20 Choppy Bob Hairstyles


Women who crave for a short hairstyle should try choppy bob hairstyles. Ask you hair stylist for choppiness that magnifies the hair texture and adds interest in the hairstyle. We have shared some best example to get the desirable look. These styles always remain powerful, timeless and trendy. So here are 20 choppy bob hairstyles according to your needs.

20 Choppy Bob Hairstyle

1.) Layered Choppy Bob

If you’re looking for the cute hairstyles, then go for a layered choppy bob. You just need to gently wash your hair, blow dry and walk out from the door. The hairstyle is perfect for those women who are concerning about the hair with a lack of the volume. Add layers to your look to make the style sensational. The layered choppy bob is one of the trendy choppy bob hairstyles.

layered bob with bangs choppy bob hairstyles

2.) Wavy Collarbone Lob with Short Bangs

If you have stubborn locks then spend some time in styling. You can go for choppy bob haircut that is the perfect solution for the stunning style. You can create this amazing texture by adding a product in your hair and scrunching the lock like you can see in the picture. Add a wow factor to your look by adding caramel highlights to your look. The wavy collarbone lob with short bangs is one of the top choppy bobs.

Wavy collarbone lob with choppy bangs choppy bob hairstyles

3.) Choppy Bob with Waves

Again and again, the look makes you fall in love. The flattering look is extremely sexy and makes it more interesting by adding a soft wave in your look. Just go for a choppy cut and make the hairstyle undone or lightly tousled that gives you a more natural look. The style looks best on the oval, long and round face shape. The choppy bob with waves is one of the sassy choppy bob hairstyles.

choppy waves with soft waves choppy bob hairstyles

4.) Long Choppy Bob

 You can get choppy bob in long hair, which almost touches your shoulder. You can make your hairstyle interesting by adding angle, layers and flattering side bangs. The effortless look is best for both formal and casual look. Paired your sassy look with amazing jackets to rock the hairstyle full. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone and goes with almost every face shape.

Long choppy bob choppy bob hairstyles

5.) Textured Choppy Blonde Bob

A short choppy bob with soft layers is truly alluring. You can go for wavy texture and pearly blonde waves that make the style interesting and gorgeous. Just see in the picture the style is less edgy and more feminine. You can wear this hairstyle with your marvelous dresses and sassy makeup to a whole new look. The hairstyle looks best on long face shape.

textured choppy bob hairstyles

6.) Choppy Bob with Blunt Bangs

A choppy haircut doesn’t have to be uber popular layered cut. As it is shown in the picture the hairstyle look lovely and marvelous. You can go with the blunt cut ends that enhance your overall personality. You can go for the darker base and lighter ends to take the style to the next level. Paired your look with amazing eye makeup and red hot lipstick. The choppy bob with blunt bangs is one of the stylish choppy bob hairstyles.

choppy bob with blunt bangs choppy bob hairstyles

7.) Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights

The choppy bob adds dimension and depth to the hairstyle. Say thanks to sexy soft hair that look fantastic with the dark blonde base with sassy highlights. The style will turn many heads and highlights you in front of the crowd. Give a winning touch that gives you immense volume and charming hue to rock the hairstyle.

choppy bob with blonde highlights choppy bob hairstyles

8.) Ash Brown Wavy Bob for Fine Hair

When we talk about fine hair, you need to chop out your locks to create a softer look. Ash brown makes your hair a delicate style and leaves an amazing impression on others. Add waves in your look for the amazing face frame. The ash brown wavy bob for fine hair is one of the stunning choppy bob hairstyles.

Ash brown wavy for fine hair choppy bob hairstyles

9.) Wavy Choppy Bob

Little waves provide body, shape, and structure to your look. You can add soft waves in your hairstyle to take the style to the next level. For the perfect look, add highlights in your look. Wear the style with amazing dresses and chunky jewelry.

wavy choppy bob choppy bob hairstyles

10.) Straight Cut Bob with Layers

Bob cut can be angled or can be cut straight across. If you are hunting for the sweet look rather than the dramatic look then go for a straight cut bob with layers.

Straight cut bob with layers choppy bob hairstyles

11.) Choppy Bob with Angles

You can make your choppy bob fantastic when it’s tousled and properly finger combed. Those women who crave for stylish bob hairstyle should try choppy bob with angles.

choppy bob with angles choppy bob hairstyles

12.) Sleek Cropped Bob Hair

Go for this complete polished look that gives you a glimpse of the shining cap. The hairstyle is best for the formal occasion and casual days.

Sleek cropped bob hair choppy bob hairstyles

13.) Medium Choppy Bob

If you don’t want to crop your hair, then try this shoulder length hairstyle. Get this look, by adding layers in your hairstyle for shaggy bedhead effect. The medium choppy bob is one of the awesome choppy bob hairstyles.

medium choppy bob choppy bob hairstyles

14.) Shagged Bob

The adorable short bob retro look is the perfect short bob haircut. You can go for the uneven length of layers which look sassy when you flip it.

Shagged bob choppy bob hairstyles

15.) Stark White and Choppy

The hairstyle is very amazing. Add stunning silver white color to make the hairstyle mind blowing. The stark white and choppy is one of the gorgeous choppy bob hairstyles.

stark white choppy bob hairstyles

16.) Choppy with Curls

Curls work amazingly by adding dimension and depth to the hairstyle. You can add loose curls to your hairstyle that give you flawless movement and aren’t too heavy.

choppy with curls choppy bob hairstyles

17.) Straight Choppy Bob

Straight choppy bob is the best for nature. The hairstyle gives you a unique combination by adding a color gradient and volume in the hairstyle.

Straight and choppy bob choppy bob hairstyles

18.) Chic Black Bob

You can achieve this complete polished look with the sleek and shiny haircut. The chic black bob is one of the astonishing choppy bob hairstyles.

Chic black bob choppy bob hairstyles

19.) Tousled and Bobbed Curls

Choppy haircuts are mostly suitable for straight and slightly wavy hair. You can go for softly choppy hair and create the romantic appearance which is best for the special occasions.

tousled and bob curled choppy bob hairstyles

20.) Choppy Silver Blonde Hair

This is the perfect and most lovable hairstyle. You can see the sharpness of the angle, crisp layers and go flawless transition.

choppy silver blonde layers choppy bob hairstyles


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