20 Choppy Pixie Cuts


In this article, you will come across the list of 20 choppy pixie cuts. A haircut can either compliment your facial features or ruin your real beauty. Short hair brings a ton of confidence with it and you just free yourself from the norms set by the society. So if you are bored with those long and conventional hairstyles, then it’s time to try out something different. A sexy choppy pixie is a great option. It is charming and stylish. The choppy hair further makes this pixie cut look fascinating and seductive. You can try traditional as well as punk colors for your choppy pixie.

List of 20 Choppy Pixie Cuts:

1.) Feathered Choppy Pixie Cuts:

feathered choppy pixie cuts

This is a wonderful variety of choppy pixie. Feathers will add volume and dimension while the choppy hair will add tons of style. It works well for short and long pixie. Even if you grow your pixie, the asymmetrical cut will look edgy.

2.) Choppy Gray Pixie Cuts:

choppy gray choppy pixie cuts

This haircut is for all the ladies who are confident enough to make color choices. You can try out a variety of colors and experiment with the symmetry of your cut. This choppy gray pixie offers a lot of versatility in styling.

3.) Finely Chopped Pixie Cut for Thin Hair:

finely choppy pixie cuts for fine hair

Girls with thin hair always have to think 100 times before taking a haircut. This bold short haircut is specially made for thin hair. The chopped layers add a lot of structure and volume. You can even go for some thin highlights to express yourself.

4.) Choppy Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs:

choppy tapered pixie with long bangs choppy pixie cuts

If you are bored with a short pixie, then try out the extreme version of a pixie. The long bangs give you never ending styling options. It is a perfect haircut to show off your choppy and voluminous mane.

5.) Choppy Undercut Pixie:

choppy undercut pixie choppy pixie cuts

The choppy hair on the top and the trimmed sides and back will make you look awesome. This haircut is a combination of two haircuts. One is the undercut and another one is the choppy pixie.

6.) Spiked Choppy Pixie Cuts:

spiked choppy pixie cuts

If you want to look gorgeous with minimal styling, then this spiked choppy pixie is a great option. The pixie has several layers and those layers are chopped perfectly. You can even add a vibrant hair color in contrast with this choppy pixie.

7.) Choppy Dark Brown Pixie:

choppy dark brown choppy pixie cuts

The shaggy texture of this haircut will give you a super chic look. The dark brown color of this pixie will make you look marvelous and dazzling. It works amazingly well with most of the outfits.

8.) Long Layered Choppy Side-Parted Pixie:

long layered choppy side parted choppy pixie cuts

This is one of the best choppy pixie cuts. The one side of this cut is short which gives it a pixie look while the other side has layers and is long. The layers give you an opportunity to get creative with the different textures and lengths.

9.) Curly Top Pixie Cuts:

curly top choppy pixie cuts

If you have super curly hair, then a pixie can be a great style for you. The sides and back are tapered while the top is kept curly and choppy. This is a perfect cut to tame and manage your stubborn curls.

10.) Bombshell Choppy Pixie Cuts:

bombshell choppy pixie cuts

Pixie does not always mean a toehead or a platinum tinker bell. Think a little differently and try this stereotypical pixie by rocking this raven color style. Just pair it with some bright makeup and rock the world.

11.) Chopped Layered Bangs with Buzzed Back:

chopped layered bangs with buzzed back choppy pixie cuts

The textures, lengths, and finishes in this haircut will make you look charismatic. It is a perfect haircut to achieve an edgy look. The hair is buzzed at the nape and the bangs complete the look.

12.) Choppy Pixie Cuts with Side Bangs:

choppy pixie cuts with side bangs

This short choppy pixie is simple to pull off and style. The choppy layers and the long bangs together form a perfect combination. It is an interesting and fascinating haircut to try.

13.) Faux Hawk Choppy Pixie:

faux hawk choppy pixie cuts

This version of faux hawk is an improbable haircut to try. The combination of highlights and the spiky pixie is outstanding. The dark and light color tones will make your haircut a head turner.

14.) Choppy Pixie Cuts with Temple Undercuts:

choppy pixie cuts with temple undercuts

This choppy pixie is trendy, cool and simple. The choppy bowl cut with a laser precision undercut is a perfect haircut that goes well with the office settings. It is a flattering haircut which will enhance the beauty of your facial features.

15.) Choppy Pixie Cuts for Wavy Hair:

choppy pixie cuts for wavy hair

Girls with wavy hair look amazing in this choppy pixie. The hair strands are long on the top so that you have a variety of styling options. You will look a smashing look in just a few minutes.

16.) Streaked Choppy Pixie with Long Bangs:

streaked choppy pixie cuts with long bangs

Short haircuts are easy to maintain and are budget friendly. It is an exemplary haircut for girls with long face shapes. The choppy layers and the highlights of your choice will make you look fantastic.

17.) Choppy Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts:

choppy asymmetrical choppy pixie cuts

This is one of the wonderful haircuts for most of the ladies. The long layered fringes will complete you choppy asymmetrical pixie. It is an optimal haircut if you are looking for a sophisticated look.

18.) Long Wispy Pixie with Bangs:

long wispy pixie with bangs choppy pixie cuts

This long wispy pixie with bangs is perfect for women who scream for power. The layers in the front will offer you a lot of styling options. You can create a deep side part and try a windswept look

19.) Long Shaggy Pixie Cuts:

long shaggy choppy pixie cuts

It is a great haircut to show off your real thick hair. It is a bit longer and the layers are angled. The fringes are an ideal option if you have a long face shape. The sweep bangs will create a perfect frame for your face.

20.) Choppy Pixie with Fade:

choppy pixie cuts with fade

If you want to rock the look of 80’s then this hairstyle is worth trying. Use a curling iron or a flat iron to keep your locks tamed and in style. Use some texturizing product to give your hair a messy finish.


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