Top Colorful Pixie Cuts


A stunning pixie is short and full of spirit that widely popular all over the world. Pixie reveals your personality with standard looks. Try some fun and color in life is not a bad option. You can go for a new hue that never goes out from your comfort zone in your shorter length. We have shared some colorful pixie cuts that is truly winsome for any occasion.

Top Colorful Pixie Cuts

1.) Layered Brown Purple Pixie

Forget about the fifty shades of gray and talk about the amazing shades of purple. You can achieve this stunning look by combining the different hue of violet. Transform your look with standard pixie that adds life and interest in the hairstyle. It is very suitable for fair skin tone and adorable on round face shape. The layered brown purple pixie is one of the sassy colorful pixie cuts.

layered brown purple pixie colorful pixie cuts

2.) Bleach Blonde Pixie Cut as Fauxhawk

Bleach blonde hair is rocking looks that have the ability to be sexy and sweet at the same time. You can go for shaved side, leaving the front long. Magnify your pixie with bleach blonde. Paired the look with amazing makeup and a big piece of earrings. The bleach blonde pixie cut as fauxhawk is one of the trendy color pixie cuts.

bleach blonde pixie colorful pixie cuts

3.) Platinum Blonde Pixie

Platinum blonde pixie suits every face shape and look mind blowing. A new variation of the trendy pixie is very much on trend and highly followed by the youth. Include ash blonde balayage in your look which can be multi-tonal or two tonal like showing in the picture. Paired your look with piercing and tattoos that fantastic and take the look next level.

platunum blonde pixie colorful pixie cuts

4.) Magenta Pixie Cut

The hairstyle is truly eye-catching and different. If you are working the in the creative field that this hairstyle is an advantage for you. Highlight your beauty with a magenta hue that looks outstanding with the pixie haircut. The magenta pixie cut is one of the dazzling and colorful pixie cuts. If you are bold and daring then must try.

magenta pixie colorful pixie cuts

5.) Black Pixie Cut

Magnify your natural dark pixie cut with peekaboo highlights in the bangs. You can turn the normal hairdo into a chic hairstyle that doesn’t so much of styling technique. Winged eyeliner and dark lipstick are very suitable for a sexy appearance. The hairstyle looks best with the casual and formal look. The black pixie cut is one of the trendy colorful pixie cuts.

black pixie colorful pixie cuts

6.) Black Choppy Pixie

Black choppy pixie always remains the trendy pixie haircut. It’s a great example of must have the short haircut in this world. You can go for a brunette pixie that gives you the illusion of thick hair and look so natural. Magnify your look with eye makeup and winged eyeliner that look mind boggling.

black choppy pixie colorful pixie cuts

7.) Colorful Pixie Cut

Freshen up your look with modern pixie with side undercut. Deepen your look colorful feather and works excellent you paired it with your colorful clothes. Don’t forget to wear accessories and makeup to pull off the look. The hairstyle looks best on long and oval face shape. The color pixie cut is one of the top colorful pixie cuts.

colorful pixie colorful pixie cuts

8.) Layered Pixie Cut

Go for colorful bleached or natural pixie that looks marvelous on African American women. In this pixie, the cut boosts the layers throughout that increases the length towards the bangs. Add a warm orange hue that flatters that is truly flattering with warm skin tone. Arched eyebrows and winged eyeliner look gorgeous with a layered pixie cut.

Layered pixie colorful pixie cuts

9.) Frosty Pixie Cut

The frosty pixie cut is one of the elegant and stylish looks. Embrace this look with platinum blonde pixie bob that rocks the style. Get a dramatic look and paired the look with eyebrows and eyelashes. Go for dark roots and platinum blonde highlights that reveal your classy personality. The frost pixie cut is one of the arresting colorful pixie cuts.

Frosty pixie colorful pixie cuts

10.) Choppy Brown Pixie

The best thing about this hairstyle that you can opt this for both casual and formal look.  You can add multiple colors of shades of brown. Go with the amazing deep mocha with milk chocolate highlights.

choppy brown pixie colorful pixie cuts

11.) Shades of Purple Pixie cut

The hairstyle is an amazing gift to our looks. You can see in the picture the amazing version to explain the pastel hair trend. Make your colorful dream come true by purple highlights.

shades of purple pixie colorful pixie cuts

12.) Red Wine Pixie

This pixie is no more red pixie. Add choppy texture, soft highlights, and dimension to your look.  The hairstyle looks amazing when you paired it with fair skin and tanned skin tone.

Red wine pixie colorful pixie cuts

13.) Sky Blue Pixie Cut

The hairstyle is not the everyday pixie cut. It is the amazing hairstyle for the future. Any hair length can rock the look ombre pixie.

Sky blue pixie colorful pixie cuts

14.) Sea Shore Pixie

If you are crazy about the teal hair color, then add in your pixie hairstyle. Go with striking pixie with soft teal color. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone.

Sea shore pixie colorful pixie cuts

15.) Crimson Pixie Cut

Enhance your look with the crimson pixie cut. Go for dark roots and subtle highlights that give you super gorgeous look.

crimson pixie colorful pixie cuts


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