20 Different Types of Perm Hairstyles


Do you want to add texture and volume to your stubbornly lifeless boring hair? If yes, then read this article and find the magical solution for your problem. Perm hairstyles are a perfect solution for your problem. They look modern and super flattering. The era of the 80s is back and with that perm hairstyle once again have become very popular. So this season, it’s time to enjoy the dynamic energy that perms offer. Relax! All these hairstyles are back with a modern and stylish touch.

List of 20 Different Types of Perm Hairstyles:

1.) Loose Perm Hairstyles:

loose perm hairstyles

If you also have a misconception that curls have to be tightly spiraled, then just have a look at this hairstyle. These loose waves add lots of volume and movement without overwhelming your hair.

2.) Blonde Spiral Perm Hairstyle:

blonde spiral perm hairstyles

These bouncy curls will make you look magnificent and charismatic. Blonde hair color will make up ready for the hot summers. This hairstyle adds tons of volume to stubbornly lifeless hair.

3.) Permed Pixie Hairstyles:

permed pixie perm hairstyles

This hairstyle calls out for all the girls who want a smart, convenient and sophisticated look without wasting much time on hair styling. Perms forms short hair not only offer texture but an easy going style.

4.) Permed Bob Hairstyles:

permed bob perm hairstyles

Do you want a rich hair color, an awesome cut, and curls for days? If yes, then have a look at this permed bob. It is sweet, sassy and full of life. It is going to make your personality more strong.

5.) Mohawk Perm Hairstyles:

mohawk perm hairstyles

No doubt that a mohawk is a cool and daring hairstyle in itself, but a root perm will take this hairstyle to all new level. The contrast of tight voluminous curls and shaved sides is amazing.

6.) Super Defined Root Perm:

super defined root perm hairstyles

These defined ringlets flowing in all directions will give you a sexy and hot look. This hairstyle will lift your hair from the roots. This hairstyle offers lots of volume around the head.

7.) Shaggy Perm Hairstyle:

shaggy perm hairstyles

This perm hairstyle is ideal for fine and medium length tresses. It is going to add texture and visual interest to straight strands. The curled bangs on the forehead will bring attention towards your expressive eyes.

8.) Bushy Perm Hairstyles:

bushy perm hairstyles

Most of the girls think that bushy hair gives a bad look. You don’t always need hair products to get perfectly defined curls sometimes a blow dryer and a hair brush is enough to create this bushy look.

9.) Curly Perm with Cornrows:

curly perm with cornrows perm hairstyles

The best thing about perm hairstyle is that you can create a totally different texture. It is an exemplary hairstyle for thick haired girls with naturally curly hair. The cornrows on one side will make it look stylish.

10.) Loose Waves for Medium Length Hair:

loose waves for medium hair perm hairstyles

This loose set of permed tresses will frame your face beautifully. The stacked layers in this hairstyle will add volume, movement, and personality.

11.) Silver Fox Perm Hairstyle:

silver fox perm hairstyles

No doubt that silver hair is enough to make a bold statement, but you can take your hairstyle to a new level with the perms all over. Use a large curling rod to create loose curls all over.

12.) Layered Soft Perm Hairstyles:

layered soft perm hairstyles

Do you want to add some movement to your limp locks? Infuse some texture and movement into fine hair by adding soft perms. The straight side swept bangs will add a polished appearance to the hair.

13.) High and Tight Curls:

high and tight curls perm hairstyles

This perm hairstyle is meant to stand out of the crowd. These tightly spiraled tendrils will make a sexy statement regarding your personality. Use a good hair product to boost high shine.

14.) Shrinking Curls for Medium Length Hair:

shrinking curls perm hairstyles

When you will look at this hairstyle closely, you will find that the curls are loose towards the start and are tight towards the ends. The blonde highlights will create depth in this hairstyle.

15.) Chocolate Waves Perm Hairstyles:

chocolate waves perm hairstyles

Girls with thick hair should definitely try this perm hairstyle. Perms will compliment your full and luscious mane. The cascading waves will make you look gorgeous.

16.) Root Perm Hairstyle:

root perm hairstyles


Do you want to add a lot of volume to your locks? Root perm increases the height of this hairstyle and also brings the body and life to limp locks. This look is really going to make you look stunning.

17.) Medium Perm Hair with Highlights:

medium perm hair with highlights perm hairstyles

This curl pattern is great for girls with medium length hair. You can enjoy the beauty of numerous tight and loose curls. The best thing is that this hairstyle will not make your face look heavy.

18.) Bleach Blonde Waves:

bleach blonde waves perm hairstyles

This hairstyle calls out for all the girls who want a hairstyle that is low maintenance but full of volume and personality. The layers all over will give you a charming and sexy look.

19.) Spiral Perm Hairstyles:

spiral perm hairstyles

The soft spiral curls from root to top will give you an extremely delicate and charming look. It is a great hairstyle for those who are born with natural spirals, but if not, relax you can create it.

20.) Soft Ombre Perm Hairstyles:

soft ombre perm hairstyles

This is one of the most desirable hairstyles these days. These plain curls in different hair colors suit most of the face shapes. It creates a lot of volume without overpowering the face.


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