20 Bold Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts


Pixie cuts have always been on trend and timeless in all the season. Most people are not aware of the different style in pixie cuts. The bold asymmetrical pixie cuts come with the choice of long bangs swept to one side and a temple undercut. You can get pixie cut in every hair texture- straight, wavy, curly and much more. See all the haircuts below and select the best bold asymmetrical pixie.

20 Bold Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts:

1.) Choppy Spiky Pixie

Choppy spiky pixie is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. It is very suitable for the round face shape. The hairstyles enhance your facial feature and also draws away the attention from the cheeks. You can choose a vibrant hue to enhance choppy pixie cut. You can go for a purple hue that truly sensational.

choppy spiky pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

2.) Super Short Pixie Cut

Short sides and deep side part take you to the next level. The hairstyle is best for the shorter hair. Try this ultimate super short pixie cut. It is best suitable for warm weather. The hairstyle goes best for fair skin. It is suitable for oval and long face shape. The super short pixie cut is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts.

super short pixie cut asymmetrical pixie cut

3.) Short Cut with Long Bangs

Short cut with long bangs is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. It is best suitable for thicker hair. In this hairstyle, the thick hair gives sufficient volume and thickness in the hairstyle.  You can pull the extra thickness by keeping the long bangs on the side. The hairstyle is best suitable for those who wears long hair to complete the demands.

short cut with long bangs asymmetrical pixie cut

4.) Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Go short and sassy with an asymmetrical pixie cut for oval face. It is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. The hairstyle adds height and dimension to the hairstyle. To achieve the dramatic look, you can go for super colors like platinum over dark brown. You can enhance this hairstyle with your cool shades and fetching t-shirts.

asymmetrical pixie for oval face shape asymmetrical pixie cut

5.) Curly Blonde Style

Curly hair texture is daunting when it’s coming for hairstyling. The curly blonde style is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. You can enhance your pixie with wild curls. Short sides balance the hairstyle with long front waves. Try this flattering pixie cut that is suitable for every face shape. If you are not blessed with naturally curly hair, using barrel iron is not a bad option.

Curly blonde pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

6.) Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Long asymmetrical pixie is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. Whether your hair is curly or straight, your hair should be short for the pixie cut. You can choose for a long section which gets down on one side or down the back. Get this edgy haircut that looks pretty awesome, even on natural hair color. You can go for ear piercing that clearly gets visible in short pixie cut.

long asymmetrical pixie cut

7.) Wavy Pixie Cut

The wavy pixie cut is one of the stylish and bold asymmetrical pixie cut. Symmetrical and asymmetrical pixie is often taken in the straight hair, but not always. Even the curly hair flaunts the pixie cut at the sensational level. Ask your hairstylist to give you cropped look which is still enough to flaunt the curly locks on the top. Intensify your look with cool glasses and dark lip color.

wavy pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

8.) Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs

Asymmetrical pixie with bangs is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. You can add bangs in your pixie cut to get the intense look. The hairstyle helps you to draw the attention away from the big forehead and enhance your bright eyes. You can also go mundane style. Get a perfect look in your natural hair.

Asymetrical pixie with bangs asymmetrical pixie cut

9.) Short Hairstyle with Brunette

Brunette looks fabulous in the shorter length. You can go for a short pixie cut with brunette which is truly mind the boggling look. The square shape face should try this hairstyle to steal the moment. It is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cut that should be on your top list.

Asymetrical pixie with brunnette asymmetrical pixie cut

10.) Red Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Smashing red hue is something that no one can resist to have, but this fire red color is not made for everyone’s hair. If you are missing the fun in your life, go and try this hairstyle. When you are planning to get the pixie cut, choose the best vibrant hair color to get the gorgeous face frame. The red Asymmetrical pixie cut is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts.

Red asymmetrical pixie cut

11.) African American Curly Cut

Short and cropped always look winsome on African American who always peep for short and simple. You can add perfectly wavy hair in your hairstyle which brings out the volume and add dimension to your hairstyle.

African american pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

12.) Ash Blonde Pixie

Bored with your natural hue, try some fun with a total artificial look.  You can try gray in 20’s and cool blue in 50’s or any favorite color in between. Flatter this look with cropped sides and side swept look at the top.

Ash blonde pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

13.) Short Hair with Highlights

Short Hair with highlights is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. The pixie cut is very adorable that you can’t take your eyes off. Go for chunky highlights which take all layers to the next level. The hairstyle looks gorgeous on a round face shape.

short hair with highlight asymmetrical pixie cut

14.) Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy layered will pop up the everyone’s eyes while minimizing your forehead and add grace to your face shape. If you always go for the pixie cut, then this time gets some change by making the cut shaggy. It totally transforms your pixie cut. The shaggy layered cut is one of the asymmetrical pixie cuts.

Shaggy layered pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

15.) Simple Brunette Pixie

A gradual pixie cut with asymmetrical angles looks fabulous on thin hair. Simple brunette pixie is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts that look gorgeous even when you enhance it in a simple way.

Simple brunette pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

16.) Extreme Tapered Cut

The extreme Tapered cut is one of the daring asymmetrical pixie cuts. Try this modern and punk style pixie with upgraded shaved lines in your pixie cut.

extreme tapered pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

17.) Sleek Cut with Thick Hair

Dark, sultry and modern, you can all three in one cut. Get this dramatic look with any dark you that goes perfectly with your thick hair. Sleek cut with thick hair is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts.

Sleek cut with thick hair asymmetrical pixie cut

18.) Layered Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

If you have fine hair, opt for a layered pixie cut. In this hairstyle, thin hair adds the advantage in your hairstyle the layers look soft and stays at the same place.

layered pixie cut for thin hair asymmetrical pixie cut

19.) Edgy Pixie Cut

The edgy pixie cut is one of the bold asymmetrical pixie cuts. Get this flatter look that works best for round face. Add gorgeous hair color that takes you to the next level.

edgy pixie cut pixie asymmetrical pixie cut

20.) Pixie Cut for Heart Shape Face

Pixie cut for heart shape face, accentuate your cute side with this look. The heart shape face is the adorable face shape around, so why not go for the best hairstyle? Try this look to steal many hearts.

pixie cut for heart shape face asymmetrical pixie cut


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