20 Latest Low Bun Hairstyles


The low updo is the best option for any event as they look flawless and mindblowing. You can create loose updo by securing it at the nape of the neck that adds glamor and versatility. Freshen up your bun style with braid twist and unusual curls. You can add volume and texture to your look with these trendy low bun hairstyles. We have shared 20 latest low bun hairstyles for an everyday different look.

20 Latest Low Bun Hairstyles

1.) Double Braid Low Bun

The best thing about the low bun is that they offer you so much space in the hairstyle to styling. You can add a braided design in the top of the head as your hair gets pulled back, which make the hairstyle flat and lifeless. So braid works best to add texture to the hairstyle. You can opt for the double braid that looks fantastic and multi-dimensional. Get a beautiful boho vibes with double braid low bun.

double braid low bun hairstyles

2.) Bouffant Low Bun

if you are afraid of your thin hair, which makes the low updo flat and limp then try bouffant low bun. The bouffant low bun adds fullness by adding style in loose curls before you secure them into the chignon. As it boosts the volume in the hairstyle especially at the crown area. Paired the look with light makeup that takes the look to the next level. The bouffant low bun is one of the top low bun hairstyles.

bouffant low bun hairstyles

3.) Simple Low Bun

It is true that the best beauty relies on simplicity. So when you decide to go for the formal event then try this simple low bun. Opt for large low bun hairstyle which is very simple and classic look. If you want to the perfect donut shape, then use sock bun. Paired your look with stunning top and tees for an everyday look. The simple low bun is one of the trendy low bun hairstyles.

Simple low bun hairstyles

4.) Powder Pink Low Bun

It is important to bright your hairstyle on your big day. While the typical hairstyle is not for the wedding or formal look. The style is the best memorable and personal style. If you are bold enough to carry the bright hue then try powder pink low bun. Paired your look with light dresses that makes the style elegant and charming. The hairstyle is best suitable for fair skin tone.

Powder pink low bun hairstyles

5.) Elegant Ombre Low Bun

Ombre Hairstyle is truly flattering and looks more interesting in updos. The style is very trendy and you can add this hairstyle in your hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you can add lighter color towards the ends, which take your attention the bun. Paired your look with the fancy dress and sassy accessories. The hairstyle is best suitable for fair skin tone. It is one of the best low bun hairstyles.

elegant ombre low bun hairstyles

6.) Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo

Make your hairstyle with beautiful accent braids that absolutely fantastic with the low bun.  Start braiding your hair and work down towards the ear, then cross to your head. You can save this hairstyle for the special occasion. The formal dutch fishtail updo is one of the stunning low bun hairstyles. Paired the hairstyle with beautiful and fancy dresses. Don’t forget to wear high heels.

formal dutch fishtail braid low bun hairstyles

7.) Twisted Crown Low Bun

The twisted crown low bun is one of the sassy low bun hairstyles. Add chunky highlights in your look to make the hairstyle sensational. You can add dark roots in your hairstyle that look gorgeous hair texture. Intensify your look with amazing low bun hairstyles. Don’t forget to wear your best dress with winsome jewelry to steal the show.

Twisted crown low bun hairstyles

8.) Low Bun with Two Side Braids

If you wish everything larger in your life, then try large low bun that matches your personality. You can enhance your hairstyle with low side bun that looks like a messy coil at first glance. You can add plaits in your look that surely highlights your beautiful brown and blonde highlights. Paired your look with two side braid that looks extremely sassy.

low bun with two sides braid low bun hairstyles

9.) Highlighted Updo with Messy updo

The highlighted updo with messy updo is one of the ravishing low bun hairstyles. You can flaunt this hairstyle by using a great dye job and making a full updo for fine hair. You can enhance your look by adding curls to your hairstyle. Go for large curls for fancy looking loops.

highlighted updo with messy updo low bun hairstyles

10.) Low Side Bun for Thin Hair

The low side bun for thin hair is one of the stylish low bun hairstyles. Try casually twisted bun with optimal size by trying backcombing and secure one section around the other to achieve the very loose knot. Wear your denim jacket to rock the hairstyle.

low side for thin hair low bun hairstyles

11.) Low Loose Knot with Teased root

You can opt for tight ballerina bun which looks great in fine hair. Make your hairstyle more interesting by the messy twist in your look. You can add loose pieces that enhance your overall look. Wear a nice piece of earrings with low loose knot with teased roots.

low loose teased knot bun hairstyles

12.) Loose Bun for Shorter Curly Hair

Add right hair color and texture to flaunt the best style. Go for Lighter ends with dark roots that look lovely with thinner ends. You can add looser waves and some ringlets that make the updo even more special.

loose bun for short curly hair low bun hairstyles

13.) Messy Updo for Thin Hair with Pearly Accessories

Freshen up your look with messy updo for thin hair with pearly accessories. You can enhance your look with simple hair accessories. Wear your strapless dress to steal the show.

messy updo for thin hair with pearly accessories low bun hairstyles

14.) Curly Low Updo with Bangs

The elegant and effortless look is best for the wedding and prom hairstyle. Add a wow factor to your look with a soft beachy texture that makes the hairstyle gorgeous.

curly low bun with bangs low bun hairstyles

15.) Soft Curly Updo for Fine hair

Add body to your hairstyle with soft curly updos for fine hair. You can make this hairstyle by teasing, curls and highlights which are best for the formal occasion.

soft curly updo for fine hair low bun hairstyles

16.) Waterfall Updo with Bangs

The waterfall updo is the great updo. You can create this updo with hanging freely which is a great idea for a new updo. It is one of the gorgeous low bun hairstyles.

waterfall updo low bun hairstyles

17.) Spiked Updo

You just need to tease that hair and create the spiky look. The hairstyle is best for the fine hair, which looks extremely sassy with gorgeous dresses.

spiked updo for fine hair low bun hairstyles

18.) Messy Twists

The hairstyle is versatile and creative. Create a messy look by dividing the hair into three sections and roll each other with around your finger.

messy bun with twist low bun hairstyles

19.) Low Updo with Crown Braid

Try this hairstyle which is creative and original for the best party look. Opt for a thick braid that adds volume to the hairstyle. The low updo with crown braid is one of the mind-blowing low bun hairstyles.

low updo with crown braid low bun hairstyles

20.) Gathered Loose Curls

You can create these gathered loose curls by using hot rollers to fatten up thin hair. In this hairstyle, gathered your hair at the nape of the neck and securing it with a hairpin.

gathered loose curls low bun hairstyles


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