear as a sexy woman in his eyes and will temp him to win you over. It will come unexpected to him and it will definitely startle him but that is the plan. He definitely love the sweet surprise. Put your hesitation down to kiss your boyfriend and to get kissed back.


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