20 Inverted Bob Haircut


A haircut is a flying banner of change, it is a declaration that you are changing your styling statement. You must have seen every second or third woman with a bob cut. After all, it is so popular and has a variety of versions. One of the flattering versions of a bob is an inverted bob haircut. In this type of haircut, there are stacked layers at the back and curved lines in the front. This haircut is excellent for giving an ultra dramatic statement. The best part of having this haircut is that you can have an updated hairstyle without caring about maintenance. Read this article to discover the list of 20 inverted bob haircuts.

List of 20 Inverted Bob Haircut:

1.) Two Tone Inverted Bob Haircut:

two tone inverted bob haircut

This is one of the trendiest haircuts to liven up your hair. The hair is dark at the roots due to which your hair gets an edgy appearance. It is an economical haircut because you don’t have to run to parlors for regular touch-ups.

2.) Banging Inverted Bob:

banging inverted bob haircut

Long inverted bob can sometimes overpower the delicate facial features so to avoid this you can ditch the side part or middle part. The fringes on the forehead draws the attention towards the eyes.

3.) Bright Red Inverted Bob:

bright red inverted bob haircut

This bright red inverted bob for sure will envy all the other women around. This red color is an awesome idea for winters. The cooler, it’s outside the hotter you will look.

4.) Chin Length Inverted Bob Haircut:

chin length inverted bob haircut

If you don’t want your front locks to touch the shoulder, then try this chin length inverted bob. The rounded back is covered with stacked layers while the front locks touch the chin.

5.) Extreme Reverse Bob Haircut:

extreme reverse inverted bob haircut

Girls with round faces often face problems of hair styling. This reverse extreme bob is perfect as it adds length to a round face. The incorporation of extreme angles makes your face look longer.

6.) Spiraled Inverted Bob:

spiraled inverted bob haircut

Inverted bob can sometimes look flat and limp. You cannot go to a hair stylist every day. The best thing that you can do is add some curls to make your haircut looks voluminous. The curly texture will add instant thickness to your hair.

7.) Shaggy Inverted Bob Haircut:

shaggy inverted bob haircut

The back view of this haircut looks simply amazing. The messy touch, hair texture and the dose of texturizer will help you to enjoy your wet look. It’s an exemplary haircut that looks awesome on most of the girls.

8.) Ombre Inverted Bob:

ombre inverted bob haircut

Simple inverted bob can sometimes become boring and dull. The ombre hair color will add a lot of dimension to your inverted bob. It is a great idea for girls with short and fine hair.

9.) Loose and Lovely Inverted Bob:

loose and lovely inverted bob haircut

There are only a few people in the world who does not love the look of flowing locks. This inverted bob saves to commit time to hair styling. These long waves will give you a romantic feel and make you look alluring.

10.) Big and Bouncy Inverted Bob Haircut:

big and bouncy inverted bob haircut

Many women think that bigger hair looks better. This haircut is exactly for all those women as this chin length inverted bob is filled with mega volume. It touches the sky and still is perfect for a conservative look.

11.) Edgy Inverted Bob with Bangs:

edgy inverted bob haircut with bangs

If you want to try a Parisian look, then this will really be a great idea. The finely chopped bangs will take your inverted bob to number one in the list of sophisticated haircuts. No need to worry about the styling.

12.) Sleek Asymmetrical Inverted Bob Haircut:

sleek asymmetrical inverted bob haircut

This is one of the best haircuts if you are looking for a relaxed and 90’s look. The sleek and straight hair with a center or side parting will give you a charismatic and stunning look.

13.) Sharply Angled Inverted Bob with Blunt Bangs:

sharply angled inverted bob haircut with blunt bangs

If you want to add a vintage charm to your look, then this a must try haircut. The straight blunt fringes will highlight your charming eyes. The inwardly curled tips will go well with any outfit.

14.) Inverted Bob Haircut for Medium Length Hair:

inverted bob haircut for medium length hair

This lovely inverted bob is perfect for girls who have straight and thick hair. To style this haircut you just need the correct amount of volume. The texture of the style and the shape of the cut will make you look fantastic.

15.) Light and Dark Inverted Bob Haircut:

light and dark inverted bob haircut

No doubt that popular dark roots are very much popular, but why not go out of the way and do something different. The top has a light color while darker colors are hiding underneath the light one.

16.) Tampered Inverted Bob Haircut:

tampered inverted bob haircut

The neckline is the main punch of this haircut. This is an awesome haircut to get an enchanting look. This haircut looks stunning from all the angles. The tapering in the back will make this haircut eye-catching.

17.) Golden Blonde Balayage Curls Inverted Bob:

golden blonde balayage curls inverted bob haircut

You must have seen inverted bob is generally wavy or straight. But these full curls will surprise you because many women think that full curls can make your face look heavy. This golden blonde balayage curls will break up the thickness of curls and make your strands look lightweight.

18.) Fringed and Feathered Inverted Bob Haircut:

fringed and feathered inverted bob haircut

This inverted bob with bangs will give you a magnificent look. The drape like fringes and the middle parting will give you an elegant look. It is an appropriate haircut for middle-aged women.

19.) Coffee and Caramel Inverted Bob:

coffee and caramel inverted bob haircut

The combination of these two hair colors works extremely well. The brown and gold tones will look complementary on your inverted bob. It will instantly add brightness to your skin tone.

20.) Stacked Inverted Bob Haircut:

stacked inverted bob haircut

In this inverted stacked bob, the layers from the crown of the head to the nape are stacked on top of each other. The front layers are long while the back is kept short in this haircut. Women with fine hair should definitely try this haircut.


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