20 Super Chic Chignon Buns


A perfect hairstyle can just make your day. During summer girls basically look for a hairstyle in which the hair is all tied up. In this article, you will find the collection of best 20 super chic chignon buns. A chignon is a classic style that flatters most of the face shapes and hair textures. It looks more sophisticated than the regular bun and is ideal for special occasions like prom or wedding. Read on to find the wide variety of chignon and give a touch of individuality.

Best 20 Super Chic Chignon Buns:

1.) Sophisticated Formal Chignon:

sophisticated formal chignon buns

This sophisticated chignon is the love of many girls. The level of class in this hairstyle is beyond your expectations. The neat side part and the twist design will really make you look resplendent.

2.) Romantic Chignon Buns:

romantic chignon buns

Loose twist and tendrils are perfect for achieving a romantic chignon. This hairstyle is a wonderful option for prom night or a hot dinner date. You can even include braids in this chignon.

3.) Crimped Chignon Hairstyles:

crimped chignon buns

Use a micro crimper to crimp the hair on the top of the head. Tease the crimped hair and brush the hair back. Tie a loose pony and twist it to form a messy bun.

4.) Classic Chignon with Big Curls:

classic chignon with big curls chignon buns

This grand look is exemplary for formal parties. Use a big curling barrel to create loose curls. Some shine spray will give it an awesome look. The smoky eyes will compliment this hairstyle.

5.) Curly Side Chignon:

curly side chignon buns

This curly side chignon is easy to make and is perfect for curly hair texture. Create loose curls all over and then make a loose chignon. Add a loose braid and spice the curly bun.

6.) Headband Braided Chignon:

headband braided chignon buns

Part your hair from the side and pull back the hair into a low messy bun. Create a side braid and wrap it around the head and enjoy the look of a headband. Leave some loose tendrils around it to frame the face.

7.) Wispy and Whimsical Chignon Bun:

wispy and whimsical chignon buns

This classic chignon is ideal for a romantic date. The twisted elements will add individuality to this chignon. Make sure that the front sections of the bun are loose. Wrap the curls around the bun and fix it with some hairpins.

8.) Side Chignon Buns:

side chignon buns

Are you preparing for a formal event? If yes, then try this ultra feminine chignon. The tangles and twist in this low base bun will make you the girl of the party.

9.) Floral Chignon Bun:

floral chignon buns

Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid this look is awesome for both. Real flowers or jeweled flowers both can make your chignon look ultra feminine. This big jeweled pin will make you look more beautiful.

10.) Gorgeous Chignon Bun with a Fishtail:

gorgeous chignon buns with a fishtail

This fishtail braid will serve as an accessory for your chignon bun. A side fishtail braid will make your bun look more elegant and refined. You can even use an embellished hairpin to compliment the bun.

11.) Tucked and Twisted Chignon Bun:

tucked and twisted chignon buns

If you do not know to make a french twist, then relax, try this easy tucked and twisted chignon. This rolled and tucked technique will make you look super sexy. It is a great style for every occasion.

12.) Beehive Chignon Bun:

beehive chignon buns

A combination of two trendy styles can give you a beautiful hairstyle. The combination of a beehive and a low bun is striking and will make you look graceful. It is perfect for a prom night.

13.) Intricate Chignon Bun:

intricate chignon buns

This hairstyle may seem very complicated but once you know how to combine the pieces it will be easy for you. The twisted and weaved pieces of hair are tucked together in the middle of the head.

14.) Basket Weave Chignon Buns:

basket weave chignon buns

Basket weave is a perfect way to spice up the regular chignon. Make a side basket weave to create a lot of dimension, texture, and depth in this simple chignon bun.

15.) Chignon Bun for Thick Hair:

chignon buns for thick hair

This variation of chignon calls out for all the thick haired girls. In this version of chignon, the crown is high with a wide base. The heavy locks styled in this way will make you look gorgeous.

16.) Braided Chignon Buns:

braided chignon buns

No doubt that this hairstyle may take a little time, but adding braids to the chignon can really make it look fabulous. A good shade of red can make it look more beautiful.

17.) Sleek Chignon Bun:

sleek chignon buns

This beautifully polished bun is perfect for girls who love an understated look. This sleek low chignon is perfect for a classy look. You can either accessorize or leave it simple.

18.) Overlapping Chignon Bun:

overlapping chignon buns

This chignon is formed at the base of the neck and some pieces are sectioned out to create the overlap look. The overlap look will make the hairstyle look more interesting.

19.) Curled Chignon Bun:

curled chignon buns

Take your formal chignon to a new level of chicness by adding curls. Use a hair gel to create flawless ringlets. Twist the hair into a messy and undone bun and fix it with hairpins at the nape of the neck.

20.) Extreme Crown Chignon Buns:

extreme crown chignon buns

Teasing the hair of the crown area can give you an outstanding look. This polished chignon is perfect for formal events and wedding parties. The ideal circular shape is really eye-catching.


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