Blunt Bob Hairstyles


Blunt bob hairstyle gives an angular and dramatic style that are suitable for every face shape and give lovely hair texture. Add confidence in your with these blunt bob hairstyles that make you head turner. The best advantage of blunt bob that gives you thicker, healthier and stronger. So check out our gallery for amazing blunt bob hairstyles.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles

1.) Chic Gray Blunt Haircut

If you have straight hair, but with the thick texture, you must try this haircut. It is best suitable for the round and square face shape. The hairstyle magnifies those features which never get noticed. Ask your hairstylist to give you chin length cut. Pull off the look with stylish top and trouser that look lovely with the chic gray blunt hairstyle. The hairstyle is almost suitable for every occasion.

chic gray blunt bob hairstyles

2.) Chocolate Brown A-line Bob

 It is one of the blunt bob hairstyles that doesn’t require too much of maintenance. The hairstyle looks best in straight hair. Women who are looking for the decent and stylish look may try this hairstyle. The hairstyle looks good in both formal and special occasions. Chocolate brown A-line bob goes with every skin tone. The chocolate brown A-line bob is one of the best blunt bob hairstyles.

chocolate brow A line bob blunt bob hairstyles

3.) Asymmetrical Side Parted Bob

The style is timeless. Asymmetrical side-parted bob always looks stylish and never go out a trend. If you already have tried bob hairstyle then add some interest to make it unique and stylish. Have a regular bob then cut it with an asymmetrical cut and finish off with side parted to achieve the astounding look. If you opt for this look then you have the advantage to get the perfect polished look with not a hair out place.

Asymmetrical Side parted bob blunt bob hairstyles

4.) Textured Bob with Chunky Bangs

When you are going for the hairstyle, don’t forget to add the bangs in your hairstyle. Opt for the bangs that are dazzling and impossible to miss. Paired your bangs with subtle waves that surely gives you alluring appearance. The cut will you beautiful texture which adds depth and volume to the hairstyle. It is best suitable for long face shape. The textured bob with chunky bangs is one of the sassy blunt bob hairstyles.

Textured bob bob blunt bob hairstyles

5.) Shaggy Blonde Bob

The best thing about the blonde bob that it looks flattering on any type of the haircut. You can wear this medium bob which is born with side parted and wavy texture. In this hairstyle, the blonde bob makes your hairstyle precise and give you finished appearance. You can make your bob shaggy by rolling your strands in the barrel curling iron and leave the end untouched.

Shaggy blonde waves bob blunt bob hairstyles

6.) Precision Cut Perfect Blunt

You can go for sleek, polished and auburn cut.The hairstyle is minimalist and perfect for your modern look. You can opt for the shine and no frizz hair spray that take the style to the next level. The hairstyle is gorgeous and looks lovely in straight hair. You can carry this look with your formals and casuals. The precision cut perfects blunt is one of the elegant blunt bob hairstyles.

Precision cut with perfect bob blunt bob hairstyles

7.) Purple Fade Away Bob

Add fun in your life with a purple hue that looks mind boggling. You can choose black roots to give a perfect base to take the hair to the whole new level. It is best suitable for straight hair. If you are bold and working in the fashion field, then you must try purple fade away. Paired your look with light makeup to maintain the natural look. The hairstyle looks best on oval and long face shape.

purple fade away bob blunt bob hairstyles

8.) Blonde Blunt and Layered

So trendy and yet so simple. Maintain the stylish look with blonde, blunt and layered. The pretty blonde hair takes very low efforts and never goes out of a budget. Add layers to your look and hair products. The blonde blunt and layered is one of the ravishing blunt bob hairstyles.

blonde blunt and layered blunt bob hairstyles

9.) Flipped and Fabulous

Middle partition looks boring after a point of time. Embrace your look by getting a few inches from the side and go for side part that adds texture and volume to the hairstyle. Use hair brush to create the flips in the end. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine by daily charm.

flipped and fabulous bob blunt bob hairstyles

10.) Connect the Dot Box

The bob with bangs is amazing from the heart. If you love experimenting with your hair then add polka dot in your look. You can see in the picture it looks best in the lighter hair color.

Connect the dot bob bob blunt bob hairstyles

11.) Fall into Blunt

 When you want to look pretty, add short choppy hairstyle which is best for the winter months. You can opt for the long pieces in the front and short layers at the back.

fall in blunt bob hairstyles

12.) Straight and Soft Waves

Not everyone can spend hours on her every day. Many want a simple and stylish look. Just try a medium length blunt bob to grab all the attention on you.

straight and soft waves bob blunt bob hairstyles

13.) The Fine Yellow Line

The hairstyle is not made for the weak heart. If you are bold and full of spirit, then try fine yellow line. You can go with the black base by adding a unique yellow line for a striking appearance.

the yellow line bob blunt bob hairstyles

14.) Caramel Fade Blunt with Bangs

Opt for the chin-length haircut that looks extremely sassy. You can go with this look by adding bangs n your look.  The hairstyle gives you immense of volume.

Caramel fade blunt with bangs bob blunt bob hairstyles

15.) Fade to Blonde Bob

You can go for the bright and blunt hairstyle that look absolutely natural. The style is trendy and looks hot when you flaunt in the short hair.

fade to blonde blunt bob hairstyles


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