How to Tell if a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend?


After writing how to get a guy to like you?, Signs he likes you and How how to kiss a boy?, we are writing how tell if a guy likes you more than a friend? There’s a guy in your life who has been catching your eye, it could be a guy you as of late met, or an old friend who is giving you new feelings. Whoever the guy is, you’re biting the dust to know whether he thinks you’re just buddies or in the event that he wants something more from you. In case, you want to know whether a guy likes you, you need to be very attentive about what he says and what he does when you’re hanging out. If you want to know how he really feels about you, just take after these tips.

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

1.) Notice Every Move The Guy Makes

The way he talks to you can say a ton about his true feelings for you. Whenever you hang out, pay attention to his tone and the level of attention he gives you when you speak. These are some ways to see that he likes you just based on how you talk to one another:

  • See that he makes eye contact with you. Is he giving you his complete and dedicated attention, or busy with something else? However, smiling because he for a long period of time. Is he feeling shy while making the eye contact?
  • See if he’s giving you his full attention when he talks to you. Is he checking his telephone and stopping to talk to other individuals? Assuming this is the case, then he may not be trying to impress you. Anyway, if he talks to you like you’re the main person on the planet, then he may really like you more than a friend.
  • He tries to impress you always. Does he portray himself as macho, funny, or adventurous? Provided that this is true, then he probably wants to catch your eye.
  • He use to talks more softly when he’s around you. This may be his way of telling you to incline in so you get closer.

2.) Notice The Choice of His Topics

If the guy has you immovably planted in his friend zone, then he’ll talk to you uniquely in contrast to that he was trying to impress you and make you see him as more than a friend. You should pay attention to how he talks to you, as well as to what he chooses to talk about.

  • See that he reveals some personal data. If he’s opening up to you about an issue with his friends or family, then it is likely that you are important to him. In any case if he’s opening up to you around another girl he likes, then you may have an issue.
  • Notice how often he compliments you. He tells you that you look nice, or finds ways to tell you you’re interesting or funny, then he may be liking you more than a friend.
  • He is trying to teases you. He feels great enough around you to tease you, then he may like you.
  • You notice him burping, cursing, and being by and large a tiny bit gross around his friend, however, discover him never cursing and speaking in a measured and well-mannered way around you, then it is apparent that he is trying to put up a false impression to  impress you.

3.) Notice The Way He Talks With Other

See how he talks about different girls to tell if a guy likes you more than a friend. If he talks to you about different girls, it’ll be for one of two reasons. Possibly he likes you and wants to make you jealous, or he is just trying to get your advice in a friendly manner. Here is the way to figure out what it means when he tells you about different ladies:

  • If he’s always talk about ladies, he’s dating or says, “none of them can meet my expectation.” Then it is likely that he thinks you are the one who will be different.
  • He always asks you for sentimental advice regardless of who he’s dating, then he may see you as a friend. If he says that you give the best advice, he may be only considering you as a good friend.
  • If he’s always talking about his latest fight and yet not asking for advice, he might be just trying to impress you. Anyway be careful, you would prefer not to wind up being just an alternate number in his minimal dark book.
  • He has ever compared a girl to you unfavorably by saying something like, “She’s cool, yet she’s not almost as funny as you,” then he’s telling you he’d rather date you.

4.) Notice The Body Language

His body language can be a big variable in showing you in the event that he wants to get closer to you, or in the event that he just sees you as an amigo. If he puts his arm around you, you have to know this is because he likes you, not because he thinks he is your good friend. Look at the various signs in his body language to understand whether it means you are special or just a friend:

  • Notice how he sits beside you. Does he always try to  make any type of body contact or is he sitting far away.
  • Try to see in the event that you can catch him stealing a look toward you. If you catch his eye and he looks away and even blushes, then this means that he likes you more than a friend.
  • See in the event that he’s always looking for excuses to touch you. Does he get physical in case you’re playing a friendly round of volleyball or soccer, and does he always ask you to be his accomplice when now is the ideal time for chicken fights in the pool?
  • See if his body is regulated towards you when you speak. Provided that this is true, then he wants to give every one of you of his attention.
  • See how he touches different girls. Does he put his arm around every girl, or just you?
  • See in the event that he ever tenderly pats your hand, actually when he’s kidding. This is an extremely cozy gesture, and it may show that he really likes you more than a friend.

5.) Pay Attention to Things He Does

Pay attention to the things he does for you. He may just be a really decent friend, or those favors he’s accomplished for you may mean something more. Notice his every single gesture and think about what they mean. Here’s the means by which to tell:

  • Does he bring you coffee when you’re having an intense study session, or get tickets for a film you indicated that you want to see? Provided that this is true, then he’s probably hanging on to your each saying and just wants to make you glad.
  • See that he does nice things for everybody or its just you. Is he just “Mr. Nice Guy” and loves giving rides and purchasing lunch for everybody nearby, or does he do these things for just you? Remember, in case he likes you, then he’ll treat you uniquely in contrast to everybody else.
  • If he helps you out with your tasks, such as making your clothing, then he definitely wants to be your boyfriend.

6.) Study Him Thoroughly 

Study him in real life with different girls. You have to look at how he talks to different girls to see on that how he treats them just like he treats you, or he thinks you’re special to him. You don’t need to stare or stalk to get a sense of how he treats others and to have a sense of where you stand with him.

