Foods High in Fiber (Fiber Rich Foods)


In this article, you will come to know about some foods high in fiber. Fiber is very good for your health. It can reduce cholesterol levels, helps in lowering blood sugar levels, cut the risk of colon cancer and prevent hemorrhoids. It can help you prevent hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Fiber comes in both soluble and insoluble forms. It helps to regulate the bowel movements and eases your digestive problems. It is very good for constipation. Despite these many benefits, most of us are not making it part of our diet. We fall short of having it regularly. Fiber intake is very low among people nowadays. An average aged person should consume 30-38 grams of fiber every day. We are giving you a list of foods high in fiber. It is so simple to add them in your routine diet.

Foods High in Fiber

Best Foods High in Fiber:

1) Fiber-Rich Black Beans

Black beans are rich in fiber. These are inexpensive, easily available, and full of fiber and nutrients. It is good for your heart and it contains anthocyanin antioxidants which will improve your immunity. It is so easy to cook and there are many recipes which include black beans. One cup of black beans provides you 8.5 grams of fiber. As an added benefit you can maintain a toned figure if you consume black beans regularly. Add it to your salad with other vegetables and have a nutrient and fiber rich meal. You can also have boiled beans and brown rice, a perfect afternoon meal.

2) Lentils High in Fiber

To make sure that you are eating enough fiber in your diet, you can add lentils in your daily meals. Lentils are loaded with fibers, around 15 grams of fiber in one-fourth cup. It is super rich in proteins too which can help you build strong muscles. Being an inexpensive food item anybody can afford it. Cooking lentils is the easiest task. You just have to boil it with some water and salt for around 30 minutes on low flame. Green and brown lentils have higher fiber content than pink ones. You can drink lentil soup or pair it up with salad or make a nice lunch out of it by tossing it up with tomatoes, spinach, and bell pepper. As a meat supplement, you can have it in burgers.

3) Kidney Beans Rich Source of Fiber

Kidney beans are popular among body builders. It is a great source of fiber and other nutrients. It is easy in your pocket and readily available in grocery stores. It provides you proteins too. Being a versatile legume in the kitchen it makes its place in various recipes. You can bake it with other vegetables, add toppings and dressings, a nice meal packed with fiber is ready. For a healthy heart, digestive system and shiny skin have foods high in fiber.

4) Fiber-Rich Split Peas 

Split pea is very commonly used in South Asia. One cup of split pea contains 16.3 grams of fiber. Eating two cups will suffice your per day need of dietary fiber. Add it to your grocery list. Like lentils, it is cooked in a shorter time without needing a presoak. It is full of plant proteins and vitamin B. It helps you fight against hypertension too. You can add it to your diet in the form of soup and stews. Prepare hummus out of cooked yellow split peas. It is so healthy, satisfying and super-filling. Split pea is one of the best foods high in fiber.

5) Fiber-Rich Raspberries

Raspberries are a good source of fiber. These berries are fiber powerhouse and it contains almost double the fiber content present in blueberries. One cup of raw raspberries gives you 8 grams of fiber. Another benefit is that it is full of vitamin C. There are numerous possibilities available to you to add it to your diet. To make a nice dessert, you just need to pair it up with yogurt, oatmeal, and vanilla. Drink raspberry juice alone or prepare a mocktail using it.

6) Avocados Rich Source of Fiber

Avocado has so much to give you as a food. It is better to call avocado a superfood. It is fully loaded with vitamins, fiber, and healthy fats. One cup of avocado will provide you 13.4 grams of fiber. This creamy fruit can fulfill your daily fiber need. It gives you vitamin K, folate, potassium and vitamin B-6 too. Add it to your shakes, salad and sandwiches. With the multiple benefits it provides you, it is totally worth to name avocado the best among foods high in fiber.

7) Dried Coconut Good Source of Fiber

Dried coconut is made from drying fresh coconut meat or copra. It is easily available and not much expensive. It contains a good amount of fiber. One ounce of dried coconut contains about 5 grams of fiber. It is available in shredded form as well as in large flakes form. Make sure that you are buying unsweetened dried coconut as it may add unwanted sugar to your gut. There are various recipes to inculcate coconut in them. Make puddings, hummus, desserts and salads using it.

8) Fiber-Rich Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash is a fiber powerhouse. One cup of acorn squash consists of 9 grams of fiber. This winter squash has sweet yellow flesh. It is rich in beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that gets converted to vitamin A in your body. It improvises your immunity. It is inexpensive and easy to prepare. You can make pureed acorn squash soup or make a stuffing from chili and millet salad to fill inside acorn squash.

9) Sweet Potato High in Fiber

Sweet potato is another vegetable providing you enough fiber and carbohydrates. It provides a good amount of fat-fighting dietary fiber to you. One small sweet potato contains 4 grams of fiber. It is inexpensive and easy to cook. Keep in mind that you are consuming sweet potato with its skin as half of the fiber lies in its skin.

10) Fiber-Rich Millet

Millet is rich in fiber. One cup of millet contains about 16 grams of fiber. It provides you fat-fighting fiber and is better than quinoa in many respects. Many must-have nutrients like magnesium, copper and zinc are found in millet. Various antioxidants are also present in this yellow colored grain. Make it as a side dish or use it in salads. You can try porridge made of millet as a healthy breakfast option.


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