20 Different Wedding Curly Hairstyles


Girls with straight hair have a dream of having curly hair. After all, curly hair has so much to offer. It gives volume, shine, texture and bounce. You will be surprised to know that in ancient time the curly hair was associated with freedom, purposefulness and a good attitude towards life. Nowadays, it is very popular and many girls love to wear curly hairstyles for weddings. So if you are the bride yourself or going to attend the marriage of someone close, then check out this list of 20 different wedding curly hairstyles. The best thing about all these hairstyles is that they consume less time and give a gorgeous look.

List of 20 Different Wedding Curly Hairstyles:

1.) Curly Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

curly bun wedding curly hairstyles

This hairstyle is going to take maximum 10 to 15 minutes to be ready. If girls with straight hair are trying this, then it may take a little more time. It is a superb hairstyle for brides. Leave some strands free to frame the face.

2.) Half Up Long Curly Hairstyles:

half up long curly wedding curly hairstyles

This is one of the most mesmerizing wedding curly hairstyles. When the curls are polished they look amazing in free flowing styles. Backcomb your hair and collect some hair strands from both the sides of the head. Pin them back in the middle of the head.

3.) Voluminous Curly Bob:

voluminous curly bob wedding curly hairstyles

You can easily style your bob cut into messy and fluffy curls. You need to apply a curl enhancer or a mousse on wet hair. To complete this super wavy wedding hairstyle, blow dry your hair.

4.) Loose Curly Updo Wedding Hairstyles:

loose curly Updo wedding curly hairstyles

In this hairstyle, each single curl will speak elegance and tenderness. It is a perfect curly hairstyle for girls with long hair. You can adorn your hairstyle with flower clips or real flowers.

5.) Vintage Updo Wedding Curly Hairstyles:

vintage updo wedding curly hairstyles

This low knot falls in the category of a messy and trendy hairstyle while the bangs give it a vintage flair. It is an awesome style for the bride and is perfect if you want to enjoy the combination of past and present.

6.) Simple Curly Hairstyle with Pinned Up Front Locks:

simple curly hairstyle with pinned up front locks wedding curly hairstyles

Curly hair offers a lot of volume even when the hair is thin. It is a simple yet charming wedding hairstyle that is ready within minutes. Create a center parting and pin up some of the front locks on the back.

7.) Braided Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

braided bun wedding curly hairstyles

The texture and dimension of this bun are going to make a strong statement regarding your personality. The combination of the braids and waves is going to give you a sophisticated look.

8.) Short Curly Hair with Headband:

short curly hair with headband wedding curly hairstyles

Short hair also offers a lot of versatility and flexibility when it comes to hair styling. This hairstyle takes less than 10 minutes to be ready. You just need a good hair product and an eye-catching hair accessory to complete the look.

9.) Retro Curly Bob with a Birdcage Veil:

retro curly bob with a bridcage veil wedding curly hairstyles

This is one of the best retro wedding curly hairstyles. Use rollers to create these retro waves and leave them unbrushed to get this look. This Birdcage veil will compliment your retro look.

10.) Curly Braid Wedding Hairstyles:

curly braid wedding curly hairstyles

This curly braid is going to compliment your V shaped back wedding gown. The combination of thick and thin braids is awesome. Adorn this hairstyle with a matching sparkling headpiece.

11.) Short Tight Curls Wedding Hairstyles:

short tight curls wedding curly hairstyles

If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, then you just require a good curl enhancer. Girls with straight hair can also create this look by creating temporary curls. Use a floral accessory to get an impressive look.

12.) Voluminous Curly Bun:

voluminous curly bun wedding curly hairstyles


This is one of the easiest bridal bun for curly hair. It is a great option for girls with long hair. A deep side parting will add a lot of volume and give you an ultra feminine and gorgeous look.

13.) Side Ponytail Braid Wedding Curly Hairstyles:

side ponytail braid wedding curly hairstyles

This is an awesome hairstyle for girls with medium length hair. It is an ideal curly hairstyle for the bride and the bridesmaid. Make a French braid and merge it with your curly ponytail.

14.) High Pony Wedding Curly Hairstyles:

high curly pony wedding curly hairstyles

This is an ideal hairstyle for wedding guests. It is an optimal style to flaunt the long length and texture of the hair. Keep it as high as possible and tie it with a hair wrap.

15.) Loose Curly Hair with Sparkling Headband:

loose curly hair with sparkling headband wedding curly hairstyles

This hairstyle calls out for all the girls who think that beauty lies in simplicity. If you are having straight locks, then you can create curls with rollers. Girls with curly hair just need to use a texturizing product. A Sparkling headband will compliment the curls.

16.) Half Up Long Curly Hair with a Veil:

half up long curly hair with a veil wedding curly hairstyles

This wedding hairstyle is simple yet impressive. It takes maximum 10 minutes to create this hairstyle. Backcomb the front layer of hair and pin it at the back. Leave the rest of the curls open.

17.) Spiral Curls with a Jewelled Crown:

spiral curls with a jewelled crown wedding curly hairstyles

This is an excellent hairstyle for girls with shoulder length hair. It is easy to create the style and the hair accessory makes this hairstyle eye-catching and attractive.

18.) Wedding Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair:

weeding hairstyles for naturally curly hair wedding curly hairstyles

The biggest problem with naturally curly hair is that it offers bulkiness and excessive volume. So it is better that you try an Updo hairstyle. An Updo or a bun is the best option for girls with kinky curls.

19.) Rolled Curly Hair Wedding Style:

rolled curly hair wedding curly hairstyles

This is one of the most elegant wedding curly hairstyles. Though it has it’s own unique fancy design, but it is related to glamor and vintage. The embellished floral hairpin compliments the overall style.

20.) Curly Hairstyle with a Bouffant Wedding Hairstyles:

curly hairstyle with a bouffant wedding curly hairstyles

Brides with long hair should definitely try this trendy curly hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the curls start from the middle and the hair strands near the roots are straight.


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