Braided Headband Hairstyles


The braided hairstyle looks fabulous, especially in summer season. You can go braided headband hairstyle that keeps your hair off from the face. This headband adds charm to your personality when you paired it with your cool dress. The style is perfect for the beach parties, trips or outdoor wedding. So check out the best style for you. So here braided headband hairstyles that highly popular in the romantic trend.

Braided Headband Hairstyles

1.) DIY Waterfall Headband

The waterfall looks very difficult but it’s actually very easy hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you don’t need to purchase the real the one. You just need to comb your hair back then pull the pieces in the front through the braid. The hairstyle looks best in medium length hair. Paired the hairstyle with fancy dresses and gorgeous footwear. The DIY waterfall headband is one of the braided headband hairstyles.

DIY waterfall headband braided head band hairstyles

2.) Messy Braided Waves

The hairstyles are best for a boho bride who is getting married on outdoor. If you have thick tresses, you can create a wavy texture by creating a loose braid in your hairstyle. Magnify your look by adding flower and leaves to decorate your hairstyle. Pull off the look with sassy eye makeup that makes your appearance alluring. Don’t forget to wear the best dress on your big day.

messy braided waves braided head band hairstyles

3.) Two Tone Braided Updo

If you are women who are a workaholic and looking for the appropriate style for formal events then try two tone braided updo. You can opt for the French braid that looks lovely in long hair. In this hairstyle, the messy texture and double braid are well paired to take the style to the next level. Wear your formal shirts to magnify your formal look. The two-tone braided updo is one of the trendy braided headband hairstyles.

Two tone braided updo braided head band hairstyles

4.) Sparkly Accent Headband

When your hair has the same color all over the head or pale, then braided headband gets blend in the look especially far away. Opt for this amazing sparkly headband that is eye-catching and take all the attention on each plate. You can opt this lovely hairstyle in any season. It always remains on trend and timeless. You can wear any outfit to deepen your look.

sparkly accent braided head band hairstyles

5.) Double Braided Headband

If you are very bad in making dutch braid or fishtail tail, then here is very trick to achieve the similar look. You can get this hairstyle by making to simple braid and placing them next to each other to get the larger braid. Just blend them with the loose braid and heavy side bangs. Wear your off-shoulder top or tube top to embrace the look. The double braided headband is one of the top braided headband hairstyles.

double braided head band hairstyles

6.) Light and Dark Braided Head Band

Play with color and texture are two best things that add fire to the look. you can opt for the thin braided headband which gives a texture element to highlight the dark braid. As you want to highlight the front portion so make sure the rest of the style left soft and uncomplicated. You can wear this hairstyle with every outfit with matching footwear. The hairstyle looks best in medium to long hair.

light and dark braided head band hairstyles

7.) Elegant Ash Blonde Headband

You don’t have to be the rock star or any other star to rock the hairstyle. braided hairstyles are for everyone. Many women use braid to add softness to the hairstyle. You can boost your hair by making a braid in your hairstyle to change the overall appearance. As you can see in the picture, hair color is pale so braid is easily getting blend in the texture of loose curls.

elegant ash blonde braided head band hairstyles

8.) Creative Jeweled Headband

If you love to style your hair with jewelry, then try a creative jeweled headband. You can opt for the dutch braid and make it more interesting as the headband. You can add waves in the look with the help of curling wand or keep the braids overnight. The creative jeweled headband is one of the best braided headband hairstyles.

creative jeweled headband braided head band hairstyles

9.) Braided Headband for Formal Events

A headband adds a dramatic touch in the hairstyle. You can opt for the bouffant that adds volume throughout the crown and make them flat. Paired the look with amazing top and tees that look perfect with the braided headband.

braided headband for formal events braided head band hairstyles

10.) Casual Braided Headband

Sometimes a little hairstyle is enough to embrace your personality. You just need to let your hair down and enjoy some fun in your look. if you are planning for the beach vacation or any trip, just ty this casual braided headband hairstyles.

cbraided headband for formal events braided head band hairstyles

11.) Retro Braided Headband

You can pair your headband with the low bun. The retro look is the best for any special occasion. It is modern look best for the women who always stay connected with glamor life.

retro braided headband braided head band hairstyles

12.) Floral Braided Headband

The hairstyle is stylish and very easy to do. If you are attending any music concert or any outdoor festival then try a floral braided headband. The floral braided headband is one of the amazing braided headband hairstyles.

floral braided headband braided head band hairstyles

13.) Fishtail Headband

The best thing about wearing the headband is so many different technique and styling. You can achieve this hairstyle perfectly by washing your hair with dry shampoo to get the perfect messy texture.

fishtail headband braided head band hairstyles

14.) Voluminous Braided Headband

If you really feel hard to style your braided hairstyle then add try this easy trick. You just have to braid a hair piece and secure it around the head with bobby pins. The voluminous braided headband is one of the stunning braided headband hairstyles.

voluminous braided head band hairstyles

15.) Double Braided Headband

For this perfect style, you need to know how to make French braid. In this hairstyle, the get braided twice along the hairline. The double braided headband is one of the easy braided headband hairstyles.

double braided headband braided head band hairstyles


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