High Fiber Foods – List of Foods High in Fiber


Fiber is extremely important to have. Most of the people avoid fiber rich food just to grab other nutrients since they believe it has not much to do in the well-being. On the contrary, it is found that fiber help to reduce weight, improves the digestive health and cholesterol numbers. In addition to this fiber also reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Since it keeps your digestive system going therefore you won’t face stomach problems like constipation and stomach flu as well. To conclude fiber is quite essential for the healthy well-being. By now those who have understood the importance of the fiber can go further and read more to know high fiber foods-list of foods high in fiber.

Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber:

  • Soluble fiber is a fiber that get easily dissolve on the water and helps to soften the stool that helps and regulates the blood sugar level. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases and lowers blood cholesterol. Best sources of soluble fiber are avocado, oats, beans, peas, fruits and barley.
  • Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in the water and add bulk to the waste in the digestive system. This helps to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids as well The tough matter of vegetables, fruits, is insoluble fiber i.e. skins, seeds and stalks.

High fiber foods

List of High Fiber Foods:

1.) Lentils- High Fiber Foods

Lentils is one of the high fiber foods. ¼ cup of lentils gives 15 grams of fiber. By this you must have had an idea that how important lentils is in our diet. In addition to this it also also has a good percentage of proteins. It is easily available in the supermarket and you can have it any of the form you want. However, brown and green lentils have high content of fiber as compared to the red lentils.

As cooking is concerned you can cook the lentils and add them into the soup, salad or chili. Alternatively, prepare a fiber packed lunch by tossing some lentils with bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, cheese and dressing. Moreover, you can use it in yours veg burger or can simply serves them side to salmon.

2.) Kidney Beans- Top Iron Rich Foods

Next in the list of high fiber foods we have, kidney beans. It is as nutritious as lentils. One cup of kidney beans offer approximately 14 grams of fiber. Not only this they are easily available in the market that too at the cheaper price as compared to the other substitutes. Another advantage of kidney beans is, it is versatile thus you can use it number of recipes. Since it aids digestive system system to digest the food therefore it is good to lose weight also. So, dieters, or people planning to reduce weight must add this food in their diet. It will not only provide the sufficient amount of the nutrients in fact help you to shrink your west line as well.

3.) Split Peas- Foods Highest in Fiber

1/4th cup of split peas has approximately 13 grams of fiber that is more than sufficient for the day. Not only this, this fiber rich food is packed with the folate, plant protein, and vitamin B. It is a great food to treat and prevent hypertension. Moreover, like lentils green or yellow split peas take less time to cook. The best way to consume it add cooked split peas in your favorite soup and stews. For a muscle, friendly protein diet, you can always have hummus using some cooked yellow split peas. Or can also prepare a puree of pees with garlic, lemon juice, salt, tahini and smoked paprika.

4.) Chickpeas- Foods High in Fiber

Also, known as garbanzo beans in some countries, one cup of chickpeas contains approximately 11 grams of fiber that is quite sufficient for the day intake. In addition to this, the nutritious seeds also have other nutrients like iron, plant, protein and vitamin B 6 which is good for healthy functioning of the nervous system and other body parts as well.

As a matter to consume chickpeas, you can go for canned chickpeas add them into your salad or in whip hummus. For a nutritious fiber, packed snack pat some chickpeas with clean towel, remove the loose skin. In the bowl add the chickpeas, a tablespoon of oil, teaspoon of cumin seeds, ½ teaspoon of dried thyme with a dash of salt just to taste. Toss the mixture and enjoy this healthy and yummy fibrous snack.

5.) Black Beans- Iron High Foods for Vegetarians

Another good in our list of higher fiber foods is black beans. 1.2 cup of black beans provide 8.5 grams of fiber. Beans are good for heart. It reduces the chances of the heart attack. In addition to this, it is packed with diseases fighting anthocyanin antioxidants. Look for a fresh organic black bean that are packed in BPA free cans. BPA is hazardous chemical leads weight gain and coronary problems.

To consume this amazing food, you can add it the soup, salad, tacos. You can also prepare chillies with black beans that could be stuffed into a baked sweet potato. Or you can simply add some beans in the brownie recipes.

6.) Barley, Hulled- Foods High in Iron

It is a best food to increase the fiber count in your body since 1/4th cup of barley hulled has 8 grams of fiber content. Most of you might not understand what hulled barley is? Well it is whole- grain form of barley with barley hull removed. Hover, it takes little long to cook but thats ok since it will give you a bounty of fiber. To save your time you can prepare a big bunch of hulled barley at a time and can freeze it for the future use.

You can prepare a nice -yummy brunch with the cooked barley and chopped vegetables that will add more to its nutrition level. Or you can simply mix some cooked barley with steam rice, instead of fried rice.

7.) Millet- Foods High in Fiber

Millet is next in our list of high fiber foods. 1/4th of the millets gives you 4 grams of fiber and too at the cheapest price. This whole grain that is generally used as a birdseed has more to it benefits list. It is packed with fat -fighting fiber and is a rich source of the nutrients like zinc, copper and magnesium. In addition to this that contains good number of antioxidants that is good for the skin and immune system.

You can use cooked millets along quinoa or rice. Or simply toss some cooked millets with cooked meat, veggies for a wholesome lunch. To take a nutrient level a notch high you can add the millets in the porridge. Nothing could be best this breakfast. For a perfect taste go ahead and add seasoning such as cinnamon and toppings like chopped nut and raspberries.

9.) Dried Figs- Top Iron Rich Foods

Dried figs are next in our higher fiber foods list. Only a single cup of dried figs gives 15 mg of fiber, isn’t it great. However, you might not get fresh figs round the year but dried figs are available in every season. Dried figs are must to it because it is a rich source of fiber and also high in other nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins K. You prepare a nutritious sandwich or salad with sliced figs. Alternatively, use it as topping on the oatmeal and yogurt. Or can add sliced figs as a substitute in other dishes.

10.) Raspberries- Rich Source of Fiber

Raspberries are also one of the high fiber foods. A cup of raspberries offer 8 grams of fiber that is sufficient to restore the fiber content in the body. In addition to this, it is a good source of vitamin C. The same vitamin is an important antioxidant that reduces the oxidative stress that is associated with the high intensity workouts.

As far eating is concern, you can consume raspberries raw to attain the maximum benefit. Or can simply prepare a frothy smoothie or fruits shake. A plate full of raspberries, blue berries and blackberries with light seasoning is best to give you immediate energy and curb the satiety level.

11.) Blackberries- Foods High in Fiber

A single cup of blackberries gives 8 grams of the fiber that enough for regular intake. On the nutrient part, sweet blackberries are packed with high amount of a fiber as compared to the other. These dark delights are also good source of vitamin K. The same vitamin helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. You can add blackberries in your favorite protein shake, oatmeal, salads, yogurt or in pancakes as well.

12.) Avocado- Fiber Rich Foods

We can’t praise this yummy fruit enough for its nutrient content that it is packed with. The ½ avocado gives 6.5 grams of fiber that means a single avocado gives 13 grams of fiber. The best part about this amazing fruit is it has monosaturated fat that is termed as a good fat. Isn’t it a good news? Indeed, it is! Apart from fiber it also has potassium, vitamins and folate.

The best way to consume the fruit is eat the raw form, nothing could be as nutritious then this. Or you can simply use it your salad, sandwiches. Alternatively, you can add this in your protein shake. Or can prepare a nice colorful smoothie using other nutritious fruits like bananas, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi and star fruit i.e. avocado,


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