20 Cute Braids for Kids


A mother always promises herself that she will do everything best for her daughter and will keep her protected. So why comprise this promise when it comes to hair styling. Scalps of kids keep on developing so avoiding styles that damage hair is necessary. Braids are a great style for kids and if they are properly done, they can help in the health and growth of hair. In this article, you will come across the list of 20 cute braids for kids.

List of 20 Cute Braids for Kids:

1.) Bubble Braids for Kids:

bubble braids for kids

If your daughter is blessed up with long hair, then this bubble braid is a great option. It is a great look for costume parties, especially when you don’t have much styling accessories. You can use a Saturn ribbon to get a look of a magical princess.

2.) Fishtail Braids Kids Hairstyle:

fishtail braids for kids

Your kid must have seen her favorite celebrity in this hairstyle and must have always wanted it. This hairstyle works with medium to long hair and is going to give your little girl a cute look. It is easy to achieve and is perfect for a casual look.

3.) Combo of French and Dutch Braids:

combo of french and dutch braids for kids

This combination of braids will give your daughter a cute and adorable look. Decorate it with a beautiful bow. It looks ideal for medium and long hair. Incorporating two styles in one is a little difficult, but it really looks gorgeous.

4.) Braided Pigtails for Kids:

braided pigtails braids for kids

Braids are the best option for kids as they are involved in a number of extra-curricular activities and open hair will irritate them, especially if she is going to a dance class or painting. Section your hair from the middle and make two ponies. Braid each of the ponies and secure them with colorful bands.

5.) Spiral Fishtail Bun for Kids:

spiral fishtail bun braids for kids

Daughters always try to copy their mothers. So why not both of you make the same hairstyle. This fishtail braid is used to make this stunning spiral bun. The big thing about this bun is that it does not require any hairpins to stay in place.

6.) Loose Crown Braid with a Floral Hairpin:

loose crown braid with a floral hairpin braids for kids

This is one of the enchanting braided hairstyles for kids. Create a side part and start braiding it towards the thick section of hair. Keep the braid low at the hairline and use a floral hair pin to make your daughter look like a cute doll.

7.) Zig Zag Braid with a Ponytail:

zig zag braid with a ponytail braids for kids

There are innumerable ideas on braids. You just need to find the correct one for your daughter. For this hairstyle, it is necessary that you know basic braiding skills. Section your hair into three parts and weave a braid starting from the bottom and use rubber bands as you are done with each section.

8.) Crown Braid with High Bun:

crown braid with high bun braids for kids

This is one of the best braids for kids. First, you need to make a crown braid and wrap it around your head. Secondly, make a high pony and plait it. Create a loop and twist the braid to form a high bun. The embellished hairpin makes it a wedding special hairstyle.

9.) Fishtail Braid Styles for Straight Hair:

fishtail braid styles for straight hair braids for kids

If your little princess is blessed with naturally straight hair, then this is a must-try hairstyle. Create a zig zag part till the middle of the head and then make two fishtail braids from the parted line. Pull the fishtail braids back and combine them in a thin pony.

10.) Partial French Braids for Kids:

partial french braids for kids

Who said that you can’t make a French braid on short hair? This picture will just amaze all those people. Try this partial French braid starting from the middle of the head.

11.) Braided Hairstyle with a Flower Clip:

braided hairstyle with a flower clip braids for kids

This hairstyle calls out for all the mommies who really don’t have much time to sit down and style the hair. Create a side part and braid a thin section of hair towards the thick section of hair. While braiding, keep including the strands in between.

12.) Pigtail Braided Buns:

pigtail braided buns braids for kids

This is one of the cutest braids for kids. It is very simple and will hardly take 10 minutes. Part your hair from the center and make two high ponies. Plait the ponies and secure with rubber bands. Create a loop and wrap the pony to form a bun. Do the same thing on another side.

13.) Part Accent Braids for Short Hair:

part accent braids for kids

This is one of the best braids for kids with short hair. The braid is instantly going to add charm and beauty to short hair. Part your hair and create a thin braid. Tie it up with elastic and let it mix with other hair.

14.) Curly Braided Pony Braids for Kids:

curly braided pony braids for kids

A side pony does not look much creative. But it does not matter if it makes your doll look pretty and cute. The spiral curls tied up into a pony will make your little girl look adorable. Add small cornrows on the top of the head for a cute braided look.

15.) Braided Half Updo for Kids:

braided half updo braids for kids

No doubt that little girls with long hair look super cute and pretty, but at the same time you need to tie a half Updo to prevent it from falling on the face. Make two braids on either side of the head and tuck them at the nape. Use a ribbon clip for added beauty.

16.) Braided Top Knot Hairstyles:

braided top knot braids for kids

This hairstyle is awesome if you are going to a beach wedding in summers. It will prevent you from the sweat and at the same time will give you a stunning look. Create an upside down braid and blend it seamlessly with the high top knot.

17.) Chunky Lacy Double Braid:

chunky lace double braids for kids

The two most popular braids are mixed into one single hairstyle. One is the lacy Dutch braid and the other one is the fishtail braid. First, make a lacy Dutch braid and then top it with a fishtail braid for a fancy and creative look.

18.) Simple Cornrow Puff:

simple cornrow and puff braids for kids

This is one of the simplest braids for kids. No need of beads every time when you sit to style your child’s hair. Sometimes a simple style is enough to look cute and adorable. Try this braided puff and enjoy the simplicity.

19.) Micro Braids for Kids:

micro braids for kids

If you are looking for a hairstyle that stays for more than a week, then this hairstyle is ideal for you. There are a lot of possibilities with this style and it requires very less maintenance.

20.) Sleek French Braids for Kids:

sleek french braids for kids

This sleek French braid has been perfect for most of the occasions for ages. Maybe because it is popular in the hair world or because it is a comfortable style to carry. Incorporate a ribbon in this braid for a fancy touch.


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