Foods High in Vitamin D (With Benefits)


Vitamin D is fat soluble and is considered as one of the essential vitamins for our body. Sunlight spurs our body to make this vitamin. A small amount of exposure to the cheerful sun without sunscreen can do the trick. This is why it is called as the “sunshine vitamin”. Try to avoid the harmful rays and get out under the sun early morning. It is least harmful and is the best way to kick-start your day. Before knowing the foods high in vitamin D here, are some of the amazing benefits of it.

  • This vitamin absorbs calcium, it helps to develop the bones. Deficiency of this vitamin results in brittle bones.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • This vitamin protects us from cold and flu. It helps in fighting depression.
  • It also reduces the inflation in our body.
  • Vitamin D has other roles in the modulation of the cell growth. This vitamin regulates cell proliferation and differentiation.

The recommended intake of vitamins for a child or a teenager is 600 IU (international unit) per day, for an adult up to the age of 70 its 600 IU per day, for elders beyond the age of 70 need 800 IU of this vitamin per day. Pregnant women or breastfeeding woman needs 600 IU of vitamin D per day.

Foods High in Vitamin D:

Foods high in Vitamin D

1.) Salmon Rich in Vitamin D

Salmon tops the list of foods high in vitamin D. Eat this on a regular basis to boost your metabolism and remain wellness. This fish is often recommended by doctors to help fight deficiencies. It helps to fill your vitamin D reservoir and also provides you with omega 3s. This fish is easy to prepare and tasty too. You can bake it or grill them in summers. Smoked salmon is the richest source of vitamin D. A serving of 3 oz of smoked salmon provides you with 97% of the recommended vitamin D for a day.

2.) Oyster Rich Source of Vitamin D

Oysters are ocean-based food and ocean food are considered as the power pack of minerals vitamins and nutrition. Oysters are an impressive source of vitamin D and also a part of healthy diet. You can have them fried or add them to your seafood chowder. Apart from this, it is also a source of iron, protein and omega 3. A serving of oyster gives 89% of our daily requirement of vitamin D for a day. That’s why it is one of the foods rich in vitamin D

3.) Eel Source of Vitamin D

Eel is one of the foods high in vitamin D. Like most sea creatures it is one of the foods rich in vitamin D. It is also a rich source of numbers of vitamins and minerals. It is also a source of both EPA and DHA forms of omega-3s. An eel has great benefits they including lowering cholesterol levels, as well as anti-cancer benefits. Eel is also considered as a good source of protein too. You can enjoy the soft and delectable flavor of this by adding some special sauce.

4.) Salmon for Vitamin D

Salmon fish is highly reputed for its benefits. It provides as much vitamin D as eel, and is probably the one you’re more likely to eat on a regular basis. Most often recommended as a fish you should be eating with regularity. It also a rich source of protein and omega 3 and also helps in building lean muscle, or simply balancing out a meal, and because it can help tame inflammation by being anti-inflammatory food. You can enjoy this fish by grilling it or bake it during winters.

5.) Caviar for Vitamin D

Caviar is one of the top 10 on our list of foods high in vitamin D. Caviar is often associated with lifestyle of the rich and famous people and is paired with a glass of champagne. The caviar is also an anti-depression food and also a good source of omega 3. The price of the older caviar’s is far high than the younger one. If you want to eat it for its healthy benefits, younger caviar is still delicious and far less expensive.

6.) Chanterelle Mushrooms for Vitamin D

Different types of mushroom have its own strength. Chanterelle mushrooms impress with their levels of vitamin D. A small will of this mushroom will provide you a big piece of the daily vitamin D requirement. It is also rich in certain vitamins and minerals. Chanterelle mushrooms have a distinct look and flavor to them, and they may not be available at every large grocery chain. This fungus is orange or yellow in color and shaped like a funnel. It is delicious for its aroma, reminiscent of apricot and also has a mild peppery taste. It is considered as one of the most delicious eatable mushroom and is one of the top foods high in Vitamin D.

 7.) Cheese Rich in Vitamin D

Cheese is mostly dropped from diet plans due to its high-fat content, it is actually a good source of vitamin D, calcium and protein. Moderate use of this is beneficial for these qualities. It is made out of milk and this adds to the content of Vitamin D. The processing of cheese adds more of Vitamin D and calcium. This is why cheese is ranked as the top food with Vitamin D. You can choose a well processed and low-fat cheese product and add it to your diet to get the recommended amount of Vitamin D.

8.) Milk for Vitamin D

Milk is called a complete food for it is nutritional content. Milk is a rich source of vitamin D and calcium. It will help you to reach the vitamin D need for the day. Mostly milk is preferred for its calcium content but the fact is that milk is a great source of vitamin D. If you don’t want to add fats you can go for the fat-free once.

9.) Eggs Rich Source of Vitamin D

Eggs are also one of the foods high in vitamin D by the thinnest of margins. A serving of 100 gram of egg can fulfill the daily requirement of vitamin D for a day. You can take the yolk and the white part of vitamin D intake. As they have roughly equal amounts of protein, so you’re basically doubling up on the protein when you eat them both together. If you want to avoid putting up weight just eat the white once. For nutrition have the entire egg.

10.) Ham for Vitamin D

You will be surprised to know that ham is one of the foods high in vitamin D. It is just one vitamin that it contains. it is also a rich source of Vitamin B. It has been dropped from diet plans because of its bad reputation of being a fatty meat. But you can limit the intake and manage a balance in your diet. Apart from this it is also high in sodium and also has its fair share of cholesterol, and that’s if you go with lean forms of ham.

11.) Shiitake Mushroom for Vitamin D

Shiitake mushroom is rich in vitamin D and one of the healthiest mushrooms you can eat. It boost your immune system and also helps your cardiovascular system. They help your overall health and general well being. Add this to your daily diet, a serving of this mushroom will provide you the required amount of vitamin D for the day.

12.) Sardines Good Source of Vitamin D

Sardines are known for their strong taste and aroma. But you will be surprised to know that this fish is known for their vitamin D content. A serving of 100 gram of sardines provides you more than the required amount of vitamin D since even half of this serving will provide you with more than half of your daily value of vitamin D. This fish is an oily fish and is rich in omega-3 fatty acid. It is also rich in calcium and iron. It is one of the best foods high in vitamin D.


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