Different Pixie Haircuts with Bangs


Everyone wants a flawless haircut. Sometimes it is very daunting to find the right hairstyle for your hair texture and face shape. Wake up your inner sassy girl with these pixie haircuts with bangs. It is very easy to manage and sensational to flaunt. Here are different pixie haircuts with bangs that give you complete idea how to select the right pixie for you.

Different Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

1.) Short Layered Haircut with Straight Feathered Bangs

Get this super pixie cut with mind blowing pinkish highlights that look amazing on the silver base with an extra short stacked bob. Get the perfect edgier look with straight hair texture. The hairstyle looks best on the round, oval and heart shape face. The feather bangs in the hairstyle draw the attention away from the chubby cheeks. Wear your glasses to magnify the look. The short layered haircut with straight feathered bangs is one of the breathtaking pixie haircuts with bangs.

short layered haircut with feathered bangs pixie haircuts with bangs

2.) Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie

If you want to take your pixie cut to the next level, then try asymmetrical blonde pixie. Get a creative and edgy look with an asymmetrical cut. In this hairstyle, the choppy bangs and closely cropped back look fabulous in short hairstyles. You can get this look perfectly as it’s all about texture, contrast length, and asymmetrical cut. The asymmetrical blonde pixie is one of the trendy pixie haircuts with bangs.

Asymmetrical pixie with bangs pixie haircuts with bangs

3.) Shaved Side Women Hairstyle

If you are bold and full spirit and willing to take all the comments with don’t care attitude, then try shave side women hairstyle. Go for modern and classic pixie cut that wake up your spunky personality. In this hairstyle, you can go for a straight or curly pixie that with shaved sides. The shaved sides women hairstyle is one of the cool pixie haircuts with bangs.

Shaved side women hairstyle pixie haircuts with bangs

4.) Pixie Cut with Bangs for Round Face Shape

You can get this haircut in curly or straight hair. The medium pixie cut with bangs gives you a perfect face frame to your round face. Paired the pixie cut with long angled bangs and perfect highlights. The hairstyle is best for the both casual and formal look.

pixie cut for round face shape side pixie haircuts with bangs

5.) Sleek Classy Pixie

The modern pixie cut is layered and messy. The style is perfect for both the office and a weekend gateway. You can achieve best sleek and straight look in fine hair. The polished look is very suitable for oval and long face shape. Intensify your look with golden accessories which is a great contrast to your look. The sleek pixie is one of the elegant pixie haircuts with bangs.

sleek classy pixie pixie haircuts with bangs

6.) Gorgeous Silver Pixie for Heart Shaped Face

Opt for extreme hair color like platinum blonde or gray with long pixie cut. Add straight bangs in your look to maintain the interest in the hairstyle. You can go for sleek bangs and straight locks that look wonderful on the heart shape face. Well, Any hair texture works amazingly to achieve this look.

gorgeous silver pixie with heart shape face pixie haircuts with bangs

7.) Pixie with Long Layered Bangs

Want something playful, but seriously stylish. The pixie with long layered bangs is one of the thrilling pixie haircuts with bangs. In this hairstyle, the layered bangs falls on the forehead look amazing. The pixie with long layered bangs is one of the impressive pixie haircuts with bangs.

pixie with long layered bangs pixie haircuts with bangs

8.) Short and Funky Style

Go crazy and endearing with short funky style. In this hairstyle, the longer layers get linger at the top and short hair at the nape truly give you punk look. You can achieve this look in any hair texture and shade. You can go for blonde hue which works effectively on dark roots. The short and funky style is one of the mind-blowing pixie haircuts with bangs.

short and funky style pixie haircuts with bangs

9.) Colored Choppy Cut

When you are ready to chop your hair then go for pixie haircuts with bangs. Add a dramatic look in your pixie with sassy highlights. The color looks wonderful with a short hairstyle.

colored choppy cut pixie haircuts with bangs

10.) Long Layered Pixie Bob

The gorgeous layered pixie adds dimension and offers many layers to this fabulous hairstyle. Heart shape face cuts can pull of the look nicely.

long layered pixie with bob pixie haircuts with bangs

11.) Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs

Show off your pixie with shaggy and shaved sides with curly bangs, the curly pixie cut with bangs is one of the adorable pixie haircuts with bangs.

curly pixie with bangs pixie haircuts with bangs

12.) Curly Bangs

Frame your beautiful face with curly bangs that look lovely on every face shape. You can get this sassy curly bang with the help of a curling iron.

curly bangs pixie haircuts with bangs

13.) Classic Feathered Pixie with A Fringe

You can get this look with razored layers and bangs on forehead. The classic feathered pixie with A fringe is one of the pixie haircuts with bangs.

classic feathered pixie pixie haircuts with bangs

14.) Extra Short Pixie

Get the extra short pixie with minimal layering and very short bang. You can become an eye candy when you paired the look with makeup.

extra short pixie with bangs pixie haircuts with bangs

15.) Edgy Blonde Pixie

Enhance the multi-dimensional color without the layers. The edgy blonde pixie is one of the impressive pixie haircuts with bangs.

edgy blonde pixie haircuts with bangs


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