20 Cute Black Girl Hairstyles


Hair styling is not only an important part of life and growth, but it is also about the precious moments that mothers and daughters spend together. Creating hairstyles for little girls is so much fun. Braids, buns, fishtail, curls and there are many more things that you get to try and learn. Read our article to find out the list if 20 cute black girl hairstyles. Choose a hairstyle that expresses your girl’s individuality and makes her look cute.

List of 20 Cute Black Girl Hairstyles:

1.) Side Swept Brown Ringlets:

side swept brown ringlets black girl hairstyles

This is one of the cutest black girl hairstyles. The side swept hair is a perfect way to show your carefree attitude. Hardly 5 minutes and you are ready with this gorgeous hairdo. It is an optimal hairstyle while going out with friends.

2.) Braided Pigtails Hairstyles for Black Girls:

braided pigtails black girl hairstyles

Braided pigtails are very much in trend and have gained a lot of popularity among little girls. Create a center part and make a ponytail with each section of hair. Braid the ponytails and fix them with decorative elastics.

3.) Wavy Hairstyle with Floral Pin:

wavy hairstyle with floral pin black girl hairstyles

Do you want your daughter to look like a princess at her cousin’s wedding? If yes, then this is an exemplary wedding hairstyle for black girls. Use a curling iron to create loose waves. Part your hair from the side and use a floral hairpin.

4.) Two Small Half Buns:

two small half buns black girl hairstyles

This is a perfect hairstyle for girls who find styling a little difficult. It is an easy solution to style your hair. Make a center part and create two small half buns. Leave the rest of the hair open to showcase the natural texture.

5.) Half Top Knot Black Girl Hairstyles:

half top knot black girl hairstyles

This half top knot is an ideal hairstyle if you want people to see the natural beauty of your hair. It looks amazing on black girls and all the hair are secured. So next time your girl goes for her activities just try this hairstyle.

6.) Cornrows with a Curly Ponytail:

cornrows with a curly ponytail black girl hairstyles

Are you hunting for a hairstyle that is cute and adorable? If yes, then have a look at this image. This neatly done curly pony with cornrows in front is going to capture your heart. Use a colored elastic to make it more attractive.

7.) Mini Twist Black Girl Hairstyles:

mini twist black girl hairstyles

Whether you are a teenage girl or a young girl, this hairstyle will make you look gorgeous and resplendent. The side part in this hairstyle is for additional beauty.

8.) Fishbone Cornrows and Braids:

fishbone cornrows and braids black girl hairstyles

In this hairstyle, the cornrows are braided in a Fishbone style. Start with the cornrows and end by making two braids on both the sides. It is a cute and attractive hairstyle that is going to remind you of your school days.

9.) Simple Puff Ponytail Hairstyles:

simple puff ponytail black girl hairstyles

Sometimes your child is not ready to sit for too long. This hairstyle is exactly for those times. It is created in less than 5 minutes and gives your girl a cute look. Use a nice headband to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

10.) Puff Hawk Hairstyles for Black Girl:

puff hawk black girl hairstyles

This puff hawk is a popular hairstyle for special occasions. It is a fancy hairstyle and the mother and daughter can share the same hairstyle. Divide your hair into three equal sections and make a fan bun out of each section. Use hairpins to fix the buns.

11.) French Braided Updo Hairstyles for Black Girl:

french braided Updo black girl hairstyles

This hairstyle is a mixture of two different styles. Bantu knots and the French braided bangs. Use thick Shea butter to give a good amount of moisture to your hair. Decorate this bun with a bow to make this hairstyle more appealing.

12.) Fancy Mohawk Braided Hairstyles:

fancy mohawk braided hairstyle

It’s not only fun to wear a fancy Mohawk but also makes you look cute. The mini sized braids on the sides and the Mohawk inspired braid in the center looks improbable.

13.) High Side Bun Black Girl Hairstyles:

high side bun black girl hairstyles

This is one of the optimal hairstyles to make your little girl look tall and grown up. It is a great hairstyle for girls with long and medium length hair. The more the height the gorgeous the bun looks. Use a floral hairpin for extra beauty.

14.) Sleek Half Do for Black Girls:

sleek half do for black girls black girl hairstyles

No doubt that the natural hair texture of black girls is amazing, but sometimes change is required. Try this sleek hairstyle which will make your girl look adorable. The natural headband made from braids compliments this sleek half do perfectly.

15.) Jumbo Braided Black Girl Hairstyles:

jumbo braided black girl hairstyles

If you are searching for a hairstyle that is voguish and cute then you should absolutely try this jumbo braid. It takes little effort and time to create this braid. You can also use different hair accessories if you want.

16.) Braids and Ponytails:

braids and ponytails black girl hairstyles

Two styles when combined together to form one can do a blast in the hair world. Some colorful hairpins and a little patience to get a neat look. Part your hair from the center and weave thin braids. Combine the braids made in one section to form a ponytail.  Do the same with the other section of hair.

17.) Braided Hair with Curly Ends:

braided hair with curly ends black girl hairstyles

Whether a tiny toddler or a teenage girl, it is the dream of every girl to achieve a feminine look. The braided hair and the curly ends is a perfect hairstyle for a special day.

18.) Bunny Ears Hairstyles for Black Girls:

bunny ears black girl hairstyles

This is one of the best hairstyles for black girls. It gives a cute look and keeps the hair away from the face. You just have to create small buns on both sides. Just wrap around your braids and get an amazing look.

19.) Natural Afro Black Girl Hairstyles:

natural afro black girl hairlstyles

This natural Afro hairstyle is going to make your little girl cute without much effort. You will just fall in love with the softness and fluffiness of this hairstyle. The highlights on the hair are just awesome.

20.) Natural High Ponytail:

natural high ponytail black girl hairstyles

This natural high ponytail will overload your princess with cuteness. Just grab all your braids together and tie a high ponytail. Use a colored elastic to fix it and to make it look more appealing.


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