Foods High in Vitamin B2 Riboflavin (With Benefits)


Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin. Like the other vitamin B, vitamin B2 involved in energy metabolism. It has also recently been found to affect the metabolism of iron in important ways. You will be surprised to know that half of the foods listed on our site contain at least 5% of the Dietary Recommended Intake (DRI) for vitamin B2. Before going through the foods high in vitamin B2, here are the benefits of this vitamin that you must know.

  • It promotes energy production.
  • It offers anti-oxidant protection.
  • It promotes iron metabolism.
  • For people suffering from anemia, vitamin B2 supports the treatment.
  • It minimizes the risk of cancer.
  • Plays a great role in the nervous system, skin, eyes and mouth.
  • It helps to keep your hair in good condition.
  • It regulates thyroid activities.
  • Prevents acne and keeps your skin clear.
  • Helps in repairing wounds.
  • Riboflavin is a vitamin that is needed for growth and overall good health.
  • It helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to produce energy.
  • It allows oxygen to be used by the body.

Vitamin B2 plays a major role in the production of energy. Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, it cannot be stored in the body and should be the necessary part of your every diet. It helps in breaking down carbohydrates. It provides antioxidant, which prevents tumors and slows down aging. The best part of the vitamin B2 is that it is available in every living tissue.

Top Foods High In Vitamin B2:

Foods high in Vitamin B2

1.) Nuts Rich in Vitamin B2

Nuts are nutrient dense foods high in vitamin B2 and minerals. Among the nuts, almonds are the best vitamin B2 rich foods. Everyday intake of 100 gram serving of this nuts will  provide 1.10 mg or 60% of the daily value (DV). Other nuts like pistachios, pine nuts and cashew nuts, each providing 4% DV of vitamin B2 in an ounce contain riboflavin in smaller amounts serving.  Nuts are tasty and can be consumed as snacks at any time of the day.

2.) Beef and Lamb for Vitamin B2

In comparison to any other meat, beef contains a lot of vitamin B2 along with other B-complex vitamins. A single lean steak contains 1.51 mg or 89% DV of this vitamin B2. A 3 oz serving of cooked lamb leg provides you 21% DV of this vitamin. This is followed by veal which provides 20% DV of vitamin B2. Beef liver is also a good choice for increasing your intake of vitamin B2 and other vitamins.

3.) Fish Rich in Vitamin B2

Oily fish is a rich source of vitamins B2 and is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Amongst the different fishes, mackerel is the best source of vitamin B2. A 100 gram serving of mackerel provides 0.58 mg or 34% DV of this vitamin B2. Other oily fish also contain significant amounts of vitamin B2. These fish are smoked salmon (27% DV), wild salmon (24% DV), trout (21% DV), tuna and herring (15% DV) and salmon (11% DV) in a 3 oz. serving. So, if you want to take the proper amount of vitamin B2 ensure to have fish at least once in a week.

4.) Green Vegetables for Vitamin B2

Green veggies are an amazing source of vitamin B2. Spinach is a super food when we talk about the content of vitamin D in it a 100 grams serving provides you 0.24 mg or 14% DV of riboflavin. Other green vegetables that are high in riboflavin include dandelion greens (11% DV), asparagus (14% DV), drumstick leaves (13% DV), collard greens (12% DV), beet greens (24% DV) and broccoli (8% DV). Thus, you can have a dish of steamed vegetables or enjoy them in salads to get the recommended amount of vitamin B2.

5.) Drink Milk for Vitamin B2

Milk as known as the complete food. It is also a good source of vitamin B2, calcium, and other minerals. A cup of whole milk with 3.25% milk fat contains 0.4 mg or 26% DV of riboflavin. If you want to avoid fats go for low-fat and reduced fat milk as whole milk also contains a high amount of saturated fat. Dairy products are also good sources of riboflavin and should be included in your diet. Milk is the easiest way to get vitamin d, drink milk every day as it is one of the foods high in vitamin B2.

6.) Cheese Rich Source of Vitamin B2

Cheese is also a good source of vitamin B2. There are several varieties of cheese and all of them provides vitamin B2. These cheese are hard goat cheese (20% DV), feta (14% DV), Roquefort (10% DV), Brie (9% DV), camembert and grated parmesan (8% DV). Out of this Gjetost is the best a serving of 100 grams provides 1.38 mg or 81% DV of vitamin B2. You can use cheese in a variety of recipes apart from sandwiches and pizzas.

7.) Pork for Vitamin B2

You will be surprised to know that Pork is an excellent source of B-vitamins and vitamin B2 is no exception. A small serving of a lean pork sirloin provides 3.11 mg which is equivalent to 183% DV of vitamin B2. The other varieties of pork that contain riboflavin include ground pork (24% DV), pork shoulder (23% DV) and pork loin (22% DV).

8.) Sesame Seeds for Vitamin B2

Seeds are foods high in vitamin B2. Amongst this sesame seeds is the richest source of vitamin B2. a 100 serving of sesame seeds provides 0.47 mg or 27% DV  of vitamin B2. sesame seeds are also a source of rich monounsaturated fatty acid. They also contain minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and manganese. you can also take other seeds foe vitamin B2 they are seeds that contain vitamin B2 include sunflower seeds (6% DV), chia seeds, pumpkin & squash seeds (3% DV).

9.) Eggs for Vitamin B2

Eggs are an amazing source of protein and vitamins, amongst the vitamins it is a rich source of vitamin B2. A  hard-boiled egg provides 0.26 mg or 15% DV of vitamin B2, a raw egg provides 13% DV while poached egg provides 11% DV of vitamin B2. Take an egg every morning for your breakfast it is a great idea to improve your vitamin B2 intake.

10.) Seafood for Vitamin B2

Seafood is the powerhouse of nutrients. If you are looking for vitamin B2 go for some seafood. This delicious treat can be the recommended intake of vitamin B2. You can add kale, clams and mussels to your diet to get Vitamin B2.seafoods are one amongst the foods high in vitamin B2.

11.) Yogurt for Vitamin B2

Yogurt is a rich source of vitamin B2. It has other health benefits too. you can add yogurt to your daily diet and get the recommended amount of vitamin B2. A cup of Yogurt provides you 0.52 mg of Vitamin B2. Add yogurt to your breakfast to enjoy the benefits of it.

12.) Mushroom Rich Source of Vitamin B2

Mushrooms are a delight for the vegetarians and are the most popular for health benefits. Mushrooms are available in several varieties which contain varying amounts of vitamin B2. There are various types of mushroom and each has its own health benefits. A serving of 100 grams raw brown Italian mushrooms contains 0.49 mg or 29% DV of vitamin B2. Other varieties of mushrooms have significant amounts of vitamin B2 in 8 mushrooms. You can take stir fried white mushrooms (29% DV), grilled Portabella (29% DV) and dried shiitake (22% DV) for vitamin B2 intake.


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