Probiotic Foods List- Foods High in Probiotics


Do you know probiotics are live and healthy microorganism? These microorganisms are essential for the healthy well-being. It takes cares of the brains and the entire body. In addition to this, it is good for digestive system, reduces depression and keeps the heart healthy. According to some research probiotics gives good skin as well. Below is a probiotic foods list. These foods are prepared through fermentation. Read more, to know foods high in probiotics.

Probiotic Foods list

Probiotic Foods List:

1.) Yogurt- Natural Sources of Probiotics

First in our list of probiotic foods list is yogurt. It is a natural source of probiotics. It has some friendly bacteria that help to improve overall health. A milk is fermented with friendly bacteria in order to get yogurt. The bacteria are known as bifidobacterial and lactic acid bacteria. Yogurt improves bone development and balances the blood pressure as well. It is found that yogurt reduces the frequency of diarrhea in children caused due to antibiotics. In addition to this, it helps to get rid of the irritable bowel system syndrome.

Yogurt is good for the people who are sensitive towards milk or are lactose intolerant. This is because in yogurt the lactose is converted into the lactic acid. However, many a times the bacteria is killed during the entire process. Therefore, choose a yogurt with live cultures. Plus, always read the label on the pack of the yogurt before buying it. You can also prepare yogurt at home as well. Boil a glass full of milk. Take a container and add a tablespoon of yogurt into it and then add the boiled milk. Cover the container and keep this container at a warm place. Do not keep in the microwave or stove. Leave it for a night and next morning you will get home made yogurt.

2.) Kefir- Foods with Probiotics

Kefir is known as a fermented probiotic milk drink that is made by mixing kefir grains to goat’s or cow’s milk. The grains look like cereal grains but they are not. It is a product of the cultures of yeast and lactic acid that resemble to cauliflower. The term kefir came from the Turkish word i.e. key if. It means “feeling good” after consuming it. Kefir has been long associated with several health benefits such as, it improves the health of the bone, cures digestive problems and prevents infections.

Kefir is believed to be better than yogurt since it has major strains of yeast and friendly bacteria. This makes it a potent and diverse probiotic. Moreover, people with lactose intolerant can also drink it

3.) Sauerkraut- Foods High in Probiotics

Next in the probiotic foods list is Sauerkraut. It is a thoroughly shredded cabbage that is fermented by the bacteria of the lactic acid. Sauerkraut is an oldest traditional food and is quite popular in countries like Europe. It is majorly used as a side dish or on the tip of the sausages. It is quite sour and salty. You can store it for long in an airtight container.

Moreover, it is a rich source of fiber and vitamins. Plus, it is high in sodium and manganese. It also has antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein that is good for the eye health. But look for the sauerkraut that is unpasteurized.

4.) Tempeh- Rich Source of Foods

The product that has been fermented from soybean is known tempeh. It has a nutty, and earthy taste that is quite similar to mushroom. It is one of the best substitute of high protein meat. Since soybean has a plant compound known as phytic acid that helps in the absorption of minerals. However, during the fermentation process the amount of phytic acid is reduced that in turn increases minerals that helps the body to absorb the tempeh.

In addition to this, during the entire process the bacteria produces vitamins that soybean do not contain originally. This makes tempeh high in probiotics.

5.) Kimchi– High Source of Probiotics

Kimchi is a Korean dish that is fermented. It is fermented mainly from the cabbage. However, it can be derived through other veggies as well. A classy combination of red chilli, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper flakes is used as a seasoning. It has lactic acid bacteria that is known as Lactobacillus kimchi and another bacterium that improves the digestive health. Kimchi is fermented through the cabbage that is high in minerals, vitamins and iron.

6.) Miso- Rich Source of Probiotics

Next in probiotics foods list is Miso. It is known to be a Japanese seasoning that is made by fermenting salt and soybeans and a fungus known as koji. It can also be prepared by mixing barley, rye, rice with soybeans. This combination is used to prepare the Miso soup. It is well known meal in Japan. The traditional Miso is salty however, it is available in many variants such as brown, red, white and yellow.

It is a rich source of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins, phytochemicals, vitamin K and minerals like copper and manganese. It is also associated with many health benefits such as it reduces risk of breast cancer among women. According to some studies it also reduces the risk of the stroke among Japanese women.

7.) Pickles- Probiotics Rich Foods

Also, known gherkin, pickles are cucumber that is kept in the salty solution to make a pickle. Cucumbers are left for the fermentation for some time. It has natural lactic acid that helps is the fermentation. During the fermentation, it becomes sour. These pickles are rich source of the probiotics. It helps to improve the digestive health. In addition to this, the fermented cucumbers have less calories and rich source of vitamin K and sodium as well. However, cucumber fermented in the vinegar is not counted as a probiotic.

8.) Buttermilk- Rich Source of Probiotics

Next in probiotics foods list is buttermilk. It is commonly known as fermented dairy drink. There are two types one is cultured and another is traditional butter milk. Among both traditional buttermilk is much useful.

Traditional buttermilk is nothing but the leftover liquid that is extracted while preparing butter and thus it is high source of probiotics. In addition to its several benefits, it has less calories and fat. Moreover, it has essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs for the proper functioning.

9.) Natto-Probiotics Rich Foods

Like Miso and Tempeh, Natto is also fermented by soybean. It has some bacteria strains known as Bacillus subtilis. It is commonly found in Japan. Natto is mixed with rise and served as a breakfast

It has a distinguished smell and strong flavor with slimy texture. It is also great source of proteins and vitamins. These nutrients helps to improve the cardiovascular health and bone development. It is also found that regular intake of Natto prevents the risk of the osteoporosis.

10.) Cheese-Top Probiotic Foods

Most of the cheese are fermented. However, each of them do not have probiotics. So, look for the cheese that have probiotics. Check the label of the packet before buying the cheese. Cheese like cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and mozzarella have good bacteria.

Cheese is a good source of protein and are also rich sources of the minerals, vitamins and calcium. Regular intake of cheese helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis as well.

11.) Dark Chocolate- High in Probiotics

Dark chocolates are also great source of probiotics and thus it is in our probiotic foods list. It has four times higher probiotics as compared to the dairy products such as traditional milk and yogurt. Moreover, it is good source of iron as well. So, consume dark chocolates in order to add some probiotics in the body.

12.) Kombucha- Probiotic Food to Add in Diet

Kombucha is fermented by product of green and black tea. This tea is fermented through the friendly bunch of yeast and lactic acid. Therefore, it possesses many probiotic properties that gives it an entry into the probiotic foods list.


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