How to Do a French Braid?


French braid hairstyle is absolutely timeless and classy that doesn’t take your much time. They go well with so many occasions and outfits. From classy parties in the evening and wedding to your daily routine, French braid looks best everywhere. We have shared steps to do the French braid and some easy French braid hairstyle that you surely gonna love.

how to do french braid

Steps to Do a French Braid:

1.) Ready  your Hair

Before making any hairstyle, first, we brush your hair to get rid of all the tangles that can become a barrier in your hairstyle. Make your hair soft and smooth so that you can easily achieve the perfect braid. For single braid at the back of the head, comb your hair back to get the smooth braid away from the forehead. When you are making more than one braid, divide your hair into the sections.

Go for the braid, when your hair is wet or dry. The braiding hairstyle also gives you flawless waves that look absolutely mind boggling. So before starting the procedure, you need to prepare your hair tangle free to do a French braid.

2.) Divide your Hair into the Sections

Begin the process by gathering a big section which is 3-4 inches wide. Begin from the top of the head. Make sure all hair sections come in the same row. It means you don’t need to hold the strands from higher up or lower down. If you have already bangs then you can braid those bangs from the front or leave them loose. Select the right one that looks best. For braid that section, you need to grab the hair from the top-center of the head. There is no link with the length of the braid and length of the section of hair you start the braid. Start with a smaller section and you will see the braid gets thicker.

3.) Divide the First Chunk into Three Pieces

 You need to divide the hair section into the three pieces just like our traditional braid to get the pattern. Divide them out by running your fingers through the sections to make even three pieces. Make sure all sections should be equal to do a French braid.

4.) Add New Pieces

While working with the traditional braiding section, you need to start adding the new pieces of hair to do the French braid. You need to cross a section over to the center and also take the hair from the side of the head. Include those strands in crossover pattern. Every time you cross over to take another small strand of hair. It doesn’t matter how many times you take the new strands. But less you grab the more intricate the braid look.

For the perfect French braid, grab your hair near your face and neck. If you take the strands from the center, they will get covered up with later with strands outside.

5.) Grab All your Hair Into the Braid

As you start running down to the head, you will begin running out free hair into the braid. At the time you reach up to your neck area, you should incorporate all your hair.

6.) Finishing touch

When your all hair comes in a single braid, finish it like the traditional braid. Keep this continue until you reach the end of your strands. Secure your ponytail with a rubber band.

Here are Some French Braid Hairstyles

1.) Effortless Side Braid Hairstyle

Taking the front section of hair side braid in french style look extremely beautiful. It is one of the easy and best hairstyles for medium to long hair. You can wear you fancy dresses to grab all eyes on you.

2.) All Round and Upside Down

You can make an elegant updo with a French braid. The hairstyle is truly eye-catching when you paired a thick bun with a French braid. The hairstyle is best for the formal and casual look. Paired the look with smoky eyes to take the style to the next level.

3.) Crowned in Braids

Crowned braids are made up of beautiful braid that look absolutely stunning. You can make this hairstyle sassy with or without the ponytail. It adds depth and dimension to your look.

4.) Intricate But Secretly Easy

The style is unique and trendy. For this hairstyle, you need to make two side braid or braided crown and tug it properly with bobby pins. Add a wow factor to your looks by pulling the strands free from the beneath the braids and start twisting tightly to achieve this look. Secure the twisted braid in design.

5.) A Tripple Threat

Hey, gorgeous look at this beautiful style that takes a minute to master. In this hairstyle, three braids pack three times the punch which looks adorable and cute.


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