  • See that he’s an unending flirt. Does he flirt with each girl in the room, or just you? Remember, he may still like you that he flirts with different girls, yet it makes it less likely that he’s singling you out.
  • You can also look for the opposite sign. Does he flirt with each girl aside from you? At that point, maybe he’s not flirting with you because you’re the stand out he really likes. He may respect you a lot to tease or flirt with you as he does with each other girl.
  • Does he seem embarrassed or shy in the event that he hangs out with another girlfriend before you? Assuming this is the case, then he may not want you to see his relationship unfolding because he’d rather be with you.
  • See if alternate girls he hangs out with know who you are. In the event that he’s with an alternate girl and she behaves coldly or with you, then it is likely that she is jealous of you, because you are important to the guy.

7.) Check His Availability For You

See that he’s always trying to hang out with you. In case he likes you, then he’ll want to associate with you as much as possible. He could try being together with you in an intricate way or and not really subtle ways. Here are a couple of signs that he wants to associate with you because he sees you as more than a friend:

  • If he acts like you’re the main person in the room when you’re hanging out in big groups. In case you’re at a gathering, show, or a bar, and you understand you wound up talking to him for most of the night, then he surely wants to be with you for a long period of time.
  • If you have a class together and he always tries to sit with you and even saves you a seat, then he may want to take things to the following level.
  • Break down your hangout sessions. Paying attention to how and how frequently you hang out and to when and where you hang out can give you incredible insight into whether he just wants to see you ask a friend or in the event that he wants the greater part of your hang-sessions to be more like dates.
  • Notice where you hang out. Do you see him in sentimental locations like gardens, romantic restaurants, or any other such places which are frequented by mostly couples.? Provided that this is true, then he may want the same for you.
  • Notice who is around when you hang out. In the event that it is always just you two, then he may see you as crush material. In any case in the event that has always welcoming ten of his closest friend along, then he may see you just as an alternate friend.
  • Notice when you hang out. If you see him once a month, then he may not be interested in spending time with you. However, in the event that it feels like you haven’t gone more than a day without seeing him as of late, then definitely, he probably likes you.
  • Notice what you do when you hang out. Going out for coffee or a speedy lunch is more implied for the friend zone, however, going out for supper or seeing a motion picture at night is a more-than-friend movement.

8.) Check His Flirting With You

See that he flirts with you. This may feel like an easy decision, however, it may be harder to tell on that he’s flirting with you than you think. Each guy has his own particular flirting style, and there will be a mixture of ways to flirt with you to show that he definitely likes you. Here are a couple of signs that he’s flirting:

  • If he sends you a considerable measure of emoticons when he’s messaging, then he’s flirting with you.
  • If he’s always energetically hitting you or giving you a tender shove, then he’s flirting with you.
  • Of he loves dunking you submerged when you’re in a pool, it’s a sign that he is flirting.
  • If he’s always trying to make you laugh or laugh, then he’s definitely flirting. If he blushes when you’re both laughing, then it might be that he is flirting.

9.) Ask Your Friends to Know

Ask your friends what they think. In case that you have some close friends who are always hanging around both of you, then you may have the capacity to ask them that they think he really likes you. You may be excessively blinded by Cupid’s bolt to have the capacity to see the situation plainly, however, one of your friends may have more insight.

  • Ask a friend you trust who knows the situation well. In case that she’s seen you hang out a number of times, she should have an opinion.
  • Request a friend to study you two next time you’re as one and to report back. Just verify the friend isn’t consistently excessively obvious.
  • Pick a friend whose opinion and judgment you esteem. Pick someone with a great social sense to get the best answer.

10.) Ask His Friend to Know

In case you’re feeling courageous, ask his friends. This is an exceptionally dangerous step. There are only few boys, who only disclose these and crack their “bro code” and not run and report your question back to your crush. In any case in the event that you don’t know who else to ask or in the event that you really trust one of his friends, and only then casually ask that how your crush about you.

Though this is a riskier step, his friends will have a finer answer than your friends, since they have first-hand data from your guy.

Ask his friend, that he likes you could also just be a sneaky way to tell him how you feel. In case you’re so scared it is not possible to tell him yourself, this data will hit him up ASAP in the event that you tell the wrong person.

11.) Ask Him Directly 

Once you’re feeling genuinely sure that the guy likes you and are burnt out on holding up around and perusing the signs, it may be time to just tell him how you feel and ask in the event that he feels the same way. He could be really shy and may be calmed that you’re taking the activity. Here’s the manner by which to ask him in the event that he really likes you:

  • Find some time to be separated from everyone else with him. Verify you don’t ask him when his friends are looking over your shoulder.
  • Be honest and open. Just say you really like him and want to know whether he shares your feelings. Before he responds, let him know that its not a major deal that if he doesn’t prefer you.
  • You should just do this in case you’re almost certain that he likes you. In only case, when he has displayed different signs of preferring you, then be striking and ask him. If he has shown no signs of enjoying yourself, then it may be time to hold up to see what happens.

Other Useful Tips to Tell if a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend:

  • Smile with him and be friendly.
  • Try to make him laugh. Boys love this!
  • Always be friendly and stick up for him. That way he’ll know your mind.
  • Tease him, yet smile as you do so.
  • Don’t run over excessively easy. Guys love a test.
  • Play a small fight with him. Guys love that. Things like ‘play punches’.
  • Do not drive him up the wall or seriously pester him, he could see you as a really irritating person.
  • Don’t talk about personal things in the event that they’re upsetting him.


